NM Dems freak out after Mike Johnson wins U.S. House speaker’s gavel

On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to appoint Congressman Mike Johnson of Louisiana, a Republican, to the speakership. 

Johnson garnered 220 votes to Democrat Rep. Hakeem Jeffries’ 209 votes. 

Rep. Gabe Vasquez (D-NM-CD2) wrote melodramatically on X, “Rep. Mike Johnson is an extremist, election denier who wants to gut Social Security & Medicare and eliminate reproductive rights nationwide. I won’t support an extremist like Johnson running our government.”

In an email his campaign sent out shortly after the vote titled “RED ALERT,” Vasquez’s team wrote, “This is BAD… worse-than-Kevin-McCarthy bad.” The email continued, “A far-right extremist like Mike Johnson holding the Speakership could all but clear a path for Gabe’s opponent to win this race.”

Rep. Melanie Stansbury (D-NM-CD1) called Johnson a “MAGA Republican” with the hashtag “#NotOurSpeaker.”

She claimed in another X post, “The House GOP just elected Rep Mike Johnson as Speaker. Rep. Johnson is a Trump extremist with a track record of anti-LGBTQ+, anti-abortion, anti-Medicare & Social Security activism and support for Trumps (sic) election fraud and decertification of the vote.”

The Democrat Party of New Mexico retweeted a message via X from the national Democrat Party freaking out that Johnson stood up for election integrity.

“Reminder: Mike Johnson, House Republicans’ new pick for speaker, helped lead the efforts to overturn the 2020 election results,” the Democrats wrote.

“Although the House can finally get back to work, there’s no doubt under an extremist like Mike Johnson, House Republicans will try to thwart any meaningful legislation and progress, making it all the more critical that Democrats take back the House and restore its purpose to serve the American people,” the New Mexico Democrats wrote in a subsequent fundraising email. 

Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez, from New Mexico’s Third Congressional District, a Democrat, has not immediately commented on Johnson winning the vote for speaker. 


32 thoughts on “NM Dems freak out after Mike Johnson wins U.S. House speaker’s gavel”

  1. Well nothing could be as bad as having a Dimocrat/Liberal in that position. Look at what Pelosi did to us. Look at your parties “leader” – Joe Biden is pretty much brain dead and yet you follow him.

    1. No problem with this myself, most of the “protesting” demon-craps have been denying Killery’s loss to Trump.

  2. It’s about time we had one of us in that position. Not someone who is part of the Swamp (from either party)! Sounds like this guy is exactly what is needed! I’m glad that true conservatives stuck to their guns and didn’t back down. We need fresh, Godly, far right conservative people in our government. No more far left and no more compromising with evil!

  3. The Dems would even complain if a RINO was chosen for Speaker.
    The new speaker should address border security soon. Watch Gabe really squirm then!

  4. Well then, they all three should have voted to keep McCarthy, indicate they would vote for Scalise or Emmer, OR shut the F____ UP. Personally, I am happier with Congressman Johnson than I have been with anyone else, except maybe, Jordan.

  5. Hey all Democrats take a crap over in your “Snowflake” corner and tremble in total FEAR. All your S**T does NOT work! Keep coming at us with all your “Word Salad” speeches. You still do nothing for the American people. You have NO new ideas.

  6. Kid anyone is an extremist it is Vasquez. He goes from one extreme to another depending on his polls. I suspect he is finding those to be losing because of his flip flopping.

    1. I am so sick of Democrats fear mongering, shouting aboutnon-existent threats to Social Security. I am intelligent enough to know when I am being gaslighted.


    Vasquez’s comment is pretty funny because he is an extremist himself on the loony lefty end of the spectrum.

  8. I agree with all previous inputs. I like Johnson more because the POS Vasquez lied about him in his tweet. I really believe Vasquez is where he is at because of election interference.

  9. Election denier? He has my support. Anyone who thinks that elections in this country are fair is delusional. Of course Dems would say that: they know they cheat/interfere/gerrymander to get seats and don’t want it exposed or questioned. And MAGA? Let’s see…someone who wants money in the pockets of the people instead of their cronies, someone who respects the Constitution, and someone who champions traditional family values? Make America Great Again…what a terrible thing to want!

    Don’t get me started on Stansbury and Leger Fernandez, also known as ex-employees of Ghislaine Maxwell.

    Also repeating for everyone in the back: we contribute to Social Security and Medicare. They are not welfare or handouts. What you put in, you get back when you retire. Neither are “going anywhere.” Actually, I wish they were optional to contribute to. I can invest my money a lot better than the government does. My 401k is outperforming the social security projection by 150%. I also don’t plan to retire, so the government can keep Medicare. My employer’s plan is cheaper and covers more, and I can be on it as long as I work 35+ hours a week.

  10. A Dem would be unable to speak w/o their Demoncrat “talking points”. Notice how Vasquez & Stansbury say basically the same thing. They remind me of Jeff Dunham & one of his ventriliquist dummies in one of his shows. Makes one wonder what would happen if either of them actually had to tell the truth instead of spouting their brain-dead “talking points.” The points about medicare & medicaid are typical NM Demoncrat – scare the heck out of the elderly & poor.

  11. Just heard today on Ben Shapiro’s show that Biden has sent hundreds of billions of $$$ to Hamas in Gaza under the rubric of a bogus UN program. They are using that money to fund schools and underneath the schools are Hamas tunnels. I’m sure Gabe Vasquez sees nothing wrong with shoveling funds to terrorists, especially if they are Biden-sponsored terrorist anti-semites.

  12. If anyone had any doubt who is running the Republican Party, Donald Trump let everyone know it is his party. Emmer: OUT; Johnson IN; All it took was 3 phone calls and a tweet. MAGA!

  13. What a surprise! They don’t want ANYONE in control who has any morals, integrity or cares about the USA, Constitution or the TRUTH!!! They will have to give an account to God for their actions, one day. And that day is coming sooner than they think!!!

  14. Democrats are far left race obsessed extremist globalists. Who care more about foreign policy and foreign borders. Whilst spending exuberant amounts of tax dollars to bandaid problems.

  15. Melanie Stansbury and Leger Fernandez are former
    employees of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epsteins’
    Investigations need to be opened into BOTH OF THESE INDIVIDUALS. New Mexico can SURELY do
    better than this!

  16. The fact that the Dems are already pissing and moaning that this new House Speaker is an “extremist” tells me this is a huge win.

    As Rush Limbaugh would say “They always tell you who they are afraid of the most”

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