NM man acquitted in Jan. 6 incursion trial

On Wednesday, a federal judge acquitted Matthew Martin, a contractor for Los Alamos National Labs, of his involvement in the U.S. Capitol incursion which resulted in misdemeanor four misdemeanor.

U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden acquitted on all four counts, saying Martin’s actions were “about as minimal and non-serious” as anyone who was at the Capitol that day.

McFadden described Martin’s testimony as “largely credible.” The Albuquerque Journal reported, “The judge said it was not unreasonable for him to believe that officers allowed him to enter the Capitol.”

“Defense attorney Dan Cron said Martin saw another person shake a police officer’s hand after entering the Capitol. Martin placed his hand on an officer’s shoulder ‘as a gesture of thanks and of good will,’ Cron said,” according to the Journal.

McFadden added that Martin appeared to be a “silent observer of the actions of others.”


3 thoughts on “NM man acquitted in Jan. 6 incursion trial”

    So… picture this . Black man attends a BLM demonstration. Violence breaks out.
    Black man finds himself in the middle of fray. What happens?
    1: Black man is cuffed and arrested?
    2: Black man is allowed to go home and await DOJ summons?
    3: Black man is acquitted by Judge appointed by Barak Obama?
    4: Black man is declared an affiliate of a Terrorist organization and sent to

    1. Are you aware of the 9 men in the (STACK) constantly referred to in photos by the media as terrorist etc. wearing body armor, and helmets with Oath keeper’s patches? Not one of them has ever been arrested??????? they were the first people through the door opened by a Capital police officer! THEY LED THE WAY! Now add Nacy Pelosi has evoked Sovereign immunity to every lawsuit requesting the 1000snds of videos taken that day by security cameras!

      I’ll tell you this, I suspect the true reason of refusing release of the videos is it will link the democrat party to a planned Reichstag event! Those 9 men will never be found because they were Agents ! Only tools think that was anything other. & lastly Unlike BLM/ ANTIFA terrorist actions only one person died from actions on that day ONE shot by a capital police officer! BLM?ANTIFA actions killed over 14 police, & 37 citizens billions in damages , so there IS NO COMPARISON at all

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