NM’s anti-gun AG Torrez declares war on ammo

In another extremist move, a coalition of Democrat attorneys general, including New Mexico’s Raúl Torrez, have issued a letter to the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, calling for an investigation into the sale of military-grade ammunition to civilians. 

The anti-ammo letter, signed by attorneys general from 20 states, including New York, California, and New Mexico, specifically addresses the manufacture and sale of “military-grade ammunition” at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. They want to ban it from civilian use. The group, led by New York Attorney General Letitia James, contends that the availability of such “high-powered” ammunition in civilian markets has contributed to the escalating severity of mass shootings across the country.

However, this initiative has faced staunch opposition from gun rights supporters, arguing that a focus on banning specific types of ammunition is a misguided approach that infringes upon the rights of law-abiding citizens. The Second Amendment clearly protects the right to bear arms, which implicitly includes access to various types of ammunition for such arms.

Raúl Torrez, in particular, has come under fire from pro-gun groups in his home state of New Mexico. These groups argue that his support for the letter contradicts the values of many New Mexicans who cherish their gun rights. They contend that the move is not only an overreach of government authority but also an ineffective solution to the issue of gun violence.

In contrast, gun rights advocates maintain that the focus should be on addressing the root causes of gun violence, such as mental health issues and societal factors, rather than imposing further restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. They argue that such measures only serve to penalize responsible gun owners while doing little to prevent criminals from obtaining firearms and ammunition illegally.

The debate is also colored by concerns about the role of government in regulating firearms. Critics of the initiative view it as a slippery slope that could lead to more extensive gun control measures. They fear that conceding ground on ammunition could pave the way for more restrictive laws that erode the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

The issue is further complicated by the involvement of federal funds in the production of this ammunition. The letter from the attorneys general points out that taxpayer dollars are being used to subsidize the production of ammunition that is ultimately sold in civilian markets, raising questions about the appropriate use of public funds.


23 thoughts on “NM’s anti-gun AG Torrez declares war on ammo”

    1. That law rule or regulation is already written. It is not enforced. If it were enforced , it would permit unannounced searches and seizures of every mental nutcase living in America and that isn’t gonna happening either.
      Upon purchase or an attempted purchase: immediate arrest. Throw them in a mental nut house for life… meaning until they are dead…dead…dead… then they will never be a threat…threat… threat… but that isn’t going to happen either… they are, someone’s son or daughter and the bleeding heart liberals will demand… demand… demand… their unconditional release… release… release… To offend… offend… offend … again and again and again.

      Just sayin’.

      1. Not sure we want unannounced raids on folks the state thinks is a nut job. I believe the Gov her staff and anyone that voted for them should be considered a nut job. I say follow the constitution. If they do not like it change it. Also ensure when you run for office you tell the people what type of idiot you really are.

        1. Slow down. Re-read it again…this time use the right side of your brain.

          “Upon purchase or an attempted purchase: immediate arrest.”

          Did the right side of your brain work that time?

          You shouldn’t need a search warrant when the nutcase gave you the reason to be searching. Its called “knock and talk”.

          Time is a critical factor for nutcases since they can fly off the wall in a nano second.

          …and then there was this…

          “…If it were enforced , it would permit unannounced searches and seizures of every mental nutcase living in America and that isn’t gonna happening either.”

          1. …and in every nutcase that went off in recent recorded history…nutcases going on a rampage killing spree always had more than one firearm, and more than one bullet.

            Unannounced searches means putting some advantage on the side of who is knocking on the other side of the nutcases door, since they know they either tried to purchase a firearm or have obtained one.

    1. I’m would be curious on what you would do to curtail nutcases from obtaining firearms… Seems from your post answer it would be… “Nothing”.

      I wish to extend my sincere Congratulations on communicating a resolution to prevent nut cases form obtaining firearms in modern day America.

      Oh PS…
      If you have a resolution or any idea to stop nutcases from obtaining firearms feel free to let the website know.

  1. WHEN THIS STATE AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT can prove to me that they can eliminate CRIMINALS from ever possessing firearms/weapons, I’ll give up my cast iron skillet (already given up my baseball bat).

  2. Oh those clever commies! Knowing well that the US constitution is clear and the NM State constitution is clearer yet on the RIGHT of citizens to possess firearms they look for “loopholes like the weasels they are. There is no doubt that when the government hates and mistrusts its law abiding citizens as much as this government has shown, they have ulterior motives for your disarmament. Think Russia 1917, Cuba 1959. The parallels are strikingly similar eh comrade Torres!!

  3. Great job on that photo Pinon! LOL

    It is a great depiction of the “hat dance” that MLG and Torres are doing in New Mexico. Whoever does not vote conservative in the next elections is just a responsible for the loss of Constitutional Rights as the politicos are!

  4. Once again the piglet and her henchman are trying to push her agenda of the peasants not having any rights. The focus should be on addressing the root causes of gun violence, such as mental health issues and societal factors! That hospital in Las Vegas should be busy!
    The day Moochie Loserjan Gruesome is arrested and escorted out of the roundhouse there will be dancing in the streets!

  5. It not a gun problem it is a people problem.
    When you country endorse abortion the people become dis respectfulness to the lives of others.
    When you have a media/internet that promote violence and death you have people believing it is OK to kill others.
    When you have people who have no spiritual/religious training you have people that have no moral grounding.
    The Lords Fifth Commandment is ” Thou shall not kill.”
    You add this all up and you have a people problem not a gun problem

  6. As a 20 year USAF Munition Systems Specialist, I can clearly state the term “Military Grade” is BS. Military ammunition is governed by the Geneva Convention which requires that it be ball jacketed projectiles. In short this makes a small hole in the front and a small hole in the back. It is seen as the most humane ammunition. So this is nothing but misinformation and manipulation on the part of public servants, haven’t we had enough of that!

    1. Yes. Military grade ammunition is not readily available to John Q. Public. It just makes a great soundbite for the low IQ low info…people. Wait until they find out that the scary “military-grade ammunition” would probably break a civilian rifle.

  7. These people are totally ignorant. Lake City Arsenal is a government owned facility run by contractors who come in at the lowest bid. Federal ammunition ran it for years up until this past year when they gave up the contract. Now Winchester has the contract. The amount of ammunition that goes into the civilian market is probably less than 5% of production. It is no more “high powered” than any other ammunition. It all has to be loaded to SAAMI specs. so their argument is all bogus. Just more BS put out by stupid people. People should question why most of this ammunition went to Ukraine instead of to our own military.

  8. Leaders lead the way!

    Since Her Thighness, queen mlg THINKS she’s a leader she needs to prove that she believes the leftist disarmament BullSchiff she spews.
    She should order her hired guns to throw their guns away, or lock them
    in a safe space – separate from the ammunition.

  9. Military grade ammo is cheap and reliable, but still mediocre. Banning military grade ammo still leaves plenty of other options, such as Hornady Superformance Match. I don’t agree with banning military grade ammo, BUT… not exactly hurting my feelings or reducing the capabilities of America’s various firearms by leaving us to choose between higher quality, more accurate ammo…

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