National media calls out MLG over massive failures

On Thursday, pro-energy group Power The Future’s Executive Director Daniel Turner joined the Fox Business Network to discuss Democrats’ failed policies that have resulted in massive inflation and historically high gas prices that hurt the poorest Americans the most.

Front and center in Turner’s criticism was scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who is now trying to plug the gaping political hole she and her allies created with $250 checks to people as another government handout. This proposal will be considered in an upcoming special session anticipated to start on April 5th.

Turner said, “You’ll notice in all of these proposals, they never include anything to increase our supply, which is the only real and secure, and stable way to lower prices down.”

“And this example of New Mexico… the governor there — Michelle Lujan Grisham. She’s in trouble, and it’s an election year.” 

“Her state had one of the worst recoveries coming out of COVID; they have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. She imposed mask mandates longer than, I believe, almost every other state other than the city of Washington, D.C.”  

“And so this is a political gesture. This is trying to tell the constituents, ‘Hey, ignore the fact that I have driven the state into the ground. Maybe if I throw more government money at you, I can get your vote come November.’” 

“We are tired of these politicians proposing solutions that don’t solve the problem. They just exacerbate the problem and give them something to run in November.” 

In response to Turner’s appearance, the Republican Party of New Mexico wrote, “​​@GovMLG gets called out on @FoxBusiness over her Band-Aid response to high gas prices.”


10 thoughts on “National media calls out MLG over massive failures”

  1. I’ve live in a few states, Tennessee, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and now New
    Mexico. New Mexico is by the far the most poorly run state I’ve lived in.

  2. She was put in office for a reason. And I say “put” there because the election process is all based on fraud now. She will be placed there again. New Mexico is a test state for the upcoming hell to break loose in this country. I will be surprised if a Red Color wins; and if they do, they are just part of the corrupted system with a different color and not much more will result in that color change.

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