NM State Police union leader rips Dems to shreds over anti-law enforcement bills

On Monday, New Mexico State Police Association leader Sgt. Jose Carrasco raked Democrats in the New Mexico Legislature over the coals for targeting law enforcement with their radical legislation that would give police fewer options in keeping New Mexicans safe.

Carrasco pointed out three pieces of legislation Democrats were trying to ram through, starting with S.B. 227, sponsored by far-left Sen. Linda Lopez (D-Bernalillo). The bill, which is erroneously called the “inspection of police misconduct investigation,” actually takes tools away from law enforcement to keep communities safe.

“It’s taking the tools away from us, our less-lethal option tools, to be able to effect an arrest peacefully and without having to use any deadly force,” he said. “However, Lopez is taking that ability away from us.”

The bill would eliminate police officers’ ability to use force unless they first tried “all possible de-escalation” efforts. It bans rubber bullets, chokeholds and bans law enforcers from using canines. 

“We can’t even use a canine anymore, like at all. They’ve taken all the tools that we use to go in there and hopefully take the people or person into custody without having to use lethal force. You’re taking that away from us. I hope, I hope and I pray, that I can at least have a fighting chance and have my ballistic vest on when I go into the residence. I hope that we can still do that.”

Sgt. Carrasco blasted Democrats for sponsoring the bill, adding, “it’s going to be the criminals using deadly force on the officers that are trying to enforce your laws that you wrote.”

Another bill Sgt. Carrasco noted was H.B. 4, which prohibits “qualified immunity.” 

“There are bad senators, bad representatives, bad doctors, bad priests, bad nurses. There’s bad in every single profession. But yet, we’re the ones that get picked on nonstop,” Sgt. Carrasco said. He told lawmakers, “We’ve never said we’re perfect–we’re human. But I guarantee you… I don’t know if you’ve seen the studies or not, but 99 percent of the officers do a great job.”

He then called out radical far-left House Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) for talking about slain Police Officer Darian Jarrott in Deming after a press conference.

Sgt. Carrasco said to Egolf, “One thing that I wanted to tell you, Mr. Egolf, and I wish I could tell you face to face, is that my brothers and sisters do not appreciate you making a comment about our brother at all.” 

“It wasn’t even heartfelt. We would just wish that you … just didn’t say anything about our fallen brother because he’s one of the ones that you’re trying to take rights away from, too.”

Another bill Sgt. Carrasco mentioned  was H.B. 140, a horrifying Democrat-sponsored bill that would eliminate minimum sentences for child rapists and sexual predators. Egolf defended the detestable bill, saying it would merely “restore discretion to judges.” But Sgt. Carrasco didn’t let Egolf get away that easy.

“So somebody that commits a rape on a child, they want to remove the minimum sentence, and there’s other heinous crimes in there.”

Sgt. Carrasco added, “When you have senators and representatives personally attacking law enforcement, creating laws that basically tie our hands so we can’t enforce the laws, we can’t protect ourselves, we can’t protect the citizens, something finally has to be said.” 

Watch Sgt. Jose Carrasco’s full video here:

3 thoughts on “NM State Police union leader rips Dems to shreds over anti-law enforcement bills”

  1. How many have gone on a ride along, been robbed, beaten, threatened…….
    Cowards making decisions. This administration is the absolute worst in my lifetime.

  2. I called Linda’s office the person who answered the phone started laughing when I informed her this is not a joke. Who are these people?

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