NM Dems lose their minds after AZ court upholds pro-life law

On Tuesday, the Arizona Supreme Court upheld the state’s longtime pro-life law, which effectively prohibited abortions in the state.

“The decision — which could shutter abortion clinics in the state — effectively undoes a lower court’s ruling that stated that a more recent 15-week ban from March 2022 superseded the 1864 law,” one report noted.

The state’s pro-abortion Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs claimed the decision marked “a dark day” in her remarks at a press conference, despite babies’ lives being saved after the ruling.

Following the landmark decision, New Mexico Democrats wailed on X, formerly Twitter, about the decision.

Democrat Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez of the Third Congressional District called the ruling “disgraceful,” calling women who travel to New Mexico to abort their babies “healthcare refugees” in a severely unhinged post

Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich blasted the decision, claiming the decision will “strain access in states like New Mexico.” Previously, Heinrich admitted that New Mexico taxpayers are footing the bill for abortion tourism.

Rep. Melanie Stansbury of the First District, a radical Democrat, used the decision to try and convince voters to support the far-left, abortion-up-to-birth Democrats, writing, “Across this country, we’re seeing our right to reproductive healthcare attacked and taken away. When we put Republicans in power this is what we get. In November vote for your rights, vote for Democrats.”

Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham wrote, “Today’s extreme decision to reinstate a 160-year-old ban on legal abortion is a draconian step backward that puts the health of countless Arizona women at risk. New Mexico continues to provide access to abortion and other reproductive health services,” in a melodramatic post.

Gabe Vasquez, who represents the Second District, a far-left Democrat, has so far not released a statement, although he is fervently pro-abortion up-to-birth and endorsed by radical abortion groups.

The New Mexico Democrat Party wrote in a post, “Today, the Arizona Supreme Court upheld an antiquated abortion ban … because Trump overturned Roe v. Wade – just one day after he looked into the camera & bragged that he is ‘proudly the person responsible’ for overturning Roe.”

The Democrats went on to attack Republican U.S. Senate nominee Nella Domenici.


21 thoughts on “NM Dems lose their minds after AZ court upholds pro-life law”

  1. Reproductive rights is another word for abortion. I don’t want my tax dollars funding these abortions mills that are making millions of dollars on dead babies and may even profit from baby body parts. The Pill, tubes tied, vasectomies and other forms of contraceptives are less expensive or Women!!!!! Just say NO…. The collateral damage that women suffer after an abortion will be avoided. Let’s not use this dark platform for the upcoming election. Every abortion means death to a beautiful baby who had no voice or choice.

    1. Exactly RMG! NewMexicans are finally seeing the TRUTH. Hooray. Our tax dollars bring used for Abortion up to birth laws in effect because of our out of touch governor Michelle Lujan Grisham will finally see changes.

  2. Stansbury and Leger Fernandez…I’ve watched them in Congressional hearings: both are radical democRat morons…liars and fools. Too bad DemocRats don’t see these insane XXXX in action. Credit our fakenews channels and networks for the ignorance of DemocRats.

    1. The “media” only “reports” what the socialist party aka Democraps, tell them to so the sheepeople are kept ignorant

  3. Why can’t the Demoncrats just ABORT themselves, and leave everyone else alone?
    Preferably without a gun, that way the rest of us can try to keep ours.
    I think Lowes has a special on rope…..

      1. I agree with all of you. Babies don’t have a say and MLG does. Shame on these democrats, they will have to face our LORD someday.

  4. Hey dems, Trump did not overturn Roe v Wade, the SCOTUS turned the decision over to the states. (The dems cannot discern or state the truth.) Good for AZ. They will reap the blessing! New Mexico will continue in the curse of killing innocents. So sad.

  5. I agree with all of the above comments. I suggest all talk to friends and neighbors about the murder of babies, and the schools not contacting parents when their kids want sex transition all which is legal in NM. Maybe friends and neighbors will not vote the far left back into office. I suggest be non judge mental and maybe ask “what do u think about ….” I bet most will be surprised how NM will pull together to rid us of the far left.

  6. Hiney-lick and Loserjan are prime examples of the need for RETROACTIVE birth control! In seriousness abortions are not intended for birth control because some lady became lax in her morals after sitting at a bar all evening!


  8. For those that support women who kill their unborn child, especially the ungodly politicians, should impose a New Mexico Women’s Healthcare Abortion Use Tax on these baby saboteurs. If Heinrich believes his written word about not taxing the New Mexican taxpayer then he should whisper in the ears of his fellow baby killing politicos of a 12% “usage” tax. And it should cover both NM citizens and out of staters.
    The abortion advocates will scream but it is to insure “safe and effective” pregnancy execution for the “poor patient.” I think these folk are so in love with money and those extra dollars will somehow find its way into the pockets of Democratic New Mexican Voice of Unwanted Pregnancy advocates. (I just made up this organization.) Make it hurt, hit them in the pockets and open the eyes of expectant mothers to how malignant this industry has become. It is all about money.
    Until then I pray for the souls of these murdered children and I pray for justice. I also ask that God in His love strike down the leaders of this industry so that this pestilence is ended.

  9. Killing a baby is NOT a reproductive right!! It is the reprehensible, unspeakable, murder of a HUMAN BEING! Our Democrat Governor and Reps have absolutely no conscience when they feel free to condemn a ruling that saves babies’ lives!!! Disgusting and vile!!!

  10. Question? How does one go about putting the abortion issue on the ballot? I so wish that New Mexicans could have a say in this critical law. Anyone? Ideas? I know how I would vote: to no longer make the Land of Enchantment an abortion tourist state. What a title to brag about, Sad.

  11. Mlg won’t pay for good MD’s to come to NM. It has far too few PCP’s and Pediatricians. People here don’t know any better and put up with substandard medical care. Mlg’s master plan is to keep attracting murderers and abortionists, making NM numero uno in baby killing, the hell with qualified Medical Doctors.

  12. Why are NM Dems complaining about, this will be an economic “boon” as all those people come to NM, the abortion capital of the nation. Home of so many infanticide clinics near our main airport

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