Study finds MLG had 4th-worst response to COVID-19 with ‘F’ rating

According to a newly released Committee To Unleash Prosperity (CUP) study, alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) was ranked as the fourth-worst governor handling COVID, coming in only before New York, the District of Columbia, and New Jersey — all run by Democrats.

“The Report Card on the States measures and compares state performance on three metrics: the economy, education, and mortality from the virus. It answers the question: how did states do in balancing the health of their citizens, allowing their economies to remain operational and keeping job losses low, and keeping their schools open so that school-aged children did not suffer long term educational setbacks,” wrote the CUP.

For context, the state with the highest marks, Utah, was rated a 3.46 and an “A” rating. In contrast, New Mexico with its stringent pandemic lockdowns, forced masking, and crippling sanctions on businesses and schools, scored -2.61, an “F” rating.

The report noted how New Mexico was an “outlier” in relation to its geographic neighbors “in the direction of low combined scores.”

New Mexico ranked 40th in excessive age-adjusted mortality due to COVID-19, coming only before states such as New Jersey, New York, and the District of Columbia.

The study researchers wrote, “Our second mortality metric is all-cause excess death expressed as a percentage of expected death, which is widely considered the most accurate measure of pandemic impact because it is not subject to ascertainment bias. It also captures the near-term mortality effects of lockdown policies, such as higher drug and alcohol deaths, and differences in underlying health by being measured relative to the baseline.”

In this second test, New Mexico came in as the second-worst state in regard to Mortality, with only Arizona beating the Land of Enchantment in more COVID deaths with the second mortality metric.

New Mexico also had one of the lowest in-person education percentages, ranking 45 out of 51 during the pandemic with only 34%. 

The study noted, “School closures may ultimately prove to be the largest policy error of the pandemic era in both economic and mortality terms. One study found that school closures at the end of the previous 2019-2020 school year are associated with 13.8 million years of life lost. An NIH analysis found that life expectancy for high school graduates is 4 to 6 years longer than high school dropouts. The OECD estimates that learning losses from pandemic era school closures could cause a 3% decline in lifetime earnings, and that a loss of just one third of a year of learning has a long-term economic impact of $14 trillion.”

“Unlike mortality or economic outcomes, closing public schools was entirely under the control of policymakers. Almost all private schools were open,” the study concluded.

With the abysmal figures revealed in the survey, Lujan Grisham’s pandemic response shows to be one of the worst in the nation, and the third-worst state if the District of Columbia is excluded.


13 thoughts on “Study finds MLG had 4th-worst response to COVID-19 with ‘F’ rating”

  1. MLG should have to pay the PRICE for this @ the ballot box, but she will not. This is the land of manana. Very sad indeed. Too many people sleeping here.

    1. It’s not that the people are sleeping, it’s that they are stupid.

      Between old diehard native New Mexicans that won’t ever vote for anything other than Democrat and the newer folks that are part of the silver haired hippie crowd, it’s a group that sadly constitutes a large majority here,

      Unfortunately the “leadership” of the NM GOP have been controlled opposition for decades.

      I blame much of this on a weak and sleeping church led by frauds and heretics.

  2. I agree with KS native, but that’s not the only problem plaguing NM. A compliant state media covering for these commie degenerates that run this state is also a big problem. Voter fraud and intimidation has always been a problem in NM. Yes the Republican Party has played the role of controlled opposition also. These and other problems have come together to form the “perfect storm “ that keeps NM last in everything good and first in everything bad. Sadly other States are catching up as federalism destroys this country as a whole. And yes the churches have failed miserably since entering the political realm and abandoning the spiritual. God help us all.

      1. NM does not have a voter fraud problem? Oh well just blame the GOP . Laughable. If our elected officials don’t block the Otero County audit we’ll just find out , won’t we. Why are they pulling out all the stops to block something that “ doesn’t exist” ?

  3. MLG has set up a perfect storm in NM for tyranny. She owns the Legislature and the NM Supreme Court which has allowed her strip US Constitutional rights from the citizens of NM. What scares me is this was all done in name of “safety” the democrats know no bounds on what they are willing to do to put forth their agenda of which COVID was a useful tool to voter suppression and runaway spending.

  4. Nancy Tannenbaum

    As the elections drawn near, the alleged serial groper “governor” will bring back mask mandates and, I predict, another lock down and the brainwashed useful idiots will cheer. Her big “accomplishments” are infanticide (this state leads most others in the number of abortions/infanticides in the nation), legalized pot (which will keep NM at the top of the list for property crimes/car thefts), and “free” college (paid for by taxpayers). She has rammed through CRT for schools starting in fall 2023. She is working hard to destroy the oil and gas industry. She will almost certainly remain where she is due to voter fraud and the compliant stupidity of useful idiot voters who have always been the greatest danger to justice and liberty in our nation.

  5. This is my running list of why she shouldn’t be re-elected. Copy the text, paste it in an email or post and blast it to anyone who know who is sleeping or uninformed. I’ve had a bit of success using it to wake up some formerly woke Democrats:
    Past behavior is the best predictor of future performance.
    Will you do your research and vote intelligently in 2022?

    The RPA told us in 2017: After spending years in Washington D.C. supporting Nancy Pelosi’s far-left agenda instead of New Mexico’s interests, even her fellow Democrats know that Lujan Grisham would only take the state backwards.

    Grisham was elected, anyway. Her policies and response to Covid were devastating to both people and the businesses of this state. It should have come as no surprise to anyone who did their research on her background and past behavior. She currently is doing whatever she can to get re-elected. She is hoping your memory is short or that you are just uninformed. The purpose of this list is to give you the evidence of a pattern of unethical, self-serving behavior and further proof that MLG is bad for New Mexico. While her disastrous incompetence shone during Covid, the stage was set many years before recent times, so we include history that you should know as well:

    1) Frail elderly were ignored and died on her watch. Fort Bayard was a state-run nursing facility. MLG was the acting state Health Director. The findings of the Department of Justice speaks for itself. Is her Covid response so surprising, given this?

    2) Nursing home residents were evicted to make room for Covid beds. This was sanctioned by MLG, in part because the money that would be paid for those beds – occupied or not – was 4x more than what Medicare was paying. Many of those beds remained empty. Also see #7.

    2) She and Deb Armstrong ran a high-risk insurance pool, Delta Consulting, that Obamacare made obsolete. They profited from it, and she lied about it. Again, this makes it obvious that her main concern is herself, not anyone’s “health.” and

    3) In 2004, MLG’s first husband died from a brain aneurysm. His doctor was Ken Rogers of Southwest Medical Associates. Her response to this unfortunate but common event (aneurysms tend to “just happen”) was to use the legal system to destroy his career.

    4) MLG likes to think of herself as an advocate for the LGBTQ community. Does the community know how she treated Riley del Rey, a transgender intern that she harassed, fired and gaslighted? When Riley spoke up against MLG, she also attempted to have her arrested. and and

    5) MLG traveled during lockdowns, and she is not a stranger to using “official” events as an excuse to party – on the taxpayer’s dime. So, if you are angry that she traveled to Hawaii (it was rumored), California and Scotland during lockdowns, understand that this is not new behavior for her.

    6) New Mexicans were horrified to learn that Jeffrey Epstein’s ranch in Stanley often hosted official state events. Former Governor Richardson was named by Virginia Giuffre as one of the men she was forced to “entertain” as a trafficked 17 year old. He denies visiting Epstein’s island in the USVI but did not deny that he visited the ranch. MLG was Health Secretary and would have accompanied Richardson to those “official events.” She had young daughters….had to have seen suspicious behavior….yet said nothing.

    7) Dr. Scrase is unqualified for his position. Dr. Scrase isn’t an epidemiologist or an expert in public heath, yet he was allowed to single-handedly make health decisions for the entire state. He is a gerontologist – a primary care physician for the elderly. The reason he was appointed by MLG? He cared for her father, as well as currently acting as her mother’s personal physician. That also explains how she was able to visit her mother in person at her assisted living facility when the rest of the state did not have that privilege. Additionally, revisit #2. Scrase allegedly “loves serving the elderly population.” Oh, really? He did not speak up for them during the nursing home evictions, which shows where his true loyalties lie.

    8) Nepotism is not new to her. In 2021, she paid her daughter, who does not live in the state, for hair and makeup services. This was during lockdowns, when citizens were told not to socialize with others outside of their households. Meanwhile, thousands of cosmetologists here in the state were unemployed while their salons were shut down.

    9) She paid $62,500 to silence a harassment victim. $62,500 is a lot of money to silence someone if you are indeed innocent. This is one of three harassment complaints that were brought by men and witnessed by others

    10) While you were on lockdown or unemployed, MLG ate like a queen with state money. While many New Mexicans struggled to feed families, she and her partner ate luxury food and drank top shelf liquor. Taxpayers also paid for a doggie door and cleaning to have pet waste removed from carpets. and

    11) Much of New Mexico’s covid response was for “research purposes.” Did you know that MLG volunteered the entire state for a federal covid response study? It would explain the extremity of the mandates and policies. Let the true reasoning sink in if you are still convinced that she ran the state like a prison “for our own good.”

    12) New Mexico is last in the country, on every metric. A report by American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) rates the governors of all 50 states. Are you happy being last? We deserve better!

    13) Heath Secretary Tracie Collins admitted in a deposition that New Mexico’s Health Policies for Covid were not science-based at all. Read the deposition for yourself. She resigned shortly after this.

    14) MLG clearly feels that none of her policies apply to her. She was caught on a hot mic right before one of her covid broadcasts, stating that she didn’t have to wear a mask because she “gets to be the exception.” Do you want a leader that doesn’t follow her own guidance and laughs about it to your face?

    15) MLG is a public servant – not your mother – and seems to struggle with that concept. According to Dr. Scrase, there “is no plan for vaccine passports.” But that’s not what we see elsewhere… In 2021, MLG made her feelings for mandating health decisions quite clear. Even though the Supreme Court knocked down mandates for businesses, healthcare, schools and government offices must still comply. If she has her way, so will the rest of us. Is that what you want – a governor who dictates every facet of your life and worse, does it behind your back?

    16) MLG didn’t keep her campaign promises. Remember this video Did she do anything about education or jobs? In Albuquerque alone, 5500 students left the school district. You can read about jobs in #18 – 20.

    17) MLG used the courts to harass small businesses and restaurants during Covid while large Big Boxes were allowed to stay open. Backstreet Grille in Albuquerque was harassed repeatedly for staying open and rejecting the mandates. Pet Food Gone Wild was similarly harassed because they did not demand that employees and customers wear masks. Patronizing any business is a choice, and if you don’t agree with how they choose to operate, then a reasonable person would just not patronize them, right? MLG harassed Backstreet Grille into not only closure, but the owners chose to take their business and talents out of state entirely. And they are not the only ones.

    18) MLG capriciously decided what was and was not “an essential business.” NM is one of the most food-insecure states in the nation, yet she shut down grocery stores and limited access by forcing customers to stand in lines outdoors. There was no logic behind what businesses could be open and which had to be closed or limited. If you depend on your job to feed your family and keep a roof over your head….YOUR JOB IS ESSENTIAL. Do you want your elected officials ignoring that basic fact?

    19) MLG lies about economic recovery. New Mexico fared in the bottom as far as the number of jobs lost/recovered and job growth from 2020 to the present. This October 2021 study, by the Carsey School of Public Policy, shows the grim reality.

    20) MLG does not support small business. New Mexico lost 687 small businesses due to covid fall-out. 381 of those were in Albuquerque alone. Many of them were independent, small restaurants (also see #17). According to this article,, “Most of the restaurants that closed so far are those independent small family-owned restaurants…and the sadder thing about that is that that leaves 5,200 people without jobs in these very uncertain economic times.”

    This graphic – – also shows you what parts of the state were hardest hit. If you notice, these are also the same New Mexico counties – primarily oil and ranching – that are being targeted as part of MLG’s support of The Green New Deal. How, exactly, are citizens in these counties supposed to make a living when their livelihoods are constantly put at risk? Do you want a governor who prefers to support corporate and far left interests, rather than the needs of her constituents?

    21) MLG created the worker shortage through her mandates. Healthcare, state and education workers in NM must be “fully vaccinated” against the coronavirus. Although there is lip service to religious exemptions being an option, many workers in these fields report denial of their exemptions. We have lost nurses, teachers and highly skilled technical workers (some in jobs that affect National Security) to other states, solely due to these mandates. While a popular argument in favor of the shots points to communicability, there are no other shots that are mandated in any industry. Also see #s 10 and 14. Are you comfortable with a governor who uses her own interests and agendas and not common sense as an excuse to make what are personal decisions for you and your family?

    22) MLG strong-armed vaccines and overrode bodily autonomy. Getting any vaccine has traditionally been a personal choice – between a person or a parent and their medical providers. When was the last time your employer inquired about whether or not you received a polio vaccine, for example? MLG tried various tactics to force people into getting the covid vaccinations, and later the boosters. She began by holding a state lottery, where the “winner” received $2Mil, to offering $100 cash payments. What else could the state have done with that money? Help the homeless? Put it into the schools? When New Mexicans failed to obtain the vaccines at the level that she wanted (see #11 and #13), she began putting the onus on businesses, schools and employers to force their workers and students. In other words, she knew that what she was doing was unconstitutional and unethical, so she made others do the dirty work for her. Thousands of people lost jobs or ended their educations because they refused the vaccines. While some state that religious exemptions were an option (see #21), many have reported that their employers refused to honor any religious exemptions at all! This happened particularly in healthcare and is a direct violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you are having trouble understanding why this concept is important, compare it to a tattoo. Assume that you are told that you MUST get a tattoo in order to keep your job or continue to attend school. Your response likely would be, “No one can decide what I put on my body.” Yet that is exactly what the governor did! Do you want your elected officials having this power over you and your health?

    Testing was also mandated and with it, vaccine “status” became a tool of discrimination. When was the last time you were forced to prove you were HIV negative to obtain or keep your job or go to school or attend a concert? HIV is far more communicable than covid, after all. MLG insisted and pushed testing, even though numerous studies debunked their efficacy. The untested and unvaccinated were isolated from participating in society. A good example of this was her decision to make vaccines/testing mandatory to attend the NM State Fair. The State Fair is a public event, held on taxpayer-funded grounds. Who was she to decide who could attend verses not? She did not hold this to any vote nor did she ask any of the vendors or others participating. Many of the youth exhibitors were barred from participating in an event that they had worked all year towards – on the basis of a vaccine that they were not even eligible to receive if they wanted to.

    And in the end, you also have to ask: who is paying for all of this testing? Nothing is free. Not even the vaccines are free. Someone (us) pays for it all somewhere.

    A thought about “safety” – Safety is a relative concept. No one in this world is truly “safe” from anything. New Mexico had some of the strictest mandates in the country. This recent report by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows each state’s final results in terms of covid mortality and other factors, relative to the measures that were taken by each governor. See page 9. We ranked 48th in terms of our results. In other words, MLG did not “keep anyone safe.” She did nothing but create destruction, distress and financial ruin. Do you think she deserves another term?

    “It’s an election year, Michelle, and we see what you did here.”

  6. MLG is an abomination! Her track record is beyond abysmal. A m-od-e-r-a-t-e Republican gubernatorial candidate can defeat her in November by garnering votes from independents and common sense Democrats.

  7. MlG God knows what you do.

    No surprise here. New Mexicans have voted democrap for decades. We are last in Everything. MLG is keeping with tradition. She knows the people here are stupid. Keep voting for the witch. Watch how much worse it will get. Next she will baracade us in our homes. Just like Nazis and communists of WWII and a certain continent she loves. New Mexicans love being treated as garbage. Be ready to mask up. She’s coming for you.

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