Piñon Post’s John Block outraises opponent in NM House District 51

During the first reporting period, the Piñon Post’s John Block outraised his opponent, Rachel Black, in New Mexico’s 51st state House District based in Alamogordo. Block’s America First Republican campaign received over 177 individual donations, 50% of them being smaller than $30. The average donation to the Block campaign was $62, with $20,977.56 raised in total.

On the other side, Block’s opponent, who voted for Critical Race Theory and Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s $8.5 billion budget, had an average donation of $716.95, with 15 contributions totaling $8,200.

Rachel Black is relying heavily on donations from sitting politicians, including Republican Rep. Bill Rehm, who voted for the Green New Deal. Black even befitted from a $3,271.30 independent expenditure mailer paid for by Rehm that included her campaign logo and return address, making it appear to come from Black when it did not. 

Other contributions from politicians included $1,250 from Rep. Phelps Anderson, who voted for abortion up-to-birth and left the Republican Party, $500 from Rep. Zach Cook, who is retiring after his current term, $1,000 from Rep. Martin Zamora, and $2,500 from Rep. T. Ryan Lane, who also joined Black in voting for Michelle Lujan Grisham’s $8.5 billion budget.

After the campaign finance reports were posted, Block said, “The massive showing of support for our campaign from REAL people, not Santa Fe Swamp politicians, proves just how much of a grassroots movement this is. New Mexicans are fed up with being ‘represented’ by the same failed politicians who sell us out to the Democrats and now think they deserve to keep their jobs. We The People own this district and this state, not the politicians. It’s time for We The People to clean house.”

While John Block raised more in the first quarter, Black has thousands in cash on hand to try and defeat John. If you would like to support John’s campaign, please visit JohnBlock.com to send a donation and express support for his America First campaign.

John Block is a native New Mexican and proud Alamogordo resident. He’s the editor and founder of the Piñon Post, New Mexico’s #1 conservative news site. He has exposed waste, fraud, and abuse across the state while bringing a conservative voice to New Mexico media through the platform. As a legislator, John hopes to FINALLY send a fighter to the Legislature to battle the Radical Democrats and restore New Mexicans’ confidence in the political system.


8 thoughts on “Piñon Post’s John Block outraises opponent in NM House District 51”

  1. Way to go, John! You have been an asset and a ray of light here in New Mexico as publisher of Pinon Post that brings real news to all of us. We wish you continued success in your bid for state representative.

  2. That is great news for John Block. I support John Block and I am not in his voting district, but I believe in him and what he can do for his district and New Mexico.

    1. I totally agree with you Chuck! NM needs John and the reason I broke my own rule of not supporting candidates running out of my district. John is an extremely impressive young man who has done so much for NM already! I am SO looking forward to his future accomplishments as well.

  3. FreeSpeechRefugee

    Good for John! His consistency on the issues, energy and drive are needed in Santa Fe. We need fighters on the right, not cowards. I’m disappointed in Martin for his donation and Rachel Black should be ashamed of herself for taking $2,500 from the guy that showed up at midnight to the Santa Fe police department to help his buddy Georgene Louis, but it only makes sense. Anyone who believes there’s not a swamp like culture in Santa Fe like there is in D.C. who’s only priority is self preservation, is sadly mistaken. Keep fighting the good fight John!👍👍👍

  4. Maria Rosita Block

    Let’s go full force to support John Block by working on his campaign and/or by donating $ to his campaign. He has already demonstrated his relentless commitment to support New Mexico conservative values as an America First candidate!

  5. Maria Rosita Block

    WALK AWAY DEMOCRAT… Let’s join forces to support America First candidate John Block by volunteering on his campaign and/or by donating $ to his campaign. I’ve already done so! John has already demonstrated his relentless resolve to fight for NM!!!

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