ABQ Journal scorches ‘self-absorbed’ Lujan Grisham in scathing editorial

In a scathing Albuquerque Journal editorial, the newspaper’s editorial board pulled no punches in its assessment of New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s recent decisions. The article begins with a nod to Kenny Rogers’ timeless advice about knowing when to fold, an allusion that sets the stage for a blistering critique of the governor’s approach to crime and her controversial gun ban.

The governor’s unilateral decision on September 8th to impose a wide-ranging gun ban across Bernalillo County initially sparked controversy, with New Mexicans rightly decrying it as a flagrant violation of Second Amendment rights. In response to the national backlash and a federal judge’s restraining order, Gov. Lujan Grisham revised her public health order to limit the gun ban’s scope to “public parks and playgrounds” in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County — still a violation of Second Amendment rights.

However, the Albuquerque Journal editorial board argues that this move was too little, too late. They point out that the governor’s decision to backtrack came only after widespread opposition and legal challenges, questioning her original intent and decision-making process.

One of the op-ed’s key points is the governor’s failure to address the pressing issue of rising crime rates in the state. The editorial board highlights that, during the 2023 legislative session, Democratic majorities in the state House and Senate rejected numerous crime-fighting proposals, many of which had bipartisan support. These proposals aimed to enhance public safety by addressing issues like pretrial detention, bail conditions, and sentencing for violent offenders.

The board criticizes the governor’s reluctance to call a special legislative session to address these urgent concerns, even as House Republicans called for action on the crime bills that had been shot down during the regular session. They argue that Gov. Lujan Grisham’s inaction raises questions about her commitment to combatting crime effectively and her ability to lead bipartisan efforts to address the issue.

The op-ed contends that the governor’s preference for going it alone, as seen in her handling of the gun ban and other matters, undermines her credibility and effectiveness. It suggests that Gov. Lujan Grisham is too partisan, self-absorbed, and politically ambitious to engage in the kind of bipartisan problem-solving that New Mexico needs.

“Lujan Grisham can’t be relied upon to lead a crime-fighting effort. She’s too partisan, too unpopular with state lawmakers, too self-absorbed, too interested in scoring political points, too discredited now on the national stage after her unconstitutional overreach, and too politically ambitious on a national level to shape solid bipartisan solutions that could really make a difference here in New Mexico,” wrote the board.

The editorial concludes with a call to action for lawmakers from both parties to convene an extraordinary session on crime, even if the governor is not on board. The editorial board questions whether legislators have the will to fulfill their responsibilities and override any potential veto by the governor in the next regular session.

The Journal piece also highlights the growing dissent from law enforcement officials, with several sheriffs and a district attorney publicly expressing their unwillingness to enforce or support the gun ban. This added layer of opposition, including skepticism from a CNN interview, underscores the widespread concerns surrounding the governor’s decisions.

In a state grappling with escalating crime rates and constitutional debates, the Albuquerque Journal’s editorial serves as a powerful critique of Gov. Lujan Grisham’s leadership and decision-making, challenging her to reconsider her approach and engage with lawmakers to address the pressing issue of crime in New Mexico.


54 thoughts on “ABQ Journal scorches ‘self-absorbed’ Lujan Grisham in scathing editorial”

    1. Look everyone knows Michelle lujan Gresham always oversteps her bounds always if she wants to do anything about protecting citizens keep the criminals behind the bars if they do the crime make them do the time don’t slap them on the rest and say don’t do that we will let you go because that’s what it is if you do this crime you do the time but that winch in that office doesn’t know a damn thing.

  1. MLG is like Don Quixote—- she keeps tilting at windmills and getting knocked down each time. You’d think she’d learn by now.

  2. Dianne WilsonMcElyea

    MLG courageously did the right thing. NM is ranked at bottom ed education and 3rd in gun deaths. All her critics are quite willing to sacrifice New Mexicans to preserve their gun slinging fantasies. .

    1. I think you mean well, but the problem is that she doesn’t fight crime in NM. She is lenient towards criminals which leaves the good people unprotected if guns were removed. Criminals will always find a way to own guns. The police doesn’t arrive on time to protect us when attacked by a criminal. Any ideas how to protect the innocent?
      The other option is prayer, but not enough people pray for protection. Therefore, guns are the alternative, unless you want to watch an innocent person to be slaughtered in front of you without being able to defend them.

    2. NM is ranked last in many education listings. The guardianship of the 2nd ammendment has no correlation to education in NM.
      The correlation to low education is Democrat rule in NM. Liberal education administrators sit in a room, making decisions on what method of learning to teach in the classrooms. Therefore, it is the decisions of liberals who have dumbed down the youth in this state for decades.
      Dianne, speak truth as that is what educates. Your propganda is not only false but indicates your education may have been adversely affected by those liberal teachers.
      Do Better!

    3. The right thing to do is to enact legislation to fight crime not take people’s rights away. Criminals will still find guns to hurt and kill people. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Wake up and stop watching the Liberal propaganda on TV.

    4. How do you even enforce such a law? The only ones that would even think about complying is people that obey laws to begin with. It’s a dumb move. It’s not courageous and she cannot change the constitution on her own no matter what.

    5. Critics may argue that it is hypocritical if someone advocates for strict gun control while benefiting from firearms for their own protection. 💭😵‍💫

      Tyranny is the very reason our Founding Fathers enshrined the Second Amendment. It empowers citizens to resist any potential abuse of government power and protect their freedom. 🇺🇸✊ #TyrannyResistance #SecondAmendment

    6. What?????? It’s amazing how leftist states like New Mexico have skyrocketing crime rates and conservative states have lower crime rates and a higher standard of living! The conservative states know that guns are inanimate objects. People kill people….whether they use guns, knives, cars or rocks. How is it that conservative states where gun ownership is higher have lower crime rates? Maybe it’s because they are tougher on crime???? When we punish law abiding citizens instead of the criminals, then we deserve exactly what we’ve got here in New Mexico. Because of leftist policies, cities like Albuquerque and Santa Fe are cess pools. I like what Jason Aldean said….”Try that in a small town!” Why does it NEVER occur to leftists that the criminals aren’t going to obey the law??? If you disarm the public then the armed criminals will have a field day.

    7. I think you are probably not from the southwest. Many of us look at guns as a sport or for protection. But with that comes a big responsibility, especially if children are in the home. I’ve hiked many trails that I wouldn’t have, if I had not been packing a gun. You never know when a mountain lion will come up behind you. Imagine hiking with a grandchild. If he or she were attacked, I’d rather have a gun than a stick or rock to protect them.

    8. That’s exactly where our problem lies. It’s one thing to be hard on crime but there are LEGAL ways of doing that. To trample over people’s constitutional rights is above and beyond and absolutely criminal. Let’s see how you feel when they take away your right to remain silent, your freedom of speech…how would you like that? “Well it’s only to protect the people.” Which people are you talking about? The politicians? The lawmakers? Cause it certainly isn’t our Constitutional Republic.

    9. If the gov was actually worried about gun violence she would support legislation the increase punishment for using a gun when committing crimes, stop the no bail ridiculousness, address the issue of teens with guns and other legislation that actually addresses the crime problem. Her gun grab has nothing to do with addressing crime and everything to do with democrats desire to destroy the Constitution. If you can tell me how the gun grab will stop crime I’ll be happy to listen. I won’t listen to typical “democrats can do no wrong” baloney that has destroyed the state.

    10. Did she? how when you have crimals coming from California and other parts of this country and other countries cause there isnt a law to hold crimals. Start the 3 strike law . Then if your in a gang an a crimes happens the entire gang goes down as a enterprise.

      1. Her hypocrisy is unbelievable until you realize that’s what Godless commies advocate for. Project Paperclip was the beginning of the end for America, along with the treasonous Organic Act of 1871 and the Fed Reserve passage.

    11. Constitution Supporter

      And you obviously voted for the Midget Lying Ghestapo! Just goes to show how much you actually know about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights! She is a tyrant! The USSC ruled against a similar instance in New York! Take your blinders off and your head out of the sand!

    12. The thing with Not is she could bring our education up and our crime down but she is so ignorant she just doesn’t get it! We need to become a closed state, get rid of the shelters to put illegals. Send them to Washington care of Biden. He wants the let his people take care of them! Next if people don’t work, no food stamps or Medicaid! Two make our laws stronger, you kill someone you get executed. If you sell drugs, the same thing. You do a crime with a gun the same thing. Our children’s education needs to become education not transgender or whatever they call themselves….they want that life so? You live your life but keep it out of schools! If a child can pray in schools why should they be taught that? It’s time for parents to stand up to Not and say NO TO THIS! Also it’s time to impeach this person who only wants to use New Mexicans to get to Washington. IMPEACH! Now! Oh, she also wants to give 500.00 month to the illegals for one year! I worked y but off to enhance my education and for 34 years and paid my taxes and SGE WANTS TO GIVE OUR HARD EARNED MONIES TO ILLEGALS? THE RETIRES COULD USE THAT!!!

    13. Her gun ban only targeted honest concealed carry holders like myself! Criminals do not hold permits! What if I took your right of free speech away? I can’t because the 1st Amendment is protected under the US Constitution, just like the 2nd Amendment!

  3. A sherrif is gunned down in his cruiser and the bad guys just drive away. Maybe if MLG was the governor of California all the criminals would have not carried a gun that day. RIP Cinkunbroomer.

  4. This is nothing more than mud at the wall to see what will stick! All she wants to do is push the anti gun agenda. Crime is their tool to do that. She’s not interested in actually fighting crime unless it also disarms the citizens. We see through your evil self serving ways MLG!

  5. Please people do not let up on MLG felony committing to destroy our rights and constitution. She needs to be arrested, jailed and tried for treason.

    1. Did you? How does your vote keep people protected from gun violence? Ronchetti treats women with disdain. Disdain over gun violence? 6 and 1/2 make a dozen. Disdain leads to murder.

      1. Murder happens in many ways. Not just with guns. I’ve owned guns for 60 year, and never seen one jump up and threaten me, much shoot anything. Guns only fire by themselves on the movie set rust!!!

  6. Really….? Do you and the disgrace of our so called governor really think when she banned all guns the criminals said hey bruh we need to put away our pistolas away for 30 days bruh !!!!! The governor says so 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…. what fantasy world or what are you smoking that you think that’s what is happening! Your all a joke …….citizens arrest for treason on the so called GOVERNOR OF NM.

  7. These are not to mutually exclusive issues. It’s possible and preferable to fight crime and improve education at the same time.

  8. She’s always been this way – ever since she was fired by Gov. Richardson … it’s the ABQ Journal and NM voters that are “too little too late”. She’s like Biden – a puppet for the party.

    1. She pulled that gun ban for 1 of 2 reasons. 1. She’s the litmus test for all Democrap governors to follow suit, but she is the laughing stock of the world now or 2. She did it to get Dementio’s attention to get him to kick Kneepads Word Dald to the curb for her as VP but she is the laughing stock of the world. Either or, or both, she played her hand and lost “Bigly”. Little Hitler needs to go away, leave our beautiful state and either move to Cali, the land of fruits, flakes, and nuts, or to Martha’s Vineyard, but then again, they’ll ship her out faster than an illegal because even they can’t be associated with her buffoonery.

  9. Stop catch and release. Increase punishment. Locate and take IDs from illegals so we know who is here. If an illegal is caught committing a crime, they do the time and are then sent back to their home country.
    If anyone at all is caught committing a crime, put them in jail. No more paltry fines for theft. Steal a tv? All they do is give the criminal a ticket — like a speeding ticket. How will the criminal pay the fine? Probably by stealing something else.
    Grisham? She’s a very egocentric person with a huge Napoleon complex.

  10. “The editorial concludes with a call to action for lawmakers from both parties to convene an extraordinary session on crime, even if the governor is not on board. The editorial board questions whether legislators have the will to fulfill their responsibilities and override any potential veto by the governor in the next regular session.”

    Come on lawmakers, just do it! Grow some cajones!

  11. MLG needs to be arrested, jailed and tried for treason! She has a HUGE Napoleon complex, and also ignores the real problems in NM. The crime rates here are very bad, criminals get caught, slapped on the hand & released to commit yet another crime. Someone kills an innocent person & they get HOUSE ARREST, PROBATION & COMMUNITY SERVICE!!??!??! That person should be put away for life!!

  12. gtrisham is full of pride and she wants to put political feathers in her hat so she can be appointed to serve I a higher level of government. She only thinks of herself. Maybe her and Gavin Newsome should get together since they are cut from the same cloth. They could take a romantic cruise and maybe she could get pregnant so they could brag about killing another baby. She’s the kind of person that would have been in the Gestapo. You know Gestapo Grisham. Sad but true. I wonder if her parents ever wish they would’ve had her aborted after they’ve seen how she turned out. I just call it like I see. Do us all a favor MLG and just LEAVE

  13. The Albuquerque Journal said it best in their editorial. I had to read it twice to make sure I was reading correctly. I’m pro-life from conception to natural death. My allegiance is to the Constitution which our forefathers fought and died for. I am licensed to carry my gun. Trash talking will get us nowhere, let’s stick to the issue and try to solve them as one Nation under God.

  14. Stop patting yourself on the back, New Mixed-upicans. She is still your grubnor, your legislature lapdogs, and voters dependent, slave potheads. Until you change, this is going to keep happening. She still moved the goal posts and you smile.

  15. This it’s just the start…..they do something to violate the Constitution…. people push back….. they hold their position…… the uproar dies down..
    .. then they violate the Constitution a little more….etc. This is the strategy of a Marxist.
    We must not allow her to get away with this to any degree.

  16. Well they hit the nail on the head all Governor dick Grabber is doing is trying to get a cabinet position and slow Joe’s next election steal. All she cares is about climbing the political ladder.

  17. Most everyone here hit the nail on the head.
    Oh she loves the children in her commercial, yet she’s killing babies by the thousands through abortion and setting up the satanic temple here and killing them ritualistically, plus wanting to ban guns and destroy the Constitutional rights of the People….

  18. The NM Governor has shown her true colors by her recent actions. This action in combination to her unwillingness to react in any positive constructive manner to the rise in violent crime, bail reform, voting district re-alinements as well as issues that would have affected the majority of citizens in NM. Her action to take drastic unconstitutional action without first trying to seek consensus from LEO,s the State AG and other groups. She never attempted to seek other more constructive methods first,again displays her unwillingness and incompetence in performing her duties as the duly elected official for NM. Her statement that the U.S. Constitution is not an absolute (echoing the words of President Biden-incorrectly) and her statement that her oath of official not being absolute shows the level of her mindset and her willingness to enact rules, orders that in effect do nothing to solve in the slightest manner any positive impact. Such statements and action need to be address in the state legislature via impeachment. The unfortunate part in impeachment proceedings is taking time and resources away from important issues. But order and priority needs to be established, her incompetence in office needs to addressed for her actions.
    While I am sure she will not resign and we as NM citizens will have to endure her for the balance of her term. She is a lame duck governor who now possesses the classification of being one of the most useless elected official NM has. Her ability to seek legislative action is curtailed to the point of being subject to significant review, examination to the point of a waste of time and money.
    I also am disappointed on the democrats lack of response to the unconstitutional orders. I applaud the action and statements of Police Chiefs, State AG, Sherriff’s who followed their oath of office.

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