Poll that interviewed 536 people says most ABQ voters back authoritarian ‘vaccine’ mandates

According to an Albuquerque Journal poll done by pollster Brian Sanderoff, most Albuquerque voters support authoritarian“vaccine” mandates. “Do you support or oppose a mandate that requires employees to be vaccinated for COVID-19 or be tested weekly if not vaccinated?” the poll asked.

“Overall, 63% of voters surveyed said they support COVID-19 vaccine mandates, while 32% expressed opposition. The remaining respondents were unsure or had mixed feelings,” the Journal writes. The “unsure” category was about 1%, while those that answered “it depends” made up 4%. 

“By party affiliation, 85% of registered Democrats said they supported requiring employees to be vaccinated, while just 10% said they were opposed. In contrast, 29% of registered Republican voters said they supported the vaccine requirements and 69% expressed opposition,” the report noted.

In another question, the poll asked on a five-point scale how safe Albuquerque voters felt doing activities. Over 60% responded they felt very safe or safe going to large outdoor events, 61% said they feel very safe or safe dining at indoor restaurants, with 45% saying they felt very safe or safe at indoor entertainment venues, with 21% saying it felt moderate, and 32% saying it felt unsafe or very unsafe.

The poll, which was conducted from October 15 through the 21st “is based on a scientific, citywide sample of 536 likely regular local election voters, including those who voted in the 2017 and/or 2019 local elections, and a small sample of newly registered voters likely to vote in 2021.”

The poll comes out ahead of the Nov. 2 election, where the control of the Albuquerque City Council and mayorship will be in the hands of voters. Incumbent Mayor Tim Keller is a proponent of extreme mask and vaccine mandates, while both of his challengers are not. 


8 thoughts on “Poll that interviewed 536 people says most ABQ voters back authoritarian ‘vaccine’ mandates”

  1. One big problem about this is Wuhan Lujan and Herr Reich Ministry of Health covers up everything that goes against her agenda.
    Everything from the safer treatments such as Ivermectin and chloroquine..
    to how bad wearing masks are especially in children ..to all the facts known about the vaccines that we are discovering every week… to how much better the immune system is than any of genetic therapy shots.. hey want to keep the uninformed on informed.
    She knows that if any of the facts come out and people have the ability to get both sides she realize that the majority of us would say I don’t want the vaccine mandates

  2. People are generally too ignorant and lazy to learn basic biology, history or read the constitution. They instead “listen and believe ” what ever the media, politicians and people of “power ” say or convince (cultural Marxism) to do. In the end you get your DESERVED rewards.

  3. Let me guess, all have urinal(journal) subscriptions? All mind controlled dumb-asssed democrats? They’ll take every injection mandated by their leaders til their deaths..,

  4. Media polls mean nothing as they are all about propaganda and the communist party line. We’ve seen over the years how their “polling “ takes shape . They only poll people likely to confirm their bias, then only report the outcome they want. It’s all media propaganda to convince people smart enough to avoid their intended goals to “come on board and be part of the majority “.

  5. Highly disturbing that so many think they have the right to force medical decision on others. It is time we admit this vax does not work. All fully vax people are getting coivd. Where is the science to say it is milder with the vax? How do you even track that? The ruse is up and time we admit it. Lord only knows what the long term effects will be. Every “booster” you add to your body is another phase of the experiment.

  6. Fake News…. Fake Vaccine … Vaccines are supposed to protect you from a disease and the transmission of a disease ….. These jabs do neither. Keiller is all about communism and a baby killer

  7. NM is a bottom of the barrel loser place loaded with legions of dimwits too STUPID to do anything except vote over and over for the same criminals who have destroyed this place for decades. Disgusting.

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