NM Health Dept. school survey asks children disturbing sexual questions

An intake survey recently uncovered by the New Mexico House Republicans shows that Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) is using an intake survey with disturbing sexual questions at the state’s 80 school-based health centers.

There are two survey versions, one for children up to 11 and one for 11 and up.

“Young people like you can be seen for their sexual and mental health without permission from their parent or guardian,” the survey reads.

The one for the younger kids asks whether the student is “male, female, or transgender,” and the one for children 11 years and older asks if the child is “straight, gay/lesbian, or bisexual.”

Other questions from the 11 and up survey ask questions including relationship status, with the option for an “open relationship,” whether the child has had sex, including anal, vaginal, or oral, whether the child has ever “sexted,” whether the child has had sex with transgender men or transgender women, whether the child has had vaginal, oral, or anal sex [with definitions of what these terms mean], and whether the child’s sex partner has sex with both men and women.

Other disturbing questions include pronouns that include “They/Them/Their,” “Zi/Hir/Hirs,” and “No pronouns, just my name.”

The questionnaire also asks multiple questions about various illicit drugs and whether these drugs have been used before or after sexual intercourse. 

A letter obtained by the New Mexico House Republicans showing NMDOH’s communications director outlining the specifics of the survey reads, “The survey is administered on an iPad either the day of the SBHC visit or through a web link that is designed to only be valid 24-hours prior to a scheduled visit ensuring up-to-date data for clinical use.”

“The surveys are designed to assure patients feel safe and are easy to use. Patients can answer questions they feel comfortable with and skip those they do not want to answer. Questions are added as health risks are identified. They also have the choice not to respond to the questionnaire at all.” 

During the 2023 Legislative Session, fiery debate ensued over these school-based health centers pushing abortions and gender-affirming care on children, accusations that Democrats denied. These new revelations show merit in the concerns of conservative legislators.

The House Republicans have released a consent form for parents and guardians to mandate notification before their child accesses medical and behavioral health services or some instructional materials.


31 thoughts on “NM Health Dept. school survey asks children disturbing sexual questions”

  1. It’s easy to see why New Mexico is at the bottom of the list for education when so much their time is spent on social indoctrination instead of basic education.

    1. The sexual predator who happens to be the New Mexico Governor probably thought up those questions with made up words, hir?

      1. My children are grown but I have grandchildren and I am totally appalled upon learning of this porno questionnaire being given to children as young as 9 years old. I am also appalled that whomever decides to issue such garbage to young children and also eliminate parental permission. I guess the parents still have to give permission to let their child go on a field trip or ride the bus but parental consent needed to have their child subjected to sexual content, question their sexual identity and use such graphic language.

  2. Agree 💯 very few quality basic education opportunities for New Mexican’s and has only gotten worse over the past 50-60 years.


    Broken homes, absent fathers, sexual depravity in every aspect of entertainment and culture.. This is feminism in action and the children suffer for it.

    We need to address the problems with men and fathers before anything will change.

    1. We need to cut the welfare and stop providing incentives for immoral and licentious behavior. Do not feed the roaches and they will go away. Why are people ok with having their money stolen and given to depraved criminal and lazy individuals, who then breed and feed the prison police/nanny state complex?

  4. This Democrat Governor and her cohorts have shown their true colors. I believe that these questions to these kids are being channelized into a “filter” that may and can be used for alterior purposes such as pedophilia and illicit criminal activity. There needs to be accountability for these actions upon our young, and it starts with this illicit Governor at the Roundhouse.

    1. I agree and why these evil and ungodly people get elected is beyond my comprehension. The insanity needs to stop! We need to protect our children. Those questions are none of their business.

    1. Did you see the kob article today about rio rancho schools new security technology?
      Company backed by bill gates.
      The ceo looks like klaus shwab.
      It’s the same high radiation cancer causing body scanners.
      Multiple times daily naked body radiation scanners that cause cancer. Like in the airports, always opt out. Dont worry “ai” is involved to. Extra Radiation and prisoner training for red county children.

  5. The appropriation of our children by the state is a communist tactic that goes back to the “Bolshevik’ revolution” in Russia. If the satanic Marxist state can exert their diabolical influence on the children an entire generation can be lost to perversion and Marxism, which is the States goal. Forcing their insane beliefs on the public they negate any possible redemption by parental or church influence. Most churches failed the public long ago and now only concern themselves with their Tax exempt status and groveling to be politically correct, another communist term.

    1. You are EXACTLY right! Thank you for posting.
      Many do not realize the mess we’re experiencing in America is a LONG TERM PLAN of the marxists.
      They want to intentionally destroy the morals, traditions, and foundations of our country; only then will they be able to take over.
      WE must stand!!

    2. You are correct. This is nothing more than a Godless communist tactic to confuse the kids and shape their mind, normalizing this behavior, and grooming them for pedophilia. The UN is advocating for beastiality, this will be the next thing to be pushed and normalized in society. just as they normalized murdering your unborn child. Our state under Democrat leadership is in deep trouble. God will not be mocked! His wrath for our murdering/torture of innocent babies and defiling the innocence if children will not stand without major inequities of the land. You think we have a drought now??? Restore the wrongs against God and his children and be in his favor. To not act in the face of evil is in itself evil. God will not hold us unaccountable.

    3. Glad there are people here who recognize this. Public school itself is one plank of the communist manifesto. Our nation has ceased operation as a constititional republic a long time ago and not enough people care. Most of the people are compromised for they either work for the state or are on welfare. Yuri Bezmenov and Ayn Rand warned us a long time ago.

      1. Exactly! That is why MLG doesn’t see a problem at the border and welcomes illegals with open arms. Freebies = votes just like Biden forgiving college debt. Illicit gifts to get votes just anyway they can.

    4. Churches weren’t supposed to weigh in on political issues. Before. How can they reach out to all if they are viewed as having only one political persuasion? And then what happens if the “church” side is wrong? Do they then switch sides?

  6. Just when you thought the education in New mexico could go any lower they pull this woke nonsense. We need our state back and to purge these perverts out of the round house.

  7. Any parent or caregiver that permits this garbage is TRASH themselves. Allowing the corruption of children is evil personified. Escape the Marxist ‘Matrix’ and public school prisons! Your children are better off being homeschooled or finding an alternative educational environment! Time to take a stand and grow a spine!

  8. Glad my grandkids are now in Texas and are homeschooled thru Christian based programs. Both are at least a grade ahead.

  9. So glad to have sensible people reply to this atrocity and colluded conspiracy of the perverts in the legislative body of NM. Let’s bring back the public stockade and show the disgraceful ideology of the guilty. This brings up another question of accountability of MLG and her crotch grabbing incident. Since nothing more has been said about it, was she justified and granted a free pass?

  10. This has nothing at all to do with the questions — the questionnaire is simply being used as the platform, a vehicle, to sexualize children and “normalize” being sexualized. Welcome to socialism – emotionally traumatize and confuse humans so young that they do not understand the concepts. Break them and turn them into victims as young as possible.

    Don’t forget, the only peaceful way out of this is voting.
    The only thing that matters is election integrity.
    Without election integrity, *no one* has a voice.
    The argument against election integrity that it possibly silences minorities is meaningless socialist propaganda that effectively boils down to them calling election integrity “racist”.
    Let me repeat, Without election integrity *no one* has a voice.
    We don’t want transparent elections, we want to see the exact process and be guaranteed of election integrity.

    1. I saw a bumper sticker on a liberal’s car the other day that said “Restore Voting Rights!”. I am just amazed at the level of brainwashing coming from the democrat party. Maybe they want to restore the voting rights of foreigners? Or dead people?

  11. I am not a New Mexican by being raised here or have any family ties, I came here to retire on Social Security, now 70. In 2017 I found work in an art gallery, being an artist I was well
    suited to my job. When the Pandemic hit, all the leftist views of the owner, and my direct boss, they being hosts to democrat’s monthly meetings, whose support for social groups such as PLM and an extreme hatred of President Trump, The hipocracy, the dishonesty and the baggering or threats I endured, like get the shoot or lose my job. I finally quit, I couldnt live a lie working for the enemy of all decency and truth. I am with you all and agree this must be fought, we must stand up to the tyranny that promises to destroy all our futures, our children’s, our grandchildren’s more of their evil twisted ways of controlling and removing our God given freedoms and rights. Home schooling, if mine were school aged, that would be the only sane solution.

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