Rep. Herrell takes time out of busy week to treat National Guard troops at U.S. Capitol to green chile

Although far-left Democrat leaders have shuttered the U.S. Capitol with a giant metal chain-link and razor wire fence, that hasn’t stopped New Mexico’s Congresswoman from the Second District from bringing a little cheer to the brave men and women standing on-guard at the Capitol.

This week, she treated the National Guardsmen stationed at the U.S. Capitol to some of New Mexico’s very own green chile to bring a little New Mexico flavor to the dreary, shuttered, and politically toxic capitol building.

On Twitter, Herrell wrote, “Brought a taste from home to the New Mexico National Guard troops on duty at the U.S. Capitol this week. Green Chile of course,” with a photo of her serving it to the troops. 

This has been a very busy week for New Mexico’s lone Republican congresswoman as she fought hard against a radical gun-grab championed by the Democrats and a Democrat slush fund cloaked as a “COVID-19 relief” bill, which only gives a meager 10% to coronavirus relief while the rest goes to fund Democrat pork, including hundreds of millions for abortions. She also stood up against the Democrats’ deadly open border policies that are bringing hundreds of thousands of criminal aliens into the U.S., many of them flooding through the southern border with Mexico and New Mexico. 

But that’s not all. Herrell also co-sponsored a bill with a Republican senator to make murdering law enforcement officers a federal crime. 

Herrell also sent a letter urging Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to tell Democrat Sens. Martin Heinrich and Ben Ray Luján to sponsor complimentary legislation, as she has proposed in the House, to exempt New Mexico from Joe Biden’s radical oil and gas moratorium. 

2 thoughts on “Rep. Herrell takes time out of busy week to treat National Guard troops at U.S. Capitol to green chile”

  1. So glad NM CD 2 finally has a great REP, for us ! someone who stands with us, that Democrat Twitt X. T. Small replied to a message I sent in Oct,2019 about people in Catron county being Blocked from cutting firewood by a Liberal law suit , in Tucson AZ, Xcito Small wrote me back in May 2020 , if the pandemic hadn’t hit , I think many elederly could have been with out heat ! Thanks NM for finanlly voting for someone who actually represents US the people !

  2. While the Dems are serving up pork to blue states, Congresswoman Yvette Herrell is dishing out green chile to hungry national guard troops in Washington in. a gesture of appreciation.
    You go, girl!

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