Richard Grenell calls out MLG for being a political hack

On Monday, former acting National Intelligence Director and Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell roasted New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Twitter for her prohibition on in-person campaigning, while applauding Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters and rioters.

Lujan Grisham in her press conference commented on in-person campaigning, saying, “don’t want it, don’t need it. It’s problematic. We are not going to use COVID or anything else to prevent a peaceful protest. But we are not going to allow them to be excuses for political organizing for the sake of a political party or individual getting ready for the election.” 

Grenell characterized Lujan Grisham’s comment as hyper-partisan, writing on Twitter, “They aren’t trying to hide their politicization anymore.”

3 thoughts on “Richard Grenell calls out MLG for being a political hack”

  1. Grisham sure looks hyper-partisan to this New Mexico resident. Plus the quarantines, shutting down our multi-billion $ tourist industry for a year.. Grisham’s net worth went from $500K to over $200 million. Think the Zorro Ranch Epstein trafficking had anything to do with her big net gain?
    Sure looks like it. Dig a little deeper……Thanks, Richard Grenell for calling her out.

  2. He nails it. Our governor is the worst kind of political hacktivist. NM’s best interests are sidelined to further the national DNC agenda.

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