Far-left ‘social justice’ group at UNM disbanding

On Monday, it was reported by the University of New Mexico’s (UNM) student-run far-left paper that the “social justice” group, “Fight For Our Lives” at UNM, was shutting down, effective on October 2.

According to the report, “FFOL was focused on advocating for gun violence prevention in 2018, seeking climate crisis action in 2019 and creating ABQ Mutual Aid in 2020, according to FFOL co-founder Jonathon Juarez-Alonzo. He said on social media that the decision to dissolve the organization was a tough one and that ‘all good things must come to an end.’” 

Apparently, the group was formed as an offshoot of the fringe David Hogg group “March For Our Lives” to push for anti-gun legislation that would disarm the American public in 2018.

“There’s no one reason why we’re dissolving,” Juarez-Alonzo claimed. “It’s really (that) everyone has their own life situations that are keeping them from their commitments to the work.” 

Former vice-president of the group, Emil Phan, said FFOL served as a vessel for community outreach and positive change, and “opened the doors for endless possibilities,” even with its dissolution.  

The report notes that Juarez-Alonzo “said they worked to develop ABQ Mutual Aid in 2020, which is a collective of organizers that seeks to fulfill basic human needs during the pandemic, such as distributing hygiene products and groceries. Juarez-Alonzo said ABQ Mutual Aid, while a separate entity from FFOL, holds many of the same values and missions and is an ongoing effort that has served over 60,000 community members. ABQ Mutual Aid, like FFOL, is fiscally sponsored by the Southwest Organizing Project.”

“Mutual Aid” is a framework of anarchical communism that presents a scientific basis for communism as an alternative to the “historical materialism” of the Marxists. It is an offshoot of social Darwinism. 

The dissolution of the fringe group is just the latest far-left organization disbanding amid internal turmoil. Other national Marxist groups, such as Black Lives Matter, have had similar issues, with infighting and extremism pushing them to the breaking points. 


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