Piñon Post demands Dems speak out amid MLG groping scandal or they are complicit

On Monday, Piñon Post editor John Block sent a letter to high-ranking New Mexico Democratic Party officials and lawmakers demanding accountability for Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s alleged groping of multiple men, including that of James Hallinan, which resulted in her paying him $150,000 in hush money.

The Piñon Post is calling for high-ranking officials, including legislative, congressional, statewide, and Democratic Party of New Mexico leaders, to denounce Lujan Grisham or else they are complicit in perpetuating sexual violence.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo faced bipartisan pushback against his alleged sexual abuse, of which he never paid off his accusers like Lujan Grisham. But Lujan Grisham said regarding Cuomo in March 2021, “I’m, frankly, in that group of elected leaders, that you believe the individual, you give real credit and credibility there, if you don’t, we are revictimizing brave men and women who come forward.” 

The Piñon Post is demanding Lujan Grisham live by her own standard and not revictimize these men who have accused her by remaining in office to perpetuate more violence upon the people of New Mexico.

“New Mexico Democrats must hold Michelle Lujan Grisham accountable or else they, too are complicit in covering up sexual assault victims’ voices,” said Block.

“There is absolutely no excuse — not one — to justify the governor’s depraved behavior and her subsequent gagging of accusers with hush-money payments from her campaign account. New Mexico Democrats must bravely stand up against Michelle Lujan Grisham and call for her immediate resignation,” he added. “The time for action is now.” 

Read the letter sent to the lawmakers here. 


7 thoughts on “Piñon Post demands Dems speak out amid MLG groping scandal or they are complicit”

  1. MLG Cuomo in female form

    MLG will continue to get away with this. She is a disgusting feminist. Feminism gave women permission to do all the things they hated and fought against. She is evil and Democraps are socialist scum.

  2. Wonderful action John! Thank you and let’s pray she takes off with all the other
    corrupted compromised flying monkeys in the land of disenchantment.

  3. The abortionist communist governor with dominion voting machines and now more drugs and illegals will be pouring into the state. She has ruined our beautiful state –

  4. Thank you John, but I seriously doubt if top Demo leaders in our state will dare call her out for her sexual deviations.

    I think the only way to rid ourselves of MLG is to pick a good Republican challenger for the 2022 gubernatorial campaign. I believe either Jay Block or Rebecca Dow would make great nominees and formidable opponents against her .

    It’s time to Ditch the Witch!

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