New Mexicans welcome trucker convoy rolling through state

On Friday, New Mexicans gathered on the I-40 pedestrian bridges at Jerry Cline Park and Sedillo Hill in Albuquerque to welcome the “People’s Convoy” of truckers rolling through New Mexico on their way to Washington, D.C. 

New Mexicans rallied with American flags and patriotic signs that said things like, “Thank You, Truckers!” and “New Mexicans for Freedom,” as well as flags reading, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Here are some perspectives from the Sedillo Hill gathering: 


Here are some other photos from the day from Jerry Cline Park:

On their way to Washington, D.C., truckers from across the nation are headed to the Capitol for a similar protest against tyrannical mandates like the one in Canada, which shut down Ottowa to the ire of leftist elites. 

Here are some more photos from the event, courtesy of Katrina Griego:


2 thoughts on “New Mexicans welcome trucker convoy rolling through state”

  1. Karen Bedonie, running for governor on the Libertarian ticket, met the truckers on I-40 and had food and a warm fire waiting for them. Karen is a strong Constitution-minded person. She is American Native Navajo. She homeschooled her children. She is a business woman, educator, coach, and a lifelong New Mexican Constitutionalists, 2nd Amendment advocate & not a politician but rather a “peopletician”.
    Was she the only Constitutionally-strong-minded candidate that stood for the Truckers
    Convoy? I’m tired of weak and watered down politicians that have great speaking abilities but don’t get aggressive against communist bullies.
    Karen Bedonie for governor. Go to and read what she stands for; be an informed voter.

  2. New Mexican for Freedom!

    I was there and it was awesome to see the love New Mexicans have for their country. It is hard to face the sadness we have faced the last few years. This made me have hope in our people and our country. Hope the momentum keeps going and patriot’s keep standing up for our freedom.

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