New study shows how NM ranks against all other states

WalletHub’s recent study has assessed the quality of life across various U.S. states, delving into metrics encompassing affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life, and safety. 

Analyzing 51 different factors such as housing affordability, unemployment rate, and high school graduation rate, the study aimed to unveil the best states to live in. Regrettably, New Mexico found itself at the bottom of the ranking, occupying the 51st spot with an average score of 39.86. 

Although the state’s economy secured a 25th place standing, and its quality of life achieved 31st place, the education and health sector and safety lagged behind, holding the 47th and 50th positions, respectively.

The study also scrutinized the percentage of poverty in each state, highlighting New Mexico’s unfortunate position at 48th place, preceded only by Louisiana (49th) and Mississippi (50th). 

An in-depth look at crime rates revealed that Louisiana had a slightly worse ranking than New Mexico, ranking 50th, while New Mexico was positioned at 49th. Moreover, New Mexico trailed behind at 46th place when considering the percentage of the population aged 25 and older with a high school diploma.

Conversely, according to the study’s findings, Montana and Vermont emerged as leaders in this category, with Massachusetts securing the top spot as the best state to reside in. 

Despite its 44th rank in affordability, Massachusetts excelled in other areas, boasting an 11th-place standing in the economy category and clinching the top ranks for education and health, quality of life, and safety.

The study’s comprehensive assessment underscores the diverse landscape of the U.S., revealing variations in key aspects of residents’ lives across states. While New Mexico faces challenges in education, health, safety, and poverty rates, the findings emphasize the need for strategic measures to uplift the state’s standing. 

Meanwhile, Massachusetts’ overall top-ranking status showcases the importance of a holistic approach to governance and policy-making to enhance its citizens’ well-being across multiple dimensions.


12 thoughts on “New study shows how NM ranks against all other states”

  1. Anyone wanna buy MLG sux bumber stickers? Ha! The New Mexico Governor is a lying, perverted fool who has not only enriched herself, but has driven the sword deeper into the the hearts of the future of this once beautiful state.
    Your Fellow Lizzard Constituent

  2. This is not only a reflection of the failures of the current governor but, it reflects on the Democratic leadership and majorities in both houses of the New Mexico Legislature and the absolute failure of liberal Democrat policies and throughout the state. When will the voters of this God forsaken state wake up and say enough is enough? The stupidity of the majority of this state’s population is readily apparent in such data as this. Ranking at the very bottom of every aspect of this survey leaves absolutely no excuse but, shows that there are literal morons elected to the majority of offices in this pitiful state.

  3. If they had a ratings system that measured freedom, regulations and taxes, Mass. would not be anywhere near the top. Just keep in mind, it is possibly more progressive than NM. I grew up in CT. I would never live in that part of the country again. The liberals have ruined a once patriotic and beautiful part of our country.

    1. We have no idea who is being voted for – there is no Election Integrity!!!

      Without Election Integrity, *no one* has a voice!!!

    1. Because Washington, D.C. is included. DC is kind of its own government. It doesn’t have a governor, but it does have a mayor. It has its own law enforcement, schools, etc. It also has one representative in the House of Reps, but he/she is not allowed to vote — just sits in on committees and tries to influence like any other elected legislator.

    2. That just goes to show how low NM has sunk under communism , lol 😂. Keep hoping they don’t start comparisons with other banana republics like Guatemala or Haiti , we wouldn’t fare much better.

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