Pro-abortion Dems planning showdown at pro-life Edgewood meeting

The Town of Edgewood is expected Tuesday to pass a pro-life ordinance mandating compliance with the federal Comstock Act, which prohibits the illicit transport of “abortion pills” or “abortion-related paraphernalia.” The town Commission is meeting at 5:00 p.m. to discuss and vote on it appearing on the ballot.

However, the pro-abortion side of the aisle is rearing its ugly head, looking to stir the pot in the pro-life community.

Fringe legislators, such as state Rep. Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe), says she will be in attendance, declaring on Twitter, “I’ll see y’all in Edgewood, NM tomorrow. We will not stand down,” adding, “I will be standing in strong opposition to this proposal and will be standing firmly for the laws we passed to ensure that EVERYONE in New Mexico has access to safe and legal reproductive healthcare!” 

However, chemical abortions, which Romero calls “reproductive healthcare,” are extremely dangerous, according to scientific studies. 

A 2021 scientific study found from FDA data between 2000 and 2019 that there were many deaths and adverse medical events directly linked to the use of mifepristone. The researchers found in their research that “[s]ignificant morbidity and mortality have occurred following the use of mifepristone as an abortifacient.”

Romero voted for all the pro-abortion bills that passed during the 2023 Legislative Session, including H.B. 7, which forces public bodies, including schools to facilitate abortions while attempting to ban localities from passing life-affirming laws. 

The Piñon Post has learned that Galisteo-area state Rep. Matthew McQueen (D-Santa Fe) is also planning on attending. McQueen, like Romero, supports abortion up to birth.

The town meeting will be held at the Townhall of Edgewood Commission Chambers at 171A, State Rd. 344. A Zoom link to join is here. Find the agenda for the meeting here.


6 thoughts on “Pro-abortion Dems planning showdown at pro-life Edgewood meeting”

  1. “to safe and legal reproductive healthcare!” should it not say “to the unsafe practice of murdering to the unborn”. I only hope law enforcement is there to take out the “pro-murder protesters”

  2. I totally agree. Abortion = Murder. It does not have anything to do with “Reproductive” healthcare. Screw their word salads! Republicans need to ground this point into the ground.

  3. Jennifer Collins

    The only time these idiots want to come to our town is support abortion, not anything else. They can just stay away.

  4. Their parents should have aborted them. This trick actually contacted me via mail. She so desperate to push her legalization of child murder that she’ll contact anyone including a devout Catholic and Republican. Shows you how her and her cohorts are trying to force abortion down peoples throat no matter what people think.

  5. Nancy Tannenbaum

    The consciences of these people are so deadened that they have no comprehension of what it is they demand and defend – the ‘right’ to no-limits abortion and infanticide of CHILDREN. One does not have to be a follower of Christ to recognize the depravity. People like this revise definitions to support their narratives, including their claims that an unborn CHILD is not “human” which is unbelievably ridiculous as the DNA of an unborn CHILD is HUMAN. The lengths these people will go to are absurdly evil. Eventually they will be unable to rationalize what they do as they, like all of us, will face judgment and a final reckoning of what we did during our lives on this earth.

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