See how New Mexicans are reacting to Heinrich announcing 2024 reelection bid

Democrat U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich just announced his reelection campaign for another term, claiming he’s “all in for re-election in 2024. In his campaign video, he touted his work to push for climate change policies and to take away Americans’ Second Amendment rights. 

Here are some of the best reactions to Heinrich’s announcement:

Power The Future’s communications director, Larry Behrens, wrote in response to Heinrich’s announcement, “Since his first day in the Senate, Martin Heinrich continues to be ‘all in’ on whatever Chuck Schumer demands. Martin Heinrich is squarely in the pocket of the environmental left and all he’s helped deliver to our families are record gas prices and massive inflation. New Mexicans deserve a real leader who listens to our state and not another empty suit who does the bidding of his partisan allies in Washington.”

Many were quick to point out that Heinrich lives in Maryland — not New Mexico — as a primary residence. He has been living there for ten years.

“​​But he does not even live in New Mexico. New Mexico stop voting for this,” one person wrote.

Another chimed in, “You ‘work’ for NM? Then why do you and you family live in Maryland full time?? Been living there for years already.” 

“You actually don’t work for New Mexico. You don’t even live here. You work for whatever you’re told to work for by your corporate & party overlords,” one Twitter user wrote

Far-left U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez of New Mexico’s Second Congressional District quickly jumped on the bandwagon to endorse Heinrich. However, he remains the only member of New Mexico’s fully Democrat congressional delegation not to endorse Joe Biden for the presidency in 2024.

The National Congressional Campaign Committee’s spokeswoman Delanie Bomar wrote, “Between the porous southern border, surging crime, and skyrocketing inflation, the Biden presidency has been an abject disaster for New Mexicans. Gabe Vasquez has rubber stamped the Biden agenda in Congress, so why is he so afraid to endorse Biden for re-election?”

Other replies noted Heinirch’s far-left actions and votes in office, which turned them off from supporting his reelection. 

“As a lifelong democrat I must say that your recent actions and votes disgust me! I’ll be voting Republican for the first time this year and I know millions of other former democrats who will do the same,” wrote a Twitter user.

Finally, the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of New Mexico wrote, “You’re a clown Marty and you’re not going to win. We have a very special candidate for you. He’s been in office before. Enjoy your short time left.” 


20 thoughts on “See how New Mexicans are reacting to Heinrich announcing 2024 reelection bid”

  1. Senator Heinrich is M.I.A. in the state he is supposed to represent. He actually does not live here, and hence does not understand the realities that New Mexicans live with each day – open borders, crime, drug addiction, human trafficking, homelessness, poverty, TO NAME A FEW.

    His climate change advocacy has caused New Mexico harm, pushing us away from energy independence. The green new deal policies he supports is going to further impoverish our citizens.

    I will not be voting for him, and I pray that fellow New Mexicans will see the light and do the same…Say NO to Heinrich!

    1. Nancy Tannenbaum

      Oh, he understands PERFECTLY what is going on in New Mexico because it is exactly what he and the rest of his ilk WANT. He and they and the communist “governor” think that they are doing a magnificent job. All of them are completely bought, paid for, and on board with the destruction they are rendering and they have zero intention of changing course. Criminals, baby killers, thieves, and liars all.

  2. Hiney-lick turned his back on New Mexico when he boarded the plane for Washington and has never looked back! He’s not in it for the people of New Mexico -he’s in it to line his pocketbook off the taxpayers and be swayed by whoever greases his palm!

  3. Senator Heinrich does not deserve one vote from anyone. I mean, where has he been? Has he ever come to New Mexico and talked to people about what our needs are? I have written him several times and all I get is canned responses. The only thing he cares about is himself. Kick the bum out.

  4. This Yankee carpetbagger does nothing for New Mexico. Himz does more for himz owners in Beijing than the citizens of New Mexico. Now we’ll have to pay himz a full salary for life, since we have been dumb enough to send that communist Xxx-xx-x-Xxxxx to that Den of Corruption on the Potomac rather than to be with himz sire Satan. But we don’t have to send it back to do more damage to our Republic.

  5. He is nothing more than a Dem party line Droid. He occasionally shows up in New Mexico for photo ops with other libs.

    He has been an enemy of reasonable multiple use and enjoyment of Fed public lands in NM long before his first elected position.

    Better that he stays in Maryland… and NOT as a NM Senator.

  6. My crystal ball is being considered… He’s a Democrat or Dead type of person…and NM is a ignorant Democrat or Dead voter. Hummmm… lets see…

    He wins in a landslide again…63-39%, and yes that is not a typo… Its going to be a 102% voter turn out.

    It will not matter that he wants to disarm every law abiding gun owner…its for safety don’t you know.

    It wont matter that late term infacidial maniacs’ have turned NM into…I kid you not… “The Abortion Tourist Capitol of the West”… instead of the “Land of Enchantment”…

    It doesn’t matter that oil and gas is over $3.40 a gallon now, nor will it mean a dang if it is $4.45 a gallon when he wins reelection or even $5.59 a gallon for propane…cause propane and gas stoves will be outlawed soon enough.

    It wont matter when every bit of land held in trust is declared a so called ‘Wildlife preservation area” which prohibits all mining , ranching-grazing or public use…

    I don’t think the NM voters give a darn if their child has to attend mandatory sex change instructional or “Drag Queen Story Hours” starting at age 4 in Government funded and mandated pre school situations anymore as the parents have been dumbed down long enough from legal drug sales that even this generation has lost the concept of parental oversight and the right to raise your child.

    If the DOD voters (Democrat or Dead) keep pushing people like this Maryland resident, Martin Hindercrap ,(who after years of sucking at the taxpayers tit cannot spell New Mexico anymore) cannot get though their egotistical fascination with being a DOD… This suicidial infacidial less than a human Democratic political DOD individual will win again…and again…and again…and again.

    Sarcasm… gotta love it.

  7. “Far-left U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez of New Mexico’s Second Congressional District quickly jumped on the bandwagon to endorse Heinrich. However, he remains the only member of New Mexico’s fully Democrat congressional delegation not to endorse Joe Biden for the presidency in 2024 Has conflicting views. both Biden and Heinrick are one of a kind. ” Gabe sounds like he may have been paid off or is just mindless and does not care about the well being of New Mexico. Most New Mexicans know how corrupted the Dominion machine is and how it does not represent WE THE PEOPLE’s vote. What is being done about these criminal acts?

  8. A few years ago Heinrich’s staff would have had those Twitter accounts shut down for saying those things in his twitter feed. They did it to me. Not just blocked, shut down.
    Actually I’m starting to suspect that “Martin Heinrich” may not even really exist. Has anyone ever seen him in person? I only hear about his visits to NM after he has left here already. Amber Alert! Get Martin on some milk carton covers! Wanted! Have You Seen Milquetoast Martin?!

  9. Although i would love to see fresh blood in the Senate, (and i will vote for his opponent) i’m afraid he is a lock. MLG saw to this in 2019 with the redistricting. NM is now like CA, a permanent Dem state.

  10. Jennifer Collins

    Why can’t the republicans of New Mexico work to get him out of office since he doesn’t even live in the state of New Mexico? This makes no sense to me whatsoever.

  11. Heinrich was and is a RUBBER STAMP for Barrack Hussein, Pelosi, Schumer, and Brandon Bitme…remember when he was just a ‘pretty boy’, voted by DC moroons. Now he is a career Moocher, with a big pension for Life. Put him together with ‘native’ 12-step graduate, and you have the mind and motives and accomplishments comparable to Schiff and Nadler and SwalloWell and WhiteHorse and…but DemocRats in NM are just stupid to put back in his comfy DC job and MD digs. Sad….and predictable.

  12. No matter what is said or done by the Republicans, et al, he has already been (s)elected. And not by us. Most people in NM are fairly conservative (except in Santa Fe) – so why do demoncrats keep winning?
    The “Speak Up” column in the Sunday Journal quotes several anti-MLG writers. If it wasn’t for all of the out-of-state dark money and dead people voting, we might actually get good office-holders.

    A couple of thoughts:
    “Make Women Female Again” and FJB.

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