Dem NM House Speaker Martínez previews goals for upcoming session

In a revealing interview with the New Mexico Democrat Party’s Chair Jessica Velasquez for the Democrats’ “Blue Opiñon” newsletter, Speaker Javier Martínez shared his vision and expectations for the upcoming legislative session, along with his commentary on his party. The interview, available for viewing at this link, offered a glimpse into the priorities and challenges as seen by the Speaker.

Speaker Martínez proudly highlighted the supposed diversity of the NM Democrat Caucus leadership, claiming it to be “the most diverse in the country.” He noted the presence of many “young mothers” among the leadership.

Looking ahead under his leadership, Martínez emphasized his desire to maintain a “tone of civility” in the legislative process. He committed to avoid debating controversial bills in the early hours, stating, “We try our best not to debate controversial bills at three in the morning.” He says he expects the 2024 Legislative Session to be a “really productive session.”

As for the 2024 elections, Martínez confidently projected that the Democratic majority, currently holding 45 seats, is set to grow.

In terms of legislative priorities for the next session, Martínez outlined several key areas:

  • Education: He wants the creation of the “Tribal education trust fund” sponsored by state Rep. Derrick Lente (D-Sandia Pueblo)
  • Early Childhood Education: Martínez plans to build upon the existing fund, which is already spending billions on socialist taxpayer-funded “free” daycare.
  • “Climate Change”: He mentioned incentives for solar panels and electric vehicles, along with geothermal subsidies.
  • Public Safety: The Speaker stressed what he perceived to be the need for behavioral health funding to address “generations of divestment” and to “hold criminal actors accountable for their crimes.”
  • “Economic Diversification”: Martínez discussed expanding legal marijuana, opportunity investment funds, and addressing climate change.
  • “Gun Safety”: He expressed a firm stance to “tackle head-on” bills Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham wants to snatch New Mexicans’ rights. 

Martínez ended the interview by emphasizing wanting to keep New Mexico to be a “safe space” to be a “transgender person, a transgender child, as well as abortion.” He said, “We are a very Catholic state,” but “we are also a place where women can access reproductive health care [abortion up-to-birth] and transgender children can live to be themselves.”

This interview provides a clear roadmap of the legislative and social issues that Speaker Martínez and the NM Democrat Caucus plan to address in the coming legislative session, as well as some key topics he aims to prioritize. 


15 thoughts on “Dem NM House Speaker Martínez previews goals for upcoming session”

  1. Please, please Mr. Martinez….Abortion is not a health issue…it’s called murder of an innocent child who had no voice or choice to die a painful death. Do not, Mr. Martinez , bring any religion into your political satire. It only makes your presence more disturbing.

  2. Elections have consequences and when NMs vote in Marxist democrats when the majority of NMs are conservatives makes things even harder. I challenge all to not put labels on things and talk to folks on issues. Most NMs do not believe in the government raising their children, cutting off sex organs of our children, nor do they believe reproductive health means murdering babies in the womb. No labels just speak facts and. Maybe we can turn the tide of Marxist control of our government

    1. You should really look up the definition of Marxist before you start calling everyone you don’t agree with a Marxist. Personally if I were to respond and call you something it would be a Stalinist, but I know that’s not accurate and you’re just acting out of a complete ignorance of the words you’re using.

      1. Marxism (or it’s offshoots: Socialism; Communism; Fascism;) has the underlying premise of economic control. They do not believe in private property and to secure that they deny individual rights. You can dispute that the Democrats in this State are not “marxist” according to some definitions of the term. However, the goal of a Democrat government in any “blue” State is control of not only the economy but of all individual rights that do not with their political and societal endeavors. This, in general terms is Socialism. I.E.: Communism/Marxism. It is unconstitutional and violates the rules of our Republic.

    2. Most New Mexicans have no idea what’s going on. And the news media is helping the Marxist regime by only saying what they want said. Found this out while trying to get signatures for the Referendum petitions.

  3. It is unfortunate how poorly understood the issues of the day are by many of the posters here. Perhaps if they did a little work and rolled up their sleeves and stopped name calling they could participate effectively in the political process.

    1. As someone who just likes to troll conservatives, you do a pretty good job of showing ignorance. You have not made a substantive statement in all your complaining. You just believe like all socialist in control of the individual. Where I believe the only purpose of government is to protect our rights. Not “give us things”. We understand what you believe. You have not tolerance for ours. You are UnAmerican!

  4. It’s a Catholic state but you are a fake Catholic if you support the killing of unborn babies up to birth. Also in the Bible it’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. I really don’t care about all these genders and how they view themselves. Doesn’t bother me. I’m by far not perfect and I sin.I go to Church every Sunday for about 20yrs and go to Bible Study. It’s funny how all these Politicians think they are Catholic. Do they know the Confession of Sins or the Apostles Creed do they even attend Church.Apparently Biden is Catholic but supports killing babies.

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