Piñon Post holding one-on-one interviews with candidates for governor

Over the next couple of weeks, the Piñon Post will be posting exclusive one-on-one interviews with all the New Mexico gubernatorial candidates who have responded to requests. 

In these interviews, Piñon Post editor and founder John Block will ask a multitude of questions about these candidates’ experience, what they would do as governor, and why they are cut out for the job.

Interview requests have been extended to all seven Republican gubernatorial candidates on the Republican side, which have all been accepted. Incumbent Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham was afforded the opportunity for an interview. As of Sunday, August 29, Lujan Grisham’s office has not responded or accepted the invitation. 

In fairness to all the candidates for governor, their interviews will be no longer than 40 minutes each and will include questions related to their experience, as well as some questions asked to all of them. The interviews will be posted in alphabetical order by their last name, to attempt the highest level of fairness to all and no appearance of favoritism to any such candidate. They will appear in this order: Karen Bedonie, Jay Block, Rebecca Dow, Ethel Maharg, Louie Sanchez, Tim Walsh, and Greg Zanetti. 

“I look forward to New Mexicans being able to hear directly from the candidates for governor, without the filter of the mainstream media spin,” said Block. “These interviews will give each candidate ample time and an equal platform for them to lay out their platforms and ideas while giving the public a resource to make up their own minds about the candidates.” 

“If Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is serious about keeping her seat in 2022, she will join all seven Republican candidates and accept the Piñon Post’s invitation for a meaningful interview.” 

The Piñon Post has made it a policy of not endorsing candidates.


2 thoughts on “Piñon Post holding one-on-one interviews with candidates for governor”

  1. Happy to hear from these candidates. However, we all know MLG and the other democraps will steal the election. There have been different petitions trying to get rid of our horrific govenor and nothing has been done. The worthless republican leaders of New Mexico where are they? Sorry we are screwed, end of story.

  2. I do hope you also interview Eddy Aragon…who is the only Republican running for mayor in Alb….he will undo the wuhan lujan tyrannical policies which could be the start of something good…

    And please keep his name out there..

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