See where NM ranks among states for military retirees

According to a recent report by WalletHub, New Mexico is ranked at the bottom of the list for military retirees. The personal finance website released its 2024 rankings just ahead of Military Appreciation Month and Memorial Day, analyzing how friendly each state is to veterans looking to transition to civilian life.

WalletHub’s study assessed all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on 28 key indicators of retirement-friendliness for veterans. These indicators ranged from job opportunities and housing affordability to the quality of VA hospitals. Despite these comprehensive metrics, New Mexico found itself near the bottom of the list.

“Transitioning from military to civilian life isn’t easy, but the best states for military retirees make that adjustment as smooth as possible,” said Cassandra Happe, a WalletHub analyst. “In addition to providing the conditions necessary for our veterans to thrive financially, they also have ample resources for taking care of military retirees’ physical and mental health.”

While states like South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia topped the list due to favorable policies for veterans—such as tax exemptions on military pensions, strong VA hospital ratings, and supportive job markets—New Mexico lagged behind in several key areas.

The report highlighted that New Mexico, ranked 50th, only fared better than Oregon, which took the last spot. This low ranking for New Mexico raises concerns about the state’s ability to support its veteran population adequately.

In the study, New Mexico ranked 48th for its economic environment, 29th for its quality of life, and 50th for its health care.

Further emphasizing the disparities, South Carolina was noted for having numerous veteran-friendly policies, including tax exemptions on military pensions, veteran treatment courts, and a high number of veteran-owned businesses per capita. These features contribute to a more supportive environment for military retirees, a stark contrast to the conditions found in New Mexico.

WalletHub’s analysis sheds light on the importance of state-level policies in shaping the quality of life for military retirees. As New Mexico continues to rank poorly, it needs to reevaluate its support systems and resources for veterans to improve its standing and better serve those who have served the country.

For more detailed insights and to see the full rankings, visit WalletHub’s website here.


8 thoughts on “See where NM ranks among states for military retirees”

  1. Surprise, NM on the bottom of another best/worst list. As a retired veteran the only plus for NM is the license plates for vets 50% disabled. The county I am in gives a $4000 cut to my property value which is something but our county assessor maxes our taxes every year. If we do not get him out our property tax will triple in 10 years. We are seriously considering Florida or Arkansas as an alternative location for our remaining years as NM is not the place I grew up in. With being an abortion destination for surrounding states it is pretty much a trash state. We need conservatives in the state house not the Marxist in Santa Fe now. Well acted the Marxist across the bigger cities in NM.

  2. New Mexico is one of the richest states but has one of the poorest economies and population. So much needs to change. I support eliminating the tax on military retirement pensions. If I am given the honor to serve in HD50 I will make this my goal.

  3. Albuquerque Sunday Journal May 26, 2024 opinion section C TOP OF MIND address next week question for the public to reply.” Do you think Donald Trump can win New Mexico in November.” Must have full name and city of residence. Sunday’s article was on New Mexico’s congressional delegation support a pathway to statehood for Puerto Rico.
    I encourage everyone who supports Trump to write a summary on why we need him in office. We need to educate the voters regardless of party affiliation that Biden has destroyed the integrity of the office he holds.
    Memorial Day is the day we pay tribute to those active and deceased servicemen who fought for our Country. The 13 servicemen in the withdrawal of Afghanistan. Biden’s disrespect as the Gold Star Families received their deceased loved ones while Biden kept an eye on his watch…..we all know the rest of Biden’s atrocities. This coming election is crucial across our Nation and our State… God help us.

  4. The DEMORATS don’t like us or care about anything but themselves. This is a day to remember those that didn’t come home and Biteme salutes George Floyd, a thief and drug addict!

  5. I am a military retiree living in NM. Retired from Holloman In 2007. With misgivings stayed due to employment.
    With all the nonsense we have seen in last few years, when I retire from a second career on mid 2026 We are fleeing a blue state for a red state. MLG has taken the state far left. I could live with a middle of the road approach. Not her, shes foaming at the mouth progressive. The Republican party keeps getting beat with no hope for that to change anytime soon. Redistricting hurt Rs chances. I see little hope of a Republican governor in 2026. So, we will vote with our feet….

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