NM Dems fundraise off of summer temps, blame ‘MAGA extremists’

On Wednesday, the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) sent out a fundraising ask, requesting donations because of summer temperatures in New Mexico, claiming “climate change” is the cause.

“Yesterday, New Mexicans endured what was the hottest day of the year– at least so far. Globally, the earth is experiencing its hottest year on record indicating that climate change is showing no signs of slowing down. Increased temperatures are also straining states’ power grids, resulting in heat-related injuries and deaths across the nation,” it wrote.

“Republicans everywhere are pushing for the ‘depoliticization’ of climate, even going so far as to claiming that scientists are being paid to make false claims or coming up with their own bogus science to ‘disprove’ the consensus,” the email continued.

“Time and time again, we’re only seeing Democrats step up to the plate to protect the climate. If we’re going to have any real chance of curbing climate change and protecting earth’s species and delicate ecosystems, we need to continue electing climate champions who will be proactive in advocating for pro-climate policies that will save our planet.”

It is unclear exactly what specifically via their anti-energy policies would “save our planet,” but paying higher taxes and forcing New Mexicans to adopt unreliable energy sources, such as solar and wind, are not proven to drop Earth’s temperature by a single degree.

Furthermore, the hottest temperatures ever recorded on Earth happened over 100 years ago, when oil, gas, coal, and other fossil fuels were hardly used at their current capacity, brought forth by new technologies. 

But the Democrats wrote to their subscribers in an attempt to solicit donations, “Can you chip in to continue electing Democrats who will fight against climate change, as opposed to climate-denying, MAGA extremist GOP politicians who don’t take it seriously?” 

New Mexico Democrat politicians have also been making these melodramatic clarion calls, claiming because summer is hot that, “climate change” is just shy of roasting people alive.  

Far-left U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich bemoaned, “We are all paying the price of Republican inaction on climate change.”

U.S. Rep. Melanie Stansbury, another far-leftist, wrote, “This summer is a scorcher! Friendly reminder that climate change is real and we are feeling the effects of global warming in REAL TIME. When @theestallion mentioned ‘hot girl summer,’ I don’t think this is what she meant,” referencing a song.

Despite the rhetoric, back in 1913, temperatures peaked, leaving Democrats defenseless against cold, hard facts that disprove their “climate change” hysteria. 


15 thoughts on “NM Dems fundraise off of summer temps, blame ‘MAGA extremists’”

  1. It has been proven that CO2 trails after warm temperatures, not the other way around. That’s what the ice samples showed – the ones Al Gore modified into a graph to illustrate a false correlation that CO2 caused warm temps (a lie).

    Until people will acknowledge this I have nothing to say about this climate nonsense. The study of science has been reduced to idiocy, just like every other failing institution.

    1. Well said! It’s all a wealth re-distribution scheme. People need to revisit the 1992 Rio Climate Conference.

  2. Stephanie McKenzie

    This is summer, in New Mexico it gets hot, sometimes over 100deg. To try to assign this to ‘climate change’ is idiotic. If the idiots in DC are whining about how hot it is for them that’s their problem, not the world’s. Right now Australia is experiencing record cold. To my knowledge Australia is part of the world. The sun affects the climate much more than anything man can do, and they want to blot out the sun – IDIOTS. God created the cosmos. He knew how many people there would be. We generate more CO2 – he created plants to eat CO2 so more CO2 means more and bigger plants. How difficult is it to understand that? Idiots, there are only idiots in DC now.

  3. Solar panel farms do raise the ambient air temperature in their vicinity, creating what is called a heat island. The ground (or roofs) underneath may be cooler due to the provided shade, but air temperature may be 3.5 degrees F higher (or greater) as measured at a height of 8 feet above ground in one study. The heat dissipates as measured further up in height above ground or at a lateral distance from the solar farm or array. Still, it is heating up the air.

    Photovoltaic (PV) panels are less efficient as temperatures rise. Their voltage output decreases. Oh lovely, so we proliferate solar farms in the desert southwest where they don’t work so well? And perhaps even radiate more heat?

    1. Cities and airports also have higher temps (called “Heat Sinks”) and that is where many “official” temperatures are reported. Albuquerque is about 10 degrees warmer than many surrounding areas. If it is hot it is global warming; cold or bad weather is “climate change; Science has nothing to do with it. Hope for a gigantic sunspot. That will be a good dose of reality.

  4. I’m a conservative. I protect our forests from catastrophic wildfires by performing selective thinning. I also have a yard in Albuquerque where we recycle clean wood waste to assure it isn’t needlessly landfilled. Our company is about as green as a company can get. We do more in a day to save our planet than Kim Jung Lujan has done since being elected.

    Pushing the climate change narrative to point at Republicans only is not accurate and actually underhanded.

  5. Those dembocraps will glad hand and take money from the gas and oil industry on one street then walk around the corner and badmouth them!

  6. Leave it to the democraps to weaponize weather. We shouldn’t be surprised they weaponized the flu into the end of humanity.

  7. “exactly what specifically via their anti-energy policies would save our planet”?
    NONE OF THEM! Please read “FALSE ALARM’ by Bjorn Lomborg; visiting professor at Copenhagen Business School, visiting fellow at Hoover Institution at Stanford. He is the author of a number books on the environmental changes facing us. He is also published in the New York Time, Wall Street Journal, and the Economist. He provides very insightful analysis along with quantitative cost-benefit ananysis.

  8. A credible source I know to be reputable says “According to the World Meteorlogical Organization, the hottest temperature on earth ever measured was 134 degrees (F) on July 10, 1913 in Death Valley. And CO2 emissions by man back then…90% less than today. Feel manipulated yet?” Maybe you just feel hot.

  9. It’ll be kind of hard to make solar panels and windmills without big oil. Not enough Sheeple actually check to see what products get made with petroleum. I’m looking at you Tesla and Prius owners.

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