Carville uses NM’s socialist ‘free’ daycare amendment to bash Kari Lake

During a Sunday CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta interview, leftist Democrat commentator James Carville rambled about his hatred for Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake alongside leftist commentator S.E. Cupp. The discussion came after Lake filed a lawsuit pointing to illegal actions that spoiled the election. 

Acosta said, “James, there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in Arizona these days. Maybe you can help us figure this out. We learned late yesterday that Kari Lake, the Republican who lost the race for governor, is suing state election officials, challenging the vote count, asking the court to declare her the winner. Is this life after Trump now election losers disputing the results?”

Carville responded, “All right, Kari Lake is, she’s out there. She’s goofy and stupid and ignorant. Let me tell you what’s going on in Arizona. Proposition 211, which is the citizens ballot measure to tell people I spent over $5,000 a dark money in Arizona they have to disclose. That pass[ed] by 73 percent.”

“Arizona had a ballot measure that would allow non-citizens to pay to Arizona intuition rate at Arizona colleges and universities. That’s big news. Kari Lake being goofy, right-wing stupid is hardly big or startling news. Let me see, loss, she’s done.”

He then invoked New Mexico’s far-left constitutional amendment that recently passed paying for socialist “free” (taxpayer-funded) daycare. He said, “And by the way, New Mexico would have 70 percent had a ballot measure to guarantee daycare for all New Mexicans. They are big stories going on in the southwestern United States that don’t involve Kari Lake. And, you know, we should be very aware of these, Jim, very aware. She’ll keep doing everything, every stunt she can pull to get attention. But I don’t really think that’s the big story coming out of here.” 

New Mexico’s socialist free pre-kindergarten program that robs billions from the state’s Land Grant Permanent Fund passed with 70 percent support (472,826 votes), while only 30 percent (199,347) voted against it.


10 thoughts on “Carville uses NM’s socialist ‘free’ daycare amendment to bash Kari Lake”

  1. James Carville is a communist democrat operative from the Clinton era.why any one except the democommies would find him relevant ,is beyond me. In typical democommie fashion he touts “free” stuff that communists love to entice the uneducated masses with. “Free” is only free to the recipient, the cost is always passed on to the unwitting public . I assure you that the majority recipients of the “free “ stuff are probably not even citizens. His criticism of Kari Lake is grounded in communist fear that a real leader emerges that will protect the public from the vile neo Bolshevik’s like himself and produce a government the complete opposite of what NM has become under communist “leadership “!

  2. As with Kari Lake’s loss, I think NM also lost. I think we went Republican but that person chose to concede 35 minutes after the poll closed. So I really do not feel NM citizens actually voted for the pre kindergarten. We will have new elections as these are a joke.

  3. Kari Lake is fighting for the people.Kate Hobbs is a socialist that is a lier and needs to be held accountable for the cheating.wha she has done I certified her won election which is a conflict of interest as well as threaten people if the didn’t certify there county elections they will spend time in jail.THAT WRONG.IF YOU SUPPORT THIS WRONG DOUNGS MOVE TO ARIZONA.

  4. Poorest state most uneducated highest teen birth rate 2 highest teen suicide rate. 51% of population on entitlement of some kind. But free daycare why no one is working in NM.

  5. Catlady you must be a communist. Go back to your Washington Post. Kari Lake is one of the most well-spoken, honest, educated, and conservative candidates out there. That is why her opponent would never debate her. Socialism is disgusting and evil oh except for the commies in power who reap the benefits while the rest of us get poorer.

    1. The commies in power and anyone connected or approving of them, lets not forget that. It is evil, it will bring Jesus back sooner, because Father God will not put up with this much longer.

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