As fires ravage NM, Lujan Grisham touts open borders, abortion on national TV

In a Sunday interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation” with Margaret Brennan, far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham addressed a range of pressing issues in her state, from natural disasters to immigration and reproductive rights. However, her comments on these topics have drawn criticism, particularly regarding her stance on abortion and border security.

The interview began shortly talking about the fires ravaging New Mexico, with the governor mentioning working with the Biden regime, saying, “And I have to say, the Biden administration has really pushed through these emergency declarations quickly so that we can get families back on their feet.” This comment comes despite Biden waiting nearly a week to declare an emergency to unlock federal funds to help. However, a majority of the Face The Nation interview focused on the border and abortion.

Brennan then asked her, “I wonder if all of this excessive heat is affecting the migrants crossing in from Mexico?”

“So we haven’t seen the kind of surges outside of the ports of entry that folks in other states have seen… But right now, we’re focused on the security aspects announced by the Biden administration,” she responded.

Despite being a border state governor, she has refused to put any state resources to help stem the tide of illegal immigration, the only governor to completely shun the border crisis. Even Democrat Govs. Gavin Newsom of California and Katie Hobbs of Arizona have deployed resources to fight illegal immigration and the flow of deadly fentanyl. 

Instead, Lujan Grisham dismissed the crisis, trying to say “everywhere else around the country” suffers from this issue, too.

“Make no mistake, New Mexico, just like everywhere else around the country, suffers from the number of drugs, guns, and related nefarious issues that are exacerbated by not having people in the right places at the border,” she said, despite deploying any resources to the border.

Brennan asked further, “It sounds like you could even use more (resources) than that. I know you were here in Washington with the president when he signed that executive order that restricted the ability to claim asylum for those crossing in between ports of entry. You know, some of your fellow Democrats were very critical of that, saying it undermines American values. Why are they wrong?”

“Well, they’re not wrong. I mean, frankly, the President then did a- a balanced approach, when he’s creating protections and work opportunities for undocumented families, part of a legal right, a US citizen is married to someone who’s undocumented, or as other extended family members and DACA recipients and dreamers can now get protections,” she responded, applauding Biden’s efforts to attempt to legalize more criminal aliens who broke the law by entering the country illegally.

Lujan Grisham then tried to take a shot at Trump after Brennan pressed her on why the ACLU is suing Biden for border policies, responding, “We’re making it really clear you can come through a port of entry. I have a president that unlike Congress, including when I was in Congress, it is willing to focus on security, fairness, whether that’s in one or two different decisions, and creating, I hope, a pathway for Congress to stop listening to a candidate (Trump) who continues to try to score political points, instead of solve problems for states like mine, and American families, he’s doing both.”

In 2019, when Lujan Grisham yanked all state resources from helping with the border crisis, she said, “I reject the federal contention that there exists an overwhelming national security crisis at the Southern border,” adding that the deadly area has “some of the safest communities in the country.” She also labeled the focus on solving the crisis as a “charade of border fear-mongering.”

When discussing abortion rates in New Mexico, where 21,000 babies were killed last year, 14,000 of them being from Texas, Lujan Grisham doubled down on abortion up-to-birth policies enacted by her administration and the Democrat-ruled Legislature. Lujan Grisham defended the state’s abortion up-to-birth policies, attributing rising abortion rates to barriers faced by women.

“I think there are more abortions happening because more women are at risk, which means they can’t get into a provider, they can’t get prenatal care,” she complained, despite her administration helping purge access to doctors in New Mexico by raising medical malpractice rates, which resulted in providers fleeing New Mexico to states like Texas, where they are not hostile to doctors, while also supporting the right to life with life-affirming policies. 

“You create a draconian situation; you’re going to increase risk at every single place,” Lujan Grisham claimed. In New Mexico, the “draconian” abortion up-to-birth policies have left women maimed and even killed, while babies have been killed even after birth. Infanticide has happened inside and outside of abortion facilities, including children being born and left to die on delivery room tables (at UNM Hospital) or children being born and killed by their mothers, such as what happened at Artesia Hospital in 2023.

As Gov. Lujan Grisham navigates ongoing emergencies in New Mexico, her mishandling has been criticized by all sides, including Democrats, as she continues to finish her final term as governor. 


25 thoughts on “As fires ravage NM, Lujan Grisham touts open borders, abortion on national TV”

    1. Marcello T Hinojosa

      (The plan) is to make New Mexico #1 in the murder of babies in and out of the womb. #1 in crime #1 in unemployment and produce the most uneducated children in America. Open borders is the way to accomplish all this.

  1. Lujan: “I have a president that unlike Congress, including when I was in Congress, it is willing to focus on security, fairness, whether that’s in one or two different decisions, and creating, I hope, a pathway for Congress to stop listening to a candidate (Trump) who continues to try to score political points, instead of solve problems for states like mine, and American families, he’s doing both.”

    Lujan’s quote “focus on security, fairness”, there is no fairness in a law, there is right or wrong. The Marxists exchanges words to make what they are doing the fair thing to do…just remember Congress uses the word right to legislate laws, they seldom use fair. The Constitution uses right and not fair. When in life m you do the right thing fair follows and very seldom does doing the fair thing does right follows.

    Lujan is just a simple politician who has allowed evil to enter our state because it’s fair.

    May her eternal life be filled with a fairness that only Hades can provide.

  2. Just to look at her makes my stomach churn. Pathetic, imbecile, lunatic, and disgusting. Her true nature is narcissistic behavior. There’s no cure for narcissism. Read up on this behavior, it’s frightening to know she’s the governor.

  3. Why is this traitor still in office??? When are we going to stand up to this tyrant New Mexico?? She’s turning our state into a 3rd world country!!! Look around there’s not many Americans left here. It doesn’t even look like New Mexico/ AMERICA ANYMORE! I hate that 3 foot cow with all my being. Like someone said above HER mother should’ve had an abortion! We would still have a beautiful state had that happened.

  4. When MLG says “make no mistake.” Well the biggest mistake was her being elected not once but to a second term as well. I hope people wake up and elect people that will kick out her comrades in the roundhouse. And that her last 2 years will be unsuccessful and she is stopped in every direction she tries to take. However, the oppressed also vote in their oppressors. Wake up NM for we are in big trouble if we don’t get control She should be impeached for violating the US constitution. Not enough numbers in the roundhouse to make that happen. May God have mercy on us all.

  5. Just curious: If a crazy person kills a pregnant woman (no, men can’t have babies), and is caught, they are charged with double homicide regardless of the babies womb age. But…. It’s perfectly ok to kill a baby at nine months. How does this make sense?

  6. I have lived in this state for 41 years and “make no mistake” she is the biggest mistake voters have put in the office of Governor. That is saying something considering the likes of Tony Anaya and Bill Richardson. I hope that the “D” voters (which more than likely equates to their average grade in school) wake up someday before our state goes sub 50 in everything good.

  7. Why does she expect the government to solve the problems of New Mexico when she hasn’t done anything to solve our problems because she is responsible for our problems. Her and all of the democrat party in this state. The Republican Party isn’t much help either. The appear to like losing. Then when they have a strong person come forward the party shuts them down. Just so they can stay weak and whiny.

    1. You have nailed it! The Republican party is just the other side of the Democrat coin. They can’t stand grassroot New Mexicans, and they don’t stand up for life!

  8. Obidencrates they have no moral compass don’t know the difference
    between right or wrong , good or evil .
    wake up New Mexico

  9. I agree with all the above comments and just wonder if she can be impeached? Probably a mute point since the cartel surrounding and supporting her are just as guilty.

  10. If you read the article linked it says “The horrific details of the report include an admission by UNM abortionist and OB-GYN Department Chair Dr. Eve Espey of infants born alive during abortions at UNM Hospital, and that neither she nor students are trained on what to do when this occurs. ” Do you have to be trained to pick up a baby and take care of it???? The medical establishment is so corrupt and so out of touch with reality, they do not understand or respond appropriately to life, or God. They are now officially sociopaths and psychopaths.

  11. She’s off her rocker! She is sending NM to hell with her abortion agenda.
    She should tell it like it is. People in Mora deserve their homes to be rebuilt before being a service provider for abortion. And don’t get me started with education of our children here in NM.

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