Protecting our Constitution from tyranny on Constitution Day

As we celebrate Constitution Day, we are reminded of the enduring wisdom enshrined in this venerable document — a wisdom that has guided our nation through its most challenging moments. Our Constitution, born from the crucible of liberty, represents the embodiment of our Founding Fathers’ vision: a government of, by, and for the people, firmly grounded in the protection of individual rights.

Yet, on this Constitution Day, our Constitution finds itself under an unprecedented threat right here in New Mexico, where Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s wildly illegal executive order—even in its now-edited form — has stripped away the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. This egregious overreach is not only an affront to our Constitution but also to the oath Governor Lujan Grisham took to uphold it.

Governor Lujan Grisham’s claim that no Constitutional right is “absolute” should send shivers down the spines of all Americans who value their liberties. It is a dangerous assertion that reveals a concerning disregard for the fundamental principles on which our nation was built. Our Founders understood the importance of protecting these rights as bedrock principles, not mere privileges subject to the whims of government officials. Our rights cannot be signed away by the stroke of a pen.

The Second Amendment, like all constitutional rights, is not a suggestion; it is a right expressly guaranteed to the people. It is the safeguard against tyranny and the assurance of our ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones. The lawless governor’s actions undermine the very essence of our Constitution, and it is our duty to defend it.

State Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) and I are tirelessly working to impeach Gov. Lujan Grisham for her unconstitutional actions. Our efforts should be a beacon of hope for anyone who cherishes the Constitution and the rights it protects. We stand at the threshold of a critical moment where the fate of our Constitution hangs in the balance. Only We The People can protect it.

Now is the time for all lovers of liberty, regardless of party affiliation, to rally behind us and our pursuit of justice. The Constitution is not a partisan document; it is the foundation of our nation, and its preservation is our shared responsibility.

On this Constitution Day, let us recommit ourselves to the timeless principles enshrined in our Constitution. Let us remember that our rights are not subject to the whims of any politician. And let us stand united in support of impeachment efforts against Gov. Lujan Grisham, for the defense of our Constitution is a cause that transcends politics—it is the very essence of our American identity.

To help Rep. Lord and me in this fight, please help our efforts by supporting me here and Rep. Lord here. More information on our impeachment efforts will be released this next week.

John Block is the founder and editor of the Piñon Post and is the state representative for New Mexico’s 51st House District in Otero County. John has fought for years for New Mexicans’ constitutional rights and is the primary sponsor of New Mexico’s Constitutional Carry legislation.


20 thoughts on “Protecting our Constitution from tyranny on Constitution Day”

  1. She should be arrested and CRIMINALLY prosecuted for her attack on our rights and violating her oath of office.She is trying to put me and my family in danger by disarming us.

    1. I will correct your minor typing error.

      Your quote “She is trying to put me and my family in danger by disarming us”.

      Should read:

      “She has put me and my family in danger by executive order affectively disarming us”.

      She (MLG), did disarm you by executive order. She may have modified it since the first version, but affectively she disarmed you. There was not any “try” anywhere in her, (MLG) actions. She, (MLG) did.

    1. Good question.

      Still unanswered by any specific federal action as well as all Local and State elected and appointed Officials having being empowered with the laws of arrest.

      Makes me wonder why. Dont it?

  2. MLG violated the U.S. Constitution and the Nuremberg Codes during COVID, why wouldn’t she could do the same with the 2nd Amendment? She should have been stopped when she closed the first church and put the citizens on house arrest.

      1. Do you think Constitution day should be a major holiday? A day off for re teaching selling educating the others about this document which is for our birthright?

        I think it’s more important than 4th of July or Juneteenth.

        And btw
        Why will we move clocks forward again in November?
        We in NM are done with the clock game.

        Which reps will finally will fight and say no Más time changes? We should remain w Arizona and leave the time alone . on Truth Social

  3. Like burning the American flag…

    So in her mind she can “undo” any Amendments. Which next? Amendments 13, 14, and 15, respectively, Slavery, Citizenship and the Right to Vote? Maybe she’s gonna have China re-write it? Umm…within the context of NM state gov Code of Conduct, that specifically holds all state employees and legislators (including her), to state and federal laws, her conduct and would warrant her dismissal. And if anyone else attempted to do this, they would be removed from offic/ job. She’s concerned about children being killed with guns, yet abortions are about killing babies in the womb.

  4. Oh no, my right to carry a gun and likely overreact is under attack! Oh my goodness, it’s tyranny, pure and simple. How will I be able to resolve a conflict if I can’t rely on my instrument of rest. Bunch of lightweights!

  5. Very well said, thank goodness we have some actual Conservatives in our state government, I had just about given up. Keep up the good work!

  6. I actually believe MLG could effectively help Law Enforcement agencies make more arrest and obtain confessions by merely suspending (banning) for a 30-60 day the 4th and 5th Amendments of the US Constitution allowing for quick and numerous unbridled searches and seizures, by the use of force to beat confessions out of whoever might be suspected of anything. Hey, as those Progressive frequently say “If it saves just one life, one young child, one sweet smiling baby (unless it is still occupying space in a birth person’s womb) those cited temporary suspensions of so called will be worth it. Right! The above is in the vein of Jonathan Swift and his ‘A Modest Proposal’ work.

  7. Just a thought. I challenge all to talk to a democrat (without telling them you are a conservative) at least one a week, ask about following the constitution. (should we or not?) Ask if they are for more government or less, if the school should be in charge of their children, if they believe if they believe in school vouchers. I would guess most will answer as a conservative. You may have to explain to them they are democrats because of our bad schools. But they are really conservative in reality. Maybe we can become a read state.

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