NM Catholic Bishops oppose abortion, assisted suicide bills

Two anti-life bills have been proposed for the 2021 Legislative Session, in another Democrat attempt to kill humans of all ages, from in the womb to terminally ill individuals.

SB-10, the abortion up-to-birth bill sponsored by Sens. Linda Lopez and Peter Wirth will flatly strip critical life-saving statutes from state law, which protects mothers, babies in the womb, and medical professionals. The bill would take away requirements for a physician to do abortions, allow minors to get abortions without their parents, opening the door for human traffickers to exploit child mothers, and take away “conscientious objection” statute, meaning medical professions would be forced to perform abortions. 

HB-27, the assisted suicide bill sponsored by Reps. Deb Armstrong and Dayan Hochman-Vigil aims to kill terminally ill patients with poison. One particularly startling portion of the law is a disclosure patients who choose to kill themselves will be forced to sign which acknowledge the following:

 “I understand the full import of this request, and I expect to die if I self-administer the medical aid in dying medication prescribed. I further understand that although most deaths occur within three hours, my death may take longer.” 

New Mexico Alliance for Life said the bill “would usher in assisted suicide in the state with the highest suicide rate already. It is also considered the most radical bill in the nation by the medical community.” Their bill analysis can be found here.

The two bills aim to distinguish human life of all ages, and thus, the New Mexico Conference of Catholic Bishops reinstated their opposition to the bills. A spokesman for the Conference reiterated, “The Catholic Bishops of New Mexico oppose SB10 and also the assisted suicide bill. The Bishops are actively lobbying the legislators to oppose these bills. Please pray for the success of our work. Please call your Senator and Representative to vote no.” 

Other groups, including the New Mexico Alliance for Life, are already organizing pro-life New Mexicans to contact their legislators, and the Piñon Post is organizing people to email senators in the New Mexico Senate Health & Public Affairs Committee to oppose SB-10. 

To email these senators, click the button below:


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