NM Secretary of State claims rigging an election is ‘next to impossible’

On Thursday, New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver wrote on Twitter a strange statement defending her office’s work to ensure the integrity of election results. She claimed that it was “next to impossible” to “rig” an election and that there were multiple “safeguards” to endure elections were free and fair.

She wrote, “The layers of transparency, accountability & complexity involved in the election process make the act of “rigging” an election next to impossible. Every ballot in #NM is accounted for & every step of the process is layered w safeguards to ensure accuracy.” 

The photograph included in the tweet claims that each election has a county canvass, a canvas by the Secretary of State’s office, an independent post-election audit, and a review by the State Canvassing Board, which Toulouse Oliver notes include Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, the Democrat Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Michale E. Vigil, and the Canvassing Board. 

However, her office’s so-called “layers of transparency” don’t appear to add up, given that in 2018, there were thousands of irregularities in the Second Congressional District race when there was an independent audit done, which her state-run audit did not find. 

According to the report conducted after the election, “These anomalies are not simply organic. Reviewing the historical returns in the CD2 district, over the last five election cycles, the same degrees of variation between absentee votes and EV/ED votes do not exist in CD2 in any cycle to the degree found in the 2018 race.” 

Other major anomalies occurred, but the most malevolent of them is the 25% of absentee voters who requested ballots in Doña Ana County and never returned them — a number that rarely reaches 5%. According to the report:

“it is probably the strongest purely statistical red flag present in this whole election  — of the possibility that someone was submitting absentee ballot applications for Democrats. There is also a significantly high number of duplicate applications — where one voter supposedly submitted more than one absentee ballot application or submitted an absentee application after the absentee ballot had been received, or the voter had voted in person. In many of these cases the signature on the duplicate applications do not match each other.”

No information on these eye-opening irregularities came out in 2018 from the Secretary of State’s office, the state Canvassing Board, or any other supposed group that reviewed the election results, which was only found in an independent candidate-funded audit.

However, earlier in the day, the Secretary of State claimed that conspiracy theories” needed to be addressed, where she claimed Dominion Voting Systems do not glitch and that such assertions arecategorically false.” She also claimed any issues with Sharpie pens and voting are false.

The statements being made about Dominion Voting Systems are categorically false. No votes were changed or ‘glitched.’ There’s no secret CIA program for vote fraud. There are no issues with Sharpie pens being used to mark ballots,” she said.


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  2. As a CPA (outside of NM), I noted the claim of a “post-election independent audit” in the article. The NM secretary of state’s site uses this description of the “audit”: “2018 Post Election voting System Check Audit Results.” It is not an audit. The CPA’s report accurately calls the engagement an “Independent Accountant’s Report on Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures.”

    The CPA also says this: “We were not engaged to and did not conduct an examination or review, the objective of which would be an expression of an opinion or conclusion, respectively, on the accuracy of voting system machine tabulators used in the November 18, 2018 general election. Accordingly, we do not express such an opinion.”

    The procedures seem to mainly focus on the difference between hand counts (received from the counties) vs. tabulated count. . A real audit normally tests to see if internal controls are working. No procedures appear to have been done regarding the validity of the ballots or if any other rules were followed. Again, this is nowhere close to an independent audit of election results.

  3. When they looked back at CD2 and the previous 5 election cycles, did they do the same for CD1 and CD3? A comparison of across all districts might have been really interesting and telling about any irregularities in CD2 in 2018 that didn’t occur in the other districts.

  4. I call BULLSH**!!!!! She is ONLY a puppet being paid by the piglet in the roundhouse that has time and again shown her hatred of Trump and republicans. I tried to write and contact her — magically that part of her website was “down”. She can and should be relieved of her duties.

  5. Debra Rae Steinman

    This from the same former County Clerk who disenfranchised our soldiers whose absentee ballots she sent them After the deadline to send back for the election; while registering a DOG to vote.

    Maggie Toulouse Olliver is the QUEEN of Corruption, and Voter Fraud!!!

  6. Ted Cruz says New Mexico still ‘vigorously contested’ state in presidential election
    Maggie Oliver is under a spell……missing all the KRAKEN. New Mexico is one of the worst hacked status….we’ve been Dominion-ed for decades. People made a lot of $$$$ selling us out.
    Zorro Ranch = a child sex trafficking hub.

  7. Aren’t these the same “group “ of people who have spent 4 years crying about “hacked “ elections by the Russians now telling us it’s almost impossible to fix an election? I say baloney , NM elections have been corrupt for a long time. They have almost perfected the “art” of election fraud . Each Secretary of State seems to add a higher degree of corruption to the process that’s why we’re stuck with so many liberal communists in NM politics. And the results are very obvious ! A state dead last in progress!

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