Scandal-plagued liberal Dem Tim Jennings running for Roswell mayor

The mayoral race is coming up in Roswell, with incumbent Republican Mayor Dennis Kintigh, a former FBI Agent and state representative, fending off opposition from liberal Democrat Tim Jennings, who was a major player in the New Mexico Senate at the time of corrupt ex-Senate Pro-Tem Manny Aragon, a Democrat, who was convicted of fraud to the tune of $4.4 million during the construction of a new Court House.

Instead of throwing Aragon in jail for 30 years to life, Jennings at the time asked the judge to grant leniency to Aragon, who ended up serving only four and a half years in prison for defrauding the State. 

According to documents obtained by the Piñon Post, Jennings appears to have also financially benefitted from his position as a senator. In 2005 through 2006, Jennings voted “yes” on state appropriations totaling $300,000 to “…plan, design, construct and remodel the energy library in Roswell in Chaves County – (which) may also include acquiring a building for the library,” quoted from the chaptered text of 2006’s S.B. 639, page 16.

The particular building, purchased for the energy library at a price tag of $150,000 and approved unanimously by all sitting County Commissioners, was owned by Jennings and his sibling, personally benefitting the former state senator. Regardless of the massive conflict of interest, Jennings voted for the appropriation despite the conflict of interest. 

Four of the commissioners who approved the contract have now endorsed Jennings for his mayoral bid, including Commissioner Richard Taylor, and former Commissioners Alice Eppers, Harold Hobson, and Michael Trujillo, according to Jennings’ website

While in the Roundhouse, Jennings voted seven times for partial-birth abortion, 22 times against parental notification before underaged minors got abortions, voted against life sentences for child killers, and repeatedly raised New Mexicans’ taxes. He did all this while voting to triple his pension, which resulted in him coasting off with over $1,000,000 of New Mexicans’ money for his “service” in the state’s “part-time” legislature. 

Despite putting out a full-page advertisement in the Roswell Daily Record erroneously claiming he “oppos[es] the governor’s mask and vaccine mandates” during his mayoral campaign, he previously testified at a November 30, 2020, Roswell City Council meeting in support of mask mandates, while wearing a mask.

He told the Council,  “There’s been a lot of concern about mask directives and whether or not they work. In today’s New York Times — I guess it was in the New York Times Today — just so you know, nationally,  the metro areas with the highest average daily cases increases in the last … two weeks, number 20 in the nation the worst out of the whole country, the highest number 20 was Hobbs, New Mexico. Number 14 was Lubbock, Texas. And we have some real problems with people wearing masks around and washing their hands, I think, but number two was Gallup New Mexico, the highest percentage of increase in the whole country. Number one was Roswell, New Mexico. And I just bring that up because I.. you know, not many of us are health care people, I mean that are people that are, uh… doctors and stuff in. I think it’s something we should look at.” 

Jennings testifying in front of the Roswell City Council in support of mask mandates. 11/30/2022

Jennings endorsed Lujan Grisham in 2018 for her run for governor, along with other left-wing politicians, organizations, and abortion giant Planned Parenthood, according to the endorsement page on Lujan Grisham’s 2018 campaign. 

The municipal election will occur on Tuesday, March 1, 2022.


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  1. He’s a communist, Roswell better take it seriously. Here’s another fear mongering politician that seeks to direct and control every aspect of your life and he will lie and manipulate data in an attempt to scare people.

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