NM continues to hold record for third-highest poverty rate in U.S.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey data, New Mexico has the third-highest poverty rate. The state has held this same abysmal record for three years in a row now.

“The figures were included in the March edition of the New Mexico Labor Market Review published by the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions. The state’s average of 18.4% in 2021, the latest year for which data were available, was better only than that of Louisiana (19.6%) and Mississippi (19.4%). The national poverty rate was 12.8%, while New Hampshire had the lowest rate in the country at 7.2%,” the Farmington Daily Times reported

As for children living in poverty, New Mexico had the third-highest poverty rate (23.9 percent) in the entire country for those younger than 18 years of age. 

“The state was third in 2020 with a poverty rate of 16.8%, third in 2019 with a rate of 18.2%, second in 2018 with a rate of 19.5% and tied for second in 2017 at 19.7%,” the report notes. 

For those 65 years of age and older, New Mexico also tops the nation, with a rate of 12.8 percent being bested only by Louisiana and Mississippi.

McKinley County has the highest poverty rate, at 30.3 percent. The second, third, and fourth-highest poverty rates were those of Luna (27.6%), Chavez (27.6%), and Sierra counties (26.7 percent).


11 thoughts on “NM continues to hold record for third-highest poverty rate in U.S.”

  1. I think people need to get jobs and not depend on the system to support them. I see tons of “help wanted signs.” People are to lazy to work when they get a free paycheck. They should make it harder for people to get unemployment benefits.

  2. Elections have consequences. If folks do not realize the democratic folks they vote are crap. Keep voting democrat and maybe we can beat Mississippi and Louisiana!

  3. Memo to John Block: It is Chaves County, not Chavez County.

    “Chaves County is a county in New Mexico, United States. As of the 2020 census, the population was 65,157. Its county seat is Roswell. Chaves County was named for Colonel Jose Francisco Chaves, a military leader there during the Civil War and later in Navajo campaigns.”

  4. Lucille I Hagarty

    It is the spiritual poverty that is the problem. Very, very sad. If you pray, pray for the conversion of poor sinners.
    We have plenty of food but evil “leaders” and in general people have lost their faith in God.

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