Santa Fe Democrats created NM’s failed education system

Republicans can fix it: Put children first, with education focused on reading, writing, and arithmetic.

New Mexicans believe Santa Fe Democrats will turn around New Mexico’s public education system despite decades of failing grades. That is why New Mexicans approve more money for education yearly and wonder why our children can’t learn reading, writing, and arithmetic. The Albuquerque Journal editorial wrote what many think, Mississippi turned around its failed education system, so why not New Mexico? Yes, Why Not New Mexico?

The Evidence

Mississippi is a right-to-work state that ensures parent and student interests do not compete with the teacher unions. The teacher’s union control the New Mexico legislature via Mimi Stewart (D-Bernalillo), AFT Union member, and Senate pro-tem. KRQE recently reported that Stewart proposed a cap on union-targeted charter schools (similar to the 2019 bill) — a statement that is good for the teacher unions and bad for parent/student choices. 

Mississippi focuses on students learning reading, writing, and arithmetic. Santa Fe Democrats focus on student indoctrination. 

Breitbart 2021 headline: “Whistleblower: Albuquerque Social Studies “Recommended Books’ All About Race, Queerness.” 

Recently, Project Veritas posted an audio revealing “Mandatory CDC Guidelines on Transgender Ideology In New Mexico Schools.”

Mississippi spends approximately ten percent more per student than New Mexico. However, the gap may be more significant when New Mexico’s inefficiency is factored in. The Albuquerque Journal recently reported that Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) administrative staff increased while student enrollment decreased. When APS enrollment dropped, APS wasn’t concerned about what happened to the students, only assuring the teacher and administrators that they would not lose their jobs. APS has demonstrated that its priority is its union staff, not its students.

New Mexico’s educational budget will be $3.5 billion. How much of the $3.5 billion is siphoned off before it reaches the students? In 2021, Sheryl Williams Stapleton, an AFT Union member and Democrat floor leader of the New Mexico House, was indicted by the DOJ for charges of racketeering and money laundering federal grant money received for educational software. But is Williams Stapleton just the tip of the corruption iceberg?  If the DOJ can quickly uncover corruption in the New Mexico education system, why not the state’s attorney general and auditor? Maybe because they have agreed to focus on Republicans and give a pass to Santa Fe Democrats. 

The Path Forward

Put parents and students first by breaking the teacher unions’ stranglehold on our education system. New Mexico could reverse the damage done when Bill Richardson recognized the teacher unions. Education dollars belong to the parents and students, not the failed New Mexico education system, not to the teacher’s union, and not in the hands of corrupt Santa Fe Democrats. 

Allow parents and students to hold schools, administrators, and teachers accountable.  Parents and students should be able to sue Schools for failing to educate our youngest generation. In addition, parents and students should be able to sue for psychological damages associated with critical race theory and gender identity chaos. 

It is time to replace federally indicted Sherryl Williams Stapleton’s name with businesswoman and NM Representative Jane Powdrell-Culbert on the African American Performing Arts Center and Exhibit Hall. In addition, New Mexicans demand an independent audit (the NM State Auditor is not independent) of the Education Budget. 

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11 thoughts on “Santa Fe Democrats created NM’s failed education system”

  1. I’d like to see NM adopt the Islamic way of dealing with thieves. In public and immediately after being caught with their hand in the till, chop thir right hand off and cauterize the wound. By broadcasting justice, live and in color, will give a great visial example to “Thou shall not steal”
    Harsh, you say? Yes it is, but theft – especially of our hard earned tax dollars that have been stolen by the state already – is especially egregious and deserves a very harsh punishment.

    Besides, libtards yak-yak about “inclusion” so it’s time they put some skin into this justice game.

  2. Once upon a time, public school teachers were not eligible to run for the legislature. A lot of the current problems can be traced straight back to when that changed.

  3. Very good article, totally agree on the comments. NM is going like Baltimore, high cost per student but the work to teach our children get lost in the soup. In the old days there was a reason for strong unions, those reasons are no longer prevalent in our society. Now it is about power not education, get rid of unions and our children will flourish. Keep the unions our children will be brainwashed into socialism.

  4. “Mississippi focuses on students learning reading, writing, and arithmetic. Santa Fe Democrats focus on student indoctrination.”

    I seriously doubt if NM voters will ever be willing to reverse this trend. Democrats and teachers’ unions rule our state.

  5. Most Hispanics in NM traditionally vote Democratic, regardless. And women vote for women. This is the only reason Republican Susana Martinez was voted governor. Reading, writing, and math are anglo patriarchal oppressions…

  6. Yes the Democrats are responsible for the low level of education in New Mexico. They ignore education because they are too busy with more terribly important topics like making it possible for kids to change their names. Disgusting.

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