ACTION ALERT: NM Senate to hear MLG’s abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bill on Monday

In 2019, New Mexicans successfully defeated a radical abortion up-to-birth bill, HB-51, which would have stripped away protections for women and their children in the womb and removed “conscientious objection” protections for physicians and medical professionals. 

The bill is back in the form of SB-10, the same cookie-cutter legislation proposed in 2019, but this time it is being proposed in the New Mexico Senate, the same chamber where HB-51 was defeated. State Sen. Linda Lopez and Majority Leader Peter Wirth are co-sponsoring the bill, which is a single page (and seven lines in length), flatly stripping the statute off the books–and thus harming countless New Mexicans.

The Democrats believe they may have the votes to ram through the bill, due to the deaths of pro-life Democrat senators and the election defeats of pro-life Democrats by radical anti-life extremists. The newly grasped pro-abortion advantage by Democrats is why it is such a top-priority for anti-life extremists and Democrats in the Legislature.

Planned Parenthood abortion business has already been lobbying New Mexico legislators with misleading and false statements to support an abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bill, as reported on previously. 

According to two legislators, SB-10 will be heard on Monday in the Senate Health & Public Affairs Committee, and it is critical for Piñon Post readers to reach out to the legislators in the committee and demand they vote “NO” on SB-10, the abortion up-to-birth bill. Please email the committee members below:

NOTE: if the link does not work for you, please copy/paste the below emails into the BCC line of your note to these senators and the below body text into the body of your email: 

Senator emails to copy into your BCC line:,,,,,,, 

Draft email language to copy into your email:

Dear Senator, 

My name is [YOUR NAME], and I am asking you to vote against SB-10, the abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bill proposed by Sens. Linda Lopez and Peter Wirth.  

This ill-conceived and hastily drafted piece of legislation (which is only seven lines in length) would flatly strip out a life-saving New Mexico state statute that protects women, children, and health care professionals, of which we all should be mindful.

An essential part of the current law that these senators look to rip out protects health care workers who have conscientious objections to performing an abortion. Without these protections, our health care heroes will be at risk.SB-10 puts doctors at risk of losing their medical licenses and face criminal prosecution or other sanctions.

Also, stripping the statute would remove physicians’ requirements to perform abortion procedures, leaving women exposed to sub-par care. 

SB-10 allows sex traffickers and child abusers to take a pregnant minor in for an abortion without any parental knowledge or involvement–not to mention without any reporting criteria. 

With this bill, a pregnant mother would be allowed to have an abortion at any pregnancy stage. It is a medical fact that the risk of death or serious injury to women increases to 76.6% in abortions after five months. 

This bill is ill-conceived and leaves gaping holes in state law for women to be maimed or potentially killed during an abortion, and I urge you to please vote against SB-10 for the children, the women, and the health care heroes we must protect. 

Thank you so much for listening to my concerns and for voting against this bill.




Thank you for emailing these senators and for your urgent action to protect human life in New Mexico. If you would like to call these senators, their numbers are below:

Chairman Ortiz y Pino (505) 243-1509

Senator Bill Tallman (505) 397-8854

Senator Brenda McKenna  (505) 397-8834

Senator Antoinette Lopez (505) 397-8847

Senator Liz Stefanics (505) 397-8851

Senator Gregory Baca  (505) 397-8815

Senator Gregg Schmedes, M.D. (505) 397-8846

Senator Stuart Ingle (505) 397-8829

Senator David Gallegos (505) 397-8824


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  3. Amen. I have just finished emailing the Senators. The plans of Baal shall be overturned! In the Name of Yeshua.

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