Pro-energy group slams Gov. MLG’s ‘hypocrisy’ with ‘green agenda’

This week, embattled Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced her intention to run for governor in 2022 to the chagrin of New Mexicans who have seen her repeatedly embarrass them on the nation stage time and time again with her scandal-ridden administration.

But during her announcement speech, which was drowned out by anti-MLG protesters, she once again touted her extreme “green agenda,” notably legislative Democrats’ Energy Transition Act, New Mexico’s very own “Green New Deal.” 

She said New Mexico is moving toward a “carbon-free energy system,” which the pro-energy group Power The Future calls “hypocrisy.” 

“There’s only one problem, her own green agenda was failing at that very moment. During her remarks, the utility that provides power to the site of her event reported only 6% of its power was coming from renewable resources,” wrote the group.

“The Governor often celebrates her mini–Green New Deal, but she ignores the fact her own law called for 20 percent renewable power by 2020 and not a single New Mexico utility met that standard. In fact, her own reelection announcement didn’t meet the standard.” 

The group concluded, “It appears the only renewable resource that can truly power the eco-left is hypocrisy.” 

Throughout her administration, Lujan Grisham has repeatedly rammed down New Mexicans’ throats her anti-energy agenda, which has led to the loss of countless jobs, especially in the Navajo Nation with the closure of PNM’s plants in the area.

During Lujan Grisham’s “virtual” speech in front of the 2020 Democrat National Convention, Lujan Grisham claimed “climate change” is the true “existential crisis.” 

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