NM dubbed ‘America’s border graveyard’ while FBI makes major admission

The southern border crisis has reached a critical point, particularly in areas where New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico converge. Dubbed “America’s border graveyard” by the Daily Mail, this region has seen an alarming number of illegal immigrant deaths, exacerbated by extreme heat and harsh desert conditions. 

The El Paso Sector of the US Border Patrol has already recorded 82 deaths this fiscal year, a sharp increase from 50 deaths at the same time last year, with expectations of setting a grim record for fatalities in the region, which encompasses West Texas and southern New Mexico.

As temperatures in the Chihuahua Desert soar into the triple digits, rescuers find migrants in dire conditions, often with bodies too hot to touch without protective gloves. Border Patrol spokesman Claudio Herrera highlighted the escalating danger, stating, “The numbers are increasing, temperatures are rising. We’re seeing triple digits constantly,” underscoring the perilous journey migrants undertake.

The summer heat has just begun, and already, the toll on human life is severe. A humanitarian worker, James Holeman, described the desperate situation: “It’s horrible. It’s really, really bad.” His organization, Battalion Search and Rescue, has been actively locating the remains of illegal immigrants who succumbed to the harsh conditions. In the first ten days of June alone, they found ten bodies. The challenge is further compounded by the fact that over half of the deceased are women, a higher proportion than seen along any other part of the US-Mexico border.

In response to the crisis, first responders have resorted to using ice baths as a last-ditch effort to save illegal immigrants on the brink of death from heat exposure. Captain Abraham Garcia of the Sunland Park Fire Department explained the severity of the situation: “We know that they are at 104, 105. We know that they are cooking internally. The brain starts malfunctioning. They have four or five minutes with brain damage, so we want to cool them as fast as we can.”

Illegal immigrants crossing into this part of the US often face brutal conditions even before they reach the border. Smugglers, or “polleros,” frequently abuse, dehydrate, and starve them, forcing them to endure perilous conditions without adequate preparation. 

Once in the US, many illegal immigrants are left to navigate treacherous terrain, including the dangerous Mount Cristo Rey, with limited food and water. Their guides abandon The unlucky ones and leave them to face the elements alone.

The FBI has acknowledged the broader implications of this border crisis, noting an increase in crime throughout New Mexico. Special Agent in Charge Raul Bujanda of the FBI’s Albuquerque field office linked the surge in violence, drug trafficking, and overdoses directly to border security challenges. He emphasized the organized nature of illegal crossings, where illegal immigrants are often exploited by criminals who demand payment for passage into the US.

“If we’re not addressing from where it starts to where it ends and to where it continues to go then we’re missing a big part of it,” said Bujanda. ​​“Part of the problem that we have on the New Mexico side is we have an incomplete border. There is no structure that separates our country from Mexico.”

As illegals continue to face life-threatening conditions, the resources of local emergency services are stretched thin. The Sunland Park Fire Department, with just 24 members, is frequently called to rescue illegal immigrants in distress, diverting resources from serving the local community. Despite these efforts, the true scale of the crisis may be vastly underestimated, with many bodies never recovered from the desert’s unforgiving expanse.

Following the report from the Daily Mail, National Republican Congressional Committee Spokeswoman Delanie Bomar said, “Gabe Vasquez doesn’t take the death and destruction from the border crisis seriously. New Mexicans deserve to be represented by someone who shares their values, and by ignoring the pain at the border, Gabe has shown he is clearly unfit to serve border communities.” 

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The humanitarian and security crisis at the border underscores the urgent need for comprehensive solutions that address both immediate and long-term challenges as the toll on human life and community resources continues to mount. However, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham remains the only border state governor to refuse aid via the National Guard or other means to stem the flow of illegal immigration, fentanyl, and crime associated with the wide-open border.


17 thoughts on “NM dubbed ‘America’s border graveyard’ while FBI makes major admission”

    1. First, I have no sympathy for illegals dying in the heat. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Second, Lujan-Grisham has to be getting paid by the smugglers and cartels. Wasn’t she just bragging about the budget surplus the state has? I retired from the Guard. There are many low income guard soldiers that would jump at the chance to help secure our. Border, but Hrisham would rather watch our citizens die from addiction, rape, and murder by these un etted illegals. What in the world does illegal mean if Biden, the Pygmy, and Basquez, the male AOC leave our border wide open when TX and AZ are trying to do something about it. Tell you what, let’s charge MLG and Vasquez with murder every time a body is found out there. They are complicit. They have set u the atmosphere for this to happen and worse!

      1. Agree. Like the palestinians. Let them all die. Thyey are invading our country and the Dems are complicit. No sympathy and no mercy. The crap going on in our Republic has got to stop.

      2. You are 100% correct. I agree with everything you said. I’m also retired NMARNG and I can’t stand to see what MLG has done to this state and our military. She needs to be removed from office.

  1. Week after week, we see the headlines stating New Mexico is again at the top of another heinous list. The worst of the worst in the Union!

    Yet, we see the images above of a Smug Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, elated by her “success”. In history, we can see others leaders who have destroyed a geographic area and people, and are happy to have done so.

    Fellow New Mexicans, are you finished lining up at the polls and voting in evil? I am!

    Anyone who votes to keep death at the top of the list for this state, shame on you! There will be a consequence to pay for that as there is always as consequence to sin. Murder, human and sex trafficking as well as abortions remain high and prosperous within this beautiful state.

    Gente!, if you have not noticed, our beauty has diminished by the workings of those who have been handed power. Your fellow New Mexicans in fact… No Bueno!

    Do Better New Mexico!
    Rev. Rico

  2. It’s what happens when you put a bunch of halfwits in charge of the state led by a fool who’e only interest is her own political agenda and advancement.

    1. Those deaths are on the hands of the people allowing the open border to persist.
      Think about this scenario- a little girl is kidnapped in Mexico, the local and federal police are looking for her; it’s too late, she’s already been trafficked into the US through the lack of a border — you can guess her fate. No one in the US is looking for her; we can hardly keep up with the crime in our own country (according to the FBI, crime is up due to the open border- if you can still trust what they say).
      PS – best wishes to the FBI agent speaking up about the border crises; good luck and stay in the public eye.
      PPS- Whose covering the cost of the medical bills and continued care for those with brain damage???


    A coyote is a dog, a k9, something that licks its butt as well as licks the butts of other dogs. They are a carnivore more than a herbivore, they eat meat, fresh or dead.

    A pollero or pollo, is a chicken. Illicit immigrants are polleros. They will eat anything, even k9 fecal matter if they are hungry enough, but chickens are a weaker species of k9’s. Coyotes will kill at ease chickens and do not have a bit of consciousness of thought about killing them, hungry or not.

    Democratic politicians in New Mexico right now are more in sync as being a coyote more than pollero. They, DNC of NM Politicians, don’t give a crap about any life, be it an illicit immigrant or an aborted pre born 9 month old. Their deaths do nothing to them since they cannot vote. IMHO.

    John, sometimes you got to be the better bad guy in the good v bad evil world…especially when the evil is unstoppable like MLG.

  4. Until the illegals that are crossing our borders are deported back to where they came from, it will never stop. Since 2020 we have millions that are not counted and many are enemies of the US. Who knows how many sleeper cells are here and just waiting to jump at the chance to kill Americans. They already are and seems like not much is being done about it. Wake up America and wake up New Mexicans for our ungodly so called governor could care less about our safety. She is just busy lining her pockets with taxpayers money.

  5. I agree with George except that “our “ government is to blame as well by eliminating the border and enticing illegals to come here for all the “free “ benefits that they don’t provide to their own citizens! The blood of these illegals is on the hands of these traitorous politicians to include MLG who are at war with their own citizens. What will it take for Americans to discover that our rulers really do hate us!

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