Strange-looking UFO spotted Wednesday over Roswell

On Wednesday morning, an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the shape of a zeppelin turned on its side was spotted floating over Roswell, New Mexico.

Multiple people shared videos of the unidentified object:

Some estimated the object to be anywhere from 15 to 20 feet in length, with footage showing people ducking in front of the frame, indicating it is not something that could have been done via computer-generated imaging (CGI).

Some are calling it the clearest UFO footage this year:

Here is another view of the object:

It is immediately unclear what the object is. However, some have noted how the object appears to strikingly resemble a shiny silver-colored blimp. Some have opined it could be a spy balloon similar to that seen earlier this year.

Roswell is famous for a 1947 UFO incident that happened near the city, resulting in alleged government coverups and accounts indicating an alien ship crash in the area. Since then, Roswell has been well-known for this legendary flying saucer tale. 

Do you think this UFO was from outer space or a man-made object?

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2 thoughts on “Strange-looking UFO spotted Wednesday over Roswell”

  1. That’s funny.
    I can tell you the military was launching something on Wednesday as the highway was closed as per normal when they are launching things like missiles and balloons. Guess it was fun to think that because it was seen in Roswell it must’ve be a space ship.

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