Sky-high gas prices on the horizon again in NM, across country

Due to the recent Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) decision to cut oil production, gas prices have already risen eight percent in the United States. The price whiplash is par for the course in Joe Biden’s America, with his “climate change” agenda taking center stage — and consumers feeling the pain at the pump. 

“​​Some forecasters see prices rising by another 10% or 15%, which would quickly boost the cost of gasoline and other types of carbon energy,” one report notes.

The Saudi Arabia-led OPEC is cutting production by 1.16 million barrels per day. This would have been an opportunity for the United States to fill the gap and create lower prices with more domestic production, but instead of thinking of the taxpayers’ costs, the ant-energy Joe Biden administration is going all-in on its environmental agenda.

Biden then doubled down on his “green” agenda, writing in a White House statement, “Recognizing that clean energy as well as energy efficiency, and demand flexibility measures are essential to enhancing energy security and accelerating the energy transition, the Task Force has exchanged information on policy and market solutions to accelerate the deployment of energy efficiency technology, heat pumps, smart thermostats and related awareness raising activities among consumers and relevant stakeholders.”

One week ago, gas price averages in New Mexico were $3.35, according to AAA. Now, averages are at $3.42 and rising. 

In 2022, the average national gas price rate was $4.87 during Biden’s anti-energy policies and price war with other countries. He then nearly decimated all of the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) padded during the Donald J. Trump presidency.

The Council on Foreign Relations wrote that in 2021 “Biden announced a release of thirty-two million barrels in exchange agreements and eighteen million barrels in sales, seen as an effort to pressure OPEC to increase production; some experts said it was a novel use of the SPR, given there was no supply disruption.” Now, Americans are facing the consequences of the failed negotiation between Biden and OPEC. 

“In New Mexico, lower and middle-class families are the ones who suffer the most from these price increases, forcing many to make the heartbreaking decision of filling up their car or buying groceries. Hard-working New Mexicans should never have to make this choice, especially when New Mexico is rich in energy,” wrote Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce, a former congressman from the oil-rich Second Congressional District. 

“[Joe] Biden’s energy policy is a disaster. Gas prices are increasing because Biden has allowed foreign nations to weaponize energy against the United States. We’re witnessing the harmful consequences of losing our energy independence.”


12 thoughts on “Sky-high gas prices on the horizon again in NM, across country”

  1. Has very little to do with Joe Biden, this is a planned global currency reset because the US Dollar is no longer backed by Saudi Oil trading in the US Dollar. The global bankers are forming a new global economy balance shifting to China as the dominant global power.

    This was planned at least a decade ago, maybe longer. Our Congress already sold us out, Dems and Republicans alike. We’re witnessing the greatest betrayal in American history.

    Eventually the IMF is planning to take over the Federal Reserve and to devalue the US Dollar in the global balance.

    1. If we were energy independent, like we nearly were under Trump, this wouldn’t affect us at all….plus we would have oil to sell to other countries affected by Saudi Arabia. We would actually be making money off of this situation instead of being held hostage by them! Biden is a disaster but what makes it worse is that all this is being done on purpose by the left to turn us into a third world country!

    1. I’m with you Paul, but, sadly, it will never happen under the Biden Administration. BTW, in my part of the state, gas prices are at $3.85 per gallon!

  2. OPEC will do whatever they want –the sad part is OUR Government will do NOTHING to help the American people! FJB!

    1. The greatest disaster ever perpetrated against the United States of America was the installation of His Fraudulency, pRezidon’t Jao Xidung, the paid for Chinese puppet. In two years the obama/biden gang of leftist thugs has done what the Axis powers, the combined might of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, the USSR, OPEC and al Queda couldn’t do in the past hundred years. Aided by a cabal of banks, the nwo axxwipes and the presstitutes of the global enemedia they have nearly destroyed America.

      BE PREPARED for a call TO ARMS!

  3. Talk about energy transition is wishful thinking, unrelated to reality. According to actual calculations, the cost of transition will be $350 TRILLION! This is 70 years worth of 100% of US government spending. And for what? We could transition much more cheaply and efficiently to nuclear power, but the *experts* in charge are hysterically paranoid of nuclear power. However, this would still not free us of the need for gasoline/diesel powered transportation. This is fantasy, not realistic. But then, what is the point of inflicting this pain on the US public? It’s completely meaningless, but intentionally detrimental to the poor and middle class. Why won’t reasonable politicians constantly beat on this point? Instead they get caught up in defending issues that are not destroying our country as a whole like this one is.

  4. Out of curiosity… Let’s say it’s 2030. The switch is flipped on for only ‘Clean energy’ – all electric homes, all electric businesses, all electric cars. Will the ‘grid’ be able to handle all of these needs? So… how many windmills and solar panels will be needed to make this happen – and what’s the plan to take care of the non-recyclable waste (panels/fiberglass fins, etc., not to mention batteries that are pure poison once depleted). Maybe someone can share information for the plan mentioned above. Please send in so it can be viewed by all. Obviously this country is too arrogant to look at countries like Iceland for REAL solutions.

  5. Hey STOP all your gripping. We can ride the FREE Albuquerque Bus System. Biden DID NOT win an election. It was stolen. Until that small feature gets fixed expect more of the same. When Biden took office I gassed up my car here in Albuquerque for $1.98 PER GALLON!

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