Soros-backed candidates Toulouse Oliver, Torrez team up to fundraise

George Soros-funded Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, who is running for reelection, and Bernalillo County-area District Attorney Raúl Torrez, who is running for attorney general, are teaming up to fundraise off of claims that Republicans are “attacking” so-called “democracy” by asking questions about election fraud. 

In an email, Torrez, on behalf of the Toulouse Oliver campaign, attacked the Otero County Commission, which was dragged through court by the Secretary of State after it voted to not certify the results of the 2022 Primary Election. The lawsuit was immediately acted upon by the state Supreme Court, which ordered that the Commission must certify the results. The County reluctantly did on Friday.

Torrez claimed, “I applaud Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver’s quick action to bring this issue before the NM Supreme Court, who immediately ordered the commission to comply with their duty to certify these results. And this last Saturday, I traveled to the Otero County Administration Building myself to meet with voters, hear their concerns, and reiterate our shared commitment to upholding the rule of law in order to protect our voters and defend our democracy.” Note: The United States is a constitutional republic — not a “democracy”

Torrez did, indeed visit Alamogordo, where he is pictured talking with Democrats, including Otero County Democrat Party chair Jeff Swanson, who has branded Republicans as “seditious confederates.”

Swanson can be seen on the right taking a photograph.

He continued, “We absolutely must put a stop to these dangerous antics and brinkmanship that threaten and undermine our democratic process, and we must be willing to hold individuals accountable and send a clear message — we will not permit anyone, particularly elected officials who abuse their power, to threaten our election process.”

He then asked for a joint contribution to him and Toulouse Oliver, claiming the funds would help continue “protecting our democracy” by electing the far-left Democrats.

A new poll by Fox News shows that despite all the talk by Democrats of “protecting democracy,” Republicans actually lead in that category by one percentage point.
Toulouse Oliver faces off against Republican Audrey Trujillo, while Torrez will go up against Republican Jeremy Gay in the November 8 election. Currently, Trujillo and Gay only trail the two democrats by seven percent, respectively, in the latest New Mexico Political Report poll.


4 thoughts on “Soros-backed candidates Toulouse Oliver, Torrez team up to fundraise”

  1. They are doing everything they can to remain in their corrupt power and the hold they have on the brain dead people in this state for decades.
    Something big has got to happen to free us from their blatant tyranny and I believe that unless God intervenes, nothing will change except for my moving out of this pathetic welfare state that they created.

  2. We need to get them BOTH out of control over our state. I know Torrez well. He is a criminal and has done NOTHING for BernCo. WHAT ARE YOUR QUALIFICATIONS RAUL? ABQ is one of the TOP 10 most violent, crime-ridden cities in the country. He’s done nothing to quell that violence. It’s actually worse. How does he figure he’s done anything to earn the AG position? He is also funded by Soros one of the biggest criminals on the planet.

    These people are pure evil.

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