President Trump says New Mexico is ‘a state I think we can win’

On Thursday morning, President Trump joined Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo for his first interview since he contracted COVID-19. 

During the interview, the President touched on many topics, but one, in particular, was securing the 2020 election and making sure that Americans can make their votes count despite the fraud that has already occurred running up to the November 3rd election.

During the interview, President Trump reiterated that he intends on winning the Land of Enchantment and that he has the “U.S. Marshal and the U.S. Attorney watching” the election play out. 

“We have law enforcement watching him very strong. The U.S. Attorney is watching [the Governor of Nevada], very strongly. The U.S. Marshal is watching. In New Mexico, a state I think we can win, we have the U.S. Marshal and the U.S. Attorney watching him. So, it’s not, it’s not easy for them because we have people watching. Nobody ever had. It’s a corrupt system because they are sending out millions of ballots,” said the President. 

The New Mexico Democrat Party has already signified they intend on doing ballot harvesting, specifically targeting senior citizens. 

One of the Democrat Party’s caucus chairs, Pamelya Herndon, revealed on a fundraising call for U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Ben Ray Luján and congressional candidate Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, that the Democrat Party is actively organizing members to visit elderly family members and drop off their ballots at polling locations. She said that the law allows people to deliver “at least one absentee ballot to a polling location” from a person who is not themselves.

She said, “Go by and talk to your senior citizens. See if those ballots have been put in the mail, and if not, pick it up and take it to a polling location… you can take at least one absentee ballot for a member of your family to a polling location. We want every ballot counted, Congressman [Ben Ray Luján] because we want to see that you and Xochitl Torres Small and everybody on that ballot for the Democratic Party gets elected.

According to state law the practice of picking up and delivering absentee ballots is as follows:

A voter, caregiver to that voter or member of that voter’s immediate family may deliver that voter’s absentee ballot to the county clerk in person or by mail, provided that the voter has subscribed the outer envelope of the absentee ballot.


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  1. I am feeling fairly confident that President Trump is going to win NM. Registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans almost 2-1, but I think many Democrats are going to go for Trump over Biden. Other Democrats may choose to vote for a third-party candidate or just skip voting for any presidential nominee.

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