Maggie Toulouse Oliver tries to mess up grocery store merger

Far-left Democrat New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver is trying her hand at attempting to mess up a merger between Albertsons and Kroger grocery stores.

Toulouse Oliver recently added her signature to a letter co-signed by six other secretaries of state, rejecting the $24.6 billion merger — a direct attack on the free market.

Addressed to the chair of the Federal Trade Commission, Lina Khan, the joint letter conveys the concerns of Toulouse Oliver and her leftist counterparts from Colorado, Rhode Island, Arizona, Maine, Vermont, and Minnesota. Their primary contention is that the merger would curtail consumer choice, potentially eliminating the competitive drive to lower prices and leaving consumers powerless to ensure that the companies maintain their promises of affordable prices. Moreover, they argue that the consolidation could adversely affect local farmers, small businesses, and suppliers dependent on a competitive grocery market.

An Albertsons grocery store in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Tony Webster via Wiki Commons.

The letter highlights potential repercussions: “If the merger goes through, the lack of competition gives Kroger-Albertsons substantial power to dictate prices that harm growers and shippers who will be forced to cut wages for their own workers.”

However, Kroger’s perspective on the matter contradicts the officials’ bloviated concerns. A spokesperson for Kroger conveyed that the opposite is likely to occur if the merger progresses. They contend that prices would decrease, consumer choice would expand, and wages would increase as a result of the merger. The spokesperson also criticized the opposition, suggesting that the real beneficiaries of preventing the merger’s completion would be large, non-unionized competitors like Walmart and Amazon. Kroger assured that the merger would not lead to layoffs or closures of stores, distribution centers, or manufacturing facilities.

Maggie Toulouse Oliver and Albertsons, unfortunately, remained inaccessible for direct comment on their stance regarding the merger.

Kroger delivery vehicle. Phillip Pessar via Wiki Commons.

Currently, Kroger operates 24 locations in New Mexico, including 14 in Albuquerque, all operating under the Smith’s brand. The company is a significant employer in the state, with over 2,500 employees. Similarly, Albertsons has a substantial presence in New Mexico, boasting over two dozen Albertsons Market and Albertsons stores.

While the concerns expressed by Toulouse Oliver and the other secretaries of state may reflect their commitment to preserving competitive markets, it’s crucial to critically examine the potential influence of ideology on such decisions. Toulouse Oliver’s far-left, anti-capitalist perspective might inadvertently obstruct free-market dynamics, raising questions about the balance between consumer protection and fostering market competition.


36 thoughts on “Maggie Toulouse Oliver tries to mess up grocery store merger”

    1. We were well beyond that when Rockefeller, Carnegie, and the rest took over oil and entire industries in the west. They own it all.

    1. I am horrified that the Secretary ofnState has ANY jurisdiction on mergers. That office has enough to do protecting the voters’ rights which are a fail.

      1. Eventually there only be walmart and will have to eat what we sow. Competition is in the people’s best interest.

    2. Michael David Hatlee

      Here is the problem. To maintain a capitalistic system there must be a competitive aspect. If they merge our area would be left with a local chain and one national chain. That is not a fair competitive environment.

  1. So stupid…Companies always do this.. I work for Frito Lay as a Merchandiser and do both stores. Frito Lay is owned by PepsiCo. Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops have their own name but are jointly owned. Who is she to talk about prices raising if anything she and her cronies can afford it. Maybe instead of making a big deal about this. She should talk about gasoline prices and natural gas prices going up.

  2. They always pretend to be “anti-monopoly” except for the monopolies in banking, global energy, medical tyranny, media, or big tech censorship..

    Politicians are all misdirection liars and hypocrites.

    1. Michael David Hatlee

      You really need to get informed because your “argument” has no basis in fact. Making an argument not supported by the facts. Where have I heard that before? Oh I really shouldn’t tell you as that is a fact and you can’t seem to handle facts.

      1. Facts can be used in the wrong manner to make them fit the perspective of the author. That is done too frequently by media and biased politicians. Terms that I have heard much of are “trust the science” and “here are the facts”.

  3. Fraud and corruption seems to have to be passed on by politicians. They never fully research their conclusions and understand the destruction they are responsible for in the end.
    Eliminating consumer choices and tilting the reality brings us closer to control over another aspect of our life.

  4. She is against us as a nation and is supporting the big box companies instead of the corporations/companies that want to make good changes. The Clintons had/have stock in Walmart. Kroger has always been a good store and had plenty of selections and options.
    So sad that she has the Oliver last name. The ones that I have had the good fortune to meet have been for New Mexicans, not against them.

  5. these idiots will do whatever it takes to take down Americans and destroy our freedoms. We all need to stand up and vote these fools out of office!

  6. If you look at who her current husband is, this makes perfect sense. Google Allan Oliver and Thornberg. Maggie has tried to hide this pretty well — you never see him at any events with her, even the fancy black tie MLG-type parties. She kept her first husband’s name and double barrels it because the Toulouse family is a respected old money law family. Doing that has opened doors for her. Although I’m sure her father (Dr. Ken Crumley – the respected ABQ child psychiatrist) didn’t want his name dirtied by her politics. When he died, she said nothing……

    But the narrative that she was a “struggling single mother” was never true. Her first husband is a state employee and was an involved father, and this current one craps hundred dollar bills. Her current husband is a globalist of the Soros-type dirty.

    1. Her husband was a speech writer for Bill Richardson. Maybe he knows what what going on at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion south of Santa Fe.

  7. What makes her far left & why is being left an issue anyway? Democracy should be for the people & protect their rights. Corporations & big money has never done that.
    Competition is good for business.


    I wonder if unions wrote the SOS legal briefs for them. The SOS aren’t smart enough. They can’t run periodic elections and announce timely, fair, and credible results. Why should we let them run the food business?

  9. elections have consequences, maybe NMs need to pull their heads out and look what is going on. If they hesitate they my pull their heads out in time for the New World Order running a Marxist country.


  11. This is why I want a giant sunspot to hit the Earth. It will solve all our problems. And give us some new ones but much simpler: SURVIVAL!! Oh how I loved the 19th century.

  12. She doesn’t care about the people nor businesses of the free world! No IF a business will hand her a bribe under the table she will vote for them –until someone else hands her a bigger bribe.. Typical move of the current gang of thugs in the roundhouse..

  13. Well, I’m against the merger myself. The Albertson’s stores are far superior to the Kroger’s brands and I fear they will suffer under the new ownership.

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