Steve Pearce re-elected as New Mexico GOP Chairman

On Monday evening, the Republican Party of New Mexico held their State Central Committee meeting where they voted on the self-nominated candidates for party chair, vice-chair, second vice-chair, treasurer, secretary, and vice chairs for all three congressional districts.

Chairman Pearce, a longtime U.S. congressman, state legislator, faced his first re-election challenge for the chair position, with three candidates vying for the role.

As a seven-term congressman, he has an impressive record of achievement, with 87 bills he had sponsored and cosponsored became law. Pearce has also been a fearless advocate for the Oil & Gas industry, which holds up our economy, and the right to life. 

However, Pearce came out victorious winning the vote, beating his nearest competitor, by 76-47. Robert J. Aragon was elected as 1st Vice-Chair, Robert (Bob) Taylor Graham was elected as 2nd Vice-Chair, Ali Ennenga was elected as CD1 Vice-Chair, Amy Barela was elected as CD2 Vice-Chair, Anita Statman was elected as CD-3 Vice-Chair, Mari Trujillo Spinelli was elected as Secretary, and Leonard-David Chavez was elected as Treasurer. Each position is a two-year term.

Pearce looks to continue building the Republican Party in the state and growing the party’s base. Under his chairmanship, the Republican Party raised $6 million — a figure never seen since 2000 — and 30,000 new registered Republican voters. He also recruited 101 candidates to run for office in 2020, the greatest Republican spread in years. 

Despite some nasty campaigners looking to tear down Pearce, claiming he has been ineffective, his numbers appear to speak for themselves, with no huge losses in the Legislature, reclaiming Congressional District Two, his former seat, and making millions of voter contacts. 

Pearce has proven he can raise money, organize massive field campaigns across the state, and recruit a robust set of candidates to run. He has continued to be resolute in his support for Presodent Trump and his America First policies, and securing the vote. 

The Piñon Post previously interviewed Pearce before the race. Check out our interview below: 

3 thoughts on “Steve Pearce re-elected as New Mexico GOP Chairman”

  1. Why do we expect failed candidates will win if they run again?
    Stop recycling the same people and put more energy in delivering fresh enthusiastic world changers. They are out there in our own backyards.
    Support local talent.

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