PED adopts MLG’s racist CRT standards, demands schools follow or be ‘held accountable’

On Monday, it was reported that Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) has adopted its racist new Critical Race Theory (CRT) social studies standards, which include anti-Hispanic hate, the “LGBTQI+” agenda, among other radical agendas. 

The Governor’s newly appointed PED Secretary Kurt Steinhaus said the school districts must adopt the divisive social studies measures.

“The curriculum that’s being implemented in a school district is a reflection of the standards and the beliefs of that community, as communicated from the school board,” Steinhaus said, according to the Las Cruces Sun-News.

The Sun-News writes, “Steinhaus said that the PED will be looking at each district’s educational plans to ensure they intend to follow the new curriculum, and the PED will be checking in to make sure each district is held accountable to those plans.”

Under the new instructions, everything in the classroom will be mandated to follow the PED’s guidelines, which could include textbooks, “videos, movies, websites, apps and other educational sources. All will be under review in the coming months,” the Sun-News added, including:

Each school district and state charter is required to submit an educational plan and budget to the PED annually, which is then approved or returned with questions. Although the districts may not have to choose from the selected list of materials, the materials must have culturally relevant materials and align with the Martinez-Yazzie lawsuit from 2018 that found a disparity in education,  including children of color, Native Americans, English-language learners and students with disabilities.

Districts are “are obligated to report to us actually how they use their instructional materials funding,” Deputy Secretary Gwen Perea Warniment said. “That is in state statute, so we do collect that information. And in fact, we look for cultural relevance in their instructional materials that has also been updated. So in terms of the lawsuit, instructional materials and access to instructional materials is something that we do take very seriously.”

With no wiggle room for school districts to adopt standards that do not include Critical Race Theory, anti-police, and anti-Hispanic hate, it is unclear what the school boards will do. If school boards bind together and all buck the PED’s standards in unison, Lujan Grisham’s PED — if she is still in charge by the time of implementation — will have a better shot of not being replaced by the PED.

Previously, the Floyd school board did not follow Lujan Grisham’s edict mandating the masking of children at school, which resulted in the Governor forcibly removing the duly elected officials and installing state rule in the District. Such overreaching measures can be avoided if as many New Mexico school boards as possible form a pact against the tyrannical mandates.

During the comment period on the changes, over 3,000 pages of comments, most opposing, were submitted to the Public Education Department. Hundreds of New Mexicans, including Piñon Post editor John Block, testified against the racist social studies updates.


21 thoughts on “PED adopts MLG’s racist CRT standards, demands schools follow or be ‘held accountable’”

  1. This situation is very similar to the recent redistricting (gerrymandering) that occurred in New Mexico. Regardless of the volume of public comment being opposed to the gerrymandering plan, it was going to be implemented in line with the wishes of radical, progressive Brian Egolf. Egolf had promised to do this in 2020 and there was no way that he would be denied his goals.

    1. Remember (the governor) who created the PED! NM was doing just fine without it and under local school boards. Once you give them the power and authority, you NEVER get it back!

  2. It’s time New Mexican’s take ACTION Against these SOCIALIST’S and THEIR Unconstitutional Agenda! Vote them OUT of Office. How Michelle Lujan Grisham is still in OFFICE after GROPING an EMPLOYEE? She should be FORCED OUT by BOTH PARTY’S in Santa Fe.

    1. We’re well past “voting them out.” These government workers remind me of the Communist. They have adopted an “us vs the people” mentality because they are bribed with their paychecks. Not to mention the voting system in New Mexico uses DOMINION ELECTION FRAUD MACHINES.

      If you think you can vote your way out of this with machines programmed to commit fraud, you might as well go to the Casino to win a million dollars.

      1. Amen Sister/Brother; File a complaint with the Sheriff and he has the Authority to remove corrupt public officials from office, TODAY. Anything that is unconstitutional and that would pose a threat to our liberties is sedition and insurrection and that is CRIMINAL when it is perpetrated by a public official or government entity.

  3. “Such overreaching measures can be avoided if as many New Mexico school boards as possible form a pact against the tyrannical mandates.”

    I would love to see this happen, but I seriously doubt if local school boards will stand together against the Witch and her Marxist PED.

  4. Who gave Secretary Kurt Steinhaus the power to control what goes in a Childs mind?

    I think it is time for all the PASTORS in New Mexico to take to the streets and appose the devilish propaganda along with the parents.

    1. Charlene, you gave them permission by signing over your children to them to raise.
      sad but true. It is called implied consent. look it up, they have already used this to defend their heinous activities.

      no one should send their children to these indoctrination camps which have created more useful idiots than have ever existed in the history of the world.

  5. MLG is a Racist, she hates NM

    MLG is a devil. Her last name is Lujan. Why is she teaching Hispanic hate when she is one? This witch needs to be thrown out of office. But as I’ve said before New Mexicans will blindly vote her back in, because they don’t pay attention. They vote their party line even when the candidate is evil and corrupt. Our state is in democrap h@ll.

  6. Has anyone reached out to Christopher Rufo and reported this to his org? I think we need to network nationally with others opposing CRT. There is broad parental and citizen opposition to CRT in schools as legislation across the country now shows.

  7. i am so glad i do not have kids in school anymore. i would be fighting tooth and nail against this crap. she needs to be gone asap ,but nobody has the balls to go against her.

  8. Whether you have kids in school or not, this is a fight for all New Mexicans to be involved in. PED needs to be gone and the districts need to take back their schools. School boards across the state need to come together in support of killing this idea. Floyd Schools tried to go against the state on the mask mandate and were hung out there to fight the battle by themselves. Numbers are extremely forceful when all come together for a common mission.

  9. “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” – Mark Twain –

    Until and unless this miserable sub-human tramp and the rest of her ilk are removed, nothing will change.

  10. The fastest way to end this is to remove your child from this public education system. Once enough children are not going to the school, their funding gets cut and guess what? You made a stance and you will have a say in what happens next. Believe it or not, if you work together, you can accomplish great feats.

  11. The educational system should focus on getting students to reading, writing and arithmetic. NM is dead last in every good category and these idiot communists continue with their destructive party line . As for why they hate the people they rule just research Lenin , mao or Fidel Castro to get a glimpse.

  12. There are lawsuits in Virginia by parents/students against the indoctriation of CRT. Our state needs to follow that example with multiple lawsuits.
    Was really proud of Floyd Schools; hope they can sue again.

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