Pro-aborts ‘march’ for ability to execute babies despite NM allowing full-term abortion

On Saturday, far-left anti-life extremists gathered outside the Roundhouse in Santa Fe to “march” for the right for mothers to kill their own children despite New Mexico being the most pro-abortion state in the country, with zero restrictions on killing babies in the womb. That means abortions up to and AFTER birth were legalized in the 2021 Legislature. Anti-life alleged serial groper Michelle Lujan Grisham almost couldn’t contain her excitement signing the abortion free-for-all bill into law.

Despite the extreme anti-life bills allowing unlimited abortions, apparently, the far-leftists haven’t received the message, with people gathering to demand murder of unborn babies. 

Posts from attendees of the anti-woman, anti-life march show people in cervix costumes, “I stand with Planned Parenthood” signs, and many wearing masks despite the event being outside the Capitol and the risk of catching a virus being minute. 

In attendance at the Santa Fe rally was far-left extremist Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez (D-NM-03), along with the anti-gun Bloomberg group Moms Demand Action.

Others who gathered at Tiguex Park in Albuquerque also had the corporate-provided generic t-shirts and signs provided by the dark money abortion group Planned Parenthood, which commits around one-third of abortions each year. Some signs from pro-illegal alien groups supporting murdering migrant children read, “respect bodily sovereignty.” 

Some cringe-inducing signs from the tiny Tiguex Park anti-life event had signs claiming “trans” women (biological men) could get abortions. 

New Mexico is the abortion capital of the nation — if not the world — with many abortion tourists flying from around the country to the Land of Enchantment to end their babies’ lives. Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque aborts full-term babies after 32 weeks gestation.

6 thoughts on “Pro-aborts ‘march’ for ability to execute babies despite NM allowing full-term abortion”

  1. Body sovereignty, I agree so don’t discriminate against those who CHOOSE to not get an experimental vaccine or an invasive PCR Test.
    As for body sovereignty when it comes to abortion. Don’t let someone be invasive with your body at the beginning. In other words pregnancy is not a disease it is a choice. Choose to honor your body and there will not be unintended pregnancy.
    Abortion is murder plain and simple. And there will come a day of reckoning for those who participated in and encouraged the killing of innocent human life.

  2. “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”
    Jeremiah 1:5 (KJV)

    Yahweh(God) knew all of us before he formed us in our mother’s bellies. These demon possessed people who promote and crave child sacrifice will stand in front of Yahweh to answer for their bloodlust. The babies that were murdered as a sacrifice to satan will live with Jesus Christ for eternity.

  3. They will ALL stand before God – Even Gov who will have to answer for every murdered baby which I have told here many times. She is a soldier of Satan…. and they sell the live body parts … God is Not mocked.

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