The ‘New Mexico Way’ is passé

It happened one afternoon just prior to the 2018 elections. I customarily listen to the Rock of Talk radio program hosted by Eddy Aragon on KIVA 93.7 FM/ AM 1600. On this particular afternoon I was introduced to a phenomenon I was totally unaware of. This phenomenon is known as the “New Mexico Way.”

Eddy received a call from someone who seemed cogent and in-control of his faculties. As the conversation continued, Eddy started asking probing questions of this gentleman’s choice for the upcoming elections. One particular answer has stuck with me all of this time. When asked why this gentleman was going to vote Democrat, he responded that he voted the way he did because it’s the “New Mexico Way.” During the rest of his conversation with Eddy, he added that he didn’t research candidates running for office. Rather, he simply voted for Democrats because his parents did, and his grandparents did, and on, and on.

My question is, when did this phenomenon take root in New Mexico? We have had to stand by and watch Democrat regimes promise much and deliver little for over eight decades. What magic spell has been cast upon New Mexicans in our land of enchantment? Is it the water? The altitude? Could it be that the Democrat secret sauce has more to do with deception and empty promises rather than a deep and abiding concern for the citizens of New Mexico? It would seem that we are asleep and putting our trust and faith in the politicians we elect.

No more! We are not few in number. We must unite to carefully and thoughtfully elect conservative candidates who will work with President Trump to make New Mexico great once and for all! We must effort to awaken those who claim to be “woke,” whatever that means. We can all hope and pray for a positive outcome, but as Eddy says, you must put feet to your faith. Go and spread the good news to all men. Do it with the fervency of an evangelist! Brothers and sisters, quit asking yourselves why you are here. You were born for such a time as this.

Bill Arroyo is first and foremost a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has a BA (Biblical attitude), an MA (His Master’s in anointing), and a Ph.D. (Prophet’s heavenly duty). He has garnered much of his knowledge through his dedication to church and community. He is a normal citizen who wants the best for his city, state, and nation. He longs for the day when New Mexico sheds its poverty mentality and steps into a position of prosperity and greatness in the United States.

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5 thoughts on “The ‘New Mexico Way’ is passé”

  1. The New Mexico Way is do what the Patron says. Now it’s the Patrona!
    Wake up New Mexicans the future is not in handouts.

    1. If there were be mandatory voter ID, no Democrat would ever win another election.

      Sometimes I think New Mexicans suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. They are more amenable to changing their religion (which is older than their political affiliation) than their political party.

  2. The New Mexico Way isn’t working too well……Girsham shuts down a tourist state for almost a year…..dropout rate in the state capital is 48%. New Mexico is almost last in everything worthwhile… we like serfdom? No.

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