MLG’s team claims she’s a ‘woman of color,’ brands opponents as ‘far-right extremists’

On Wednesday, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s campaign sent out a frantic-sounding email claiming MAGA (Make America Great Again) Republicans are coming for her while they spread “climate denialism.”

The email claimed, “We can’t let the GOP replace the country’s only woman of color to serve as Governor with a GOP radical who would take our state back.” It is unclear what her team defines as a “woman of color,” but it appears to be race-baiting.

It further went on to claim that Mark Ronchetti, the newly chosen GOP nominee for governor, is a “far-right extremist,” despite his stances being moderate, especially regarding “climate change,” which he has said he has been “on board” with “for over 20 years.” 

Her team then went on to ask for campaign cash, writing, “Every MAGA supporter is about to flood Ronchetti’s campaign with donations, so we have to ask: Will you please contribute $5 before midnight to help us reach our emergency $15,000 goal and keep New Mexico blue?” 

Lujan Grisham has a record of misuse of campaign funds, misuse of taxpayer funds, paying off a former staffer $150,000 over an alleged crotch grab, an attack on the state’s oil and gas industry, the killing of 40% of small businesses during her pandemic lockdown, a revolving door cabinet, among countless other scandals.

Lujan Grisham faces Republican Mark Ronchetti and Libertarian Karen Bedonie* in the General Election on November 8. 

*There is a write-in candidate Ginger Grider, who is running against Bedonie. According to news reports by KAHL, it will take a few days for write-in ballots to be counted. 

33 thoughts on “MLG’s team claims she’s a ‘woman of color,’ brands opponents as ‘far-right extremists’”

  1. Laura Harrelson


    1. 100%. Ronchetti delivered the Senate seat to Lujan and he’s here to do the same with the Governor’s mansion and chair to Lujan’s cousin. Bedonie is the only sane choice. Wake up GOP lemmings – don’t plunge off the cliff by voting for Ronchetti!

  2. MLGs hates people of any color, loves only money

    She would use this to try and get votes from those of us she claims to be.. The only color she can claim to be is evil. She does not care about her own so called people of color only her pockets and how much money she can fill them with. She is not a Latin female we do not behave the way MLG does. We love our children, we do not vote to murder them.

  3. If she was born in the USA what does her birth certificate say?? All people born in NM of Spanish descent are considered white Caucasian . It is only very recently that our communist controllers using the Soviet playbook of divide and conquer created all these sub races just like they created all the ridiculous gender “identities “ to cause confusion and divide humanity into controllable sub sets. If she’s that confused about who she is , maybe that’s why NM has been bob sledding to the bottom statistically of all states under her watch.

    1. Not only that, but she loves to call herself a 13th generation New Mexican and says that Northern NM is “her people.” Oh really? She can’t speak a word of Spanish. Not a one. It’s pathetic.

  4. If you want to include an individual with a “black heart” and an “evil, dark mind” then I would suggest that our current governor, soon to be retired we hope, is, in fact a “person of color”. That is the only definition that I could come up with.

  5. Never has she publicly claimed to be a woman of color and addressed her people in Spanish. She spends her time with Pelosi and Biden, Just like Ben Ray Lujan does.
    We all have to unite and work with the candidate that will remove her from office. She signed the abortion law into effect last year and that is why our state is in the shape it is in. Let’s unite and make a change!!!!!

  6. The petulant governor considers New Mexicans questioning the origins of states’ larget forest fire and it’s mismanagement as “climate denialism” and questioning driving the economy into the toilet in pursut of “green energy” as “climate denialism”.
    The governor cannot list a single positive thing she has done for New Mexicans, so throws a temper tantrum and tries to play the race card. Not going to work.

    1. I do hope you’re right but New Mexicans seem to have short memories or else the Democrats figure out ways to steal the elections.

      1. We have no choice at this point. Ronchetti is our only hope to end the downward slide our state is in. Now, we unite and get 100% behind our candidate.

        1. You should strongly consider supporting Karen Bedonie. She is a true American patriot, pro-life, fix 2020 candidate.

          1. Ya go ahead and throw away your vote and encourage others to do the same. Its no wonder we only have ONE elected Republican in the state. Unite behind Mark. We HAVE to dump MLG

        2. Finally, someone makes a sensible remark. Mark R. not only won, he won in a huge landslide. STOP with the silly encouragement of Bedonie who has exactly ZERO % chance of getting elected governor.

          1. Can’t you please list Ronchetti’s qualifications to be governor?

            You do know the election was on Dominion machines, right?

            He has zero business experience, zero financial experience, and zero governmental office experience.

            I would love to know what you perceive his actual qualifications are.

            I believe he is controlled opposition. They put him in because the KNOW he would never beat MLG….especially now that they chased Bedonie out of the Republican race. They WANT to split the vote. This is all orchestrated.

            Has anyone done the research to see where Ronchetti’s financial backing comes from? That’s usually very telling!

  7. Flori McElderry

    I stopped listening to her months ago! She has destroyed our state….our schools, small businesses, the border, the forests, our tax dollars misappropriated, crime and respect for Law Enforcement Officers – not necessarily in that order; but she has made a mess of everything.
    We need the strong leadership of Mark Ronchette, who won the Governers seat in the primaries. Mark owes nothing to anybody as he is not a politician. He is young, a family man with kids in public schools. He will fight for the future of our state.

    1. So, will he force vaccines on people? I prefer Bedonie because she wont. No vaccine passports. Bedonie is New Mexicans first. I kind of dont trust Ronchetti who is an anti Trumper.

  8. Woman……………………..? Beware the Rinos too. Fix 2020 all the way. Texas has the same quandary too, as do most states. The evil goes much deeper than Rino vs. Demoncrat. May the road we choose be the right one. God bless you, neighbors. God bless us all.

  9. The “woMan of color” is only interested in the color of money and watching it line her pockets. Mark Ronchetti is the only candidate with a chance to beat the plump dumpling, “Not my governor” mlg. The libertarian candidate, Karen Bedonie, is funded by the Koch brothers to split the conservative vote and keep mlg in office. The Koch brothers are true haters of America and funding these Libertarians is their way of insuring a dimmoKKKrap win. Libertarians just don’t have chance to win so we have to elect Ronchetti and pray that he won’t sell us out – we KNOW mlg will continue selling us to anyone that will offer her some cushy, no-show job and get her to d.c., new york, california, anywhere but New Mexico. She longs to return to the bright lights and big bribes, praying that her association with the Awan brothers, the Pakistani IT spy and theft scam, has been swept under a rug. She’s followed the dim party’s handbook for destroying our Republic – opening our borders, declaring New Mexico a sanctuary state, refusing to protect our citizens, and thought she had the nomination to Sec. of Interior in the bag, only to be shot out of that saddle by another woMan of Color, Deb Haaland, who turns out to be even dumber than mlg! THAT’S why she’s tacked on the tag of WOKE WOmAN FOR HIRE on her resume.
    This election is crucial to the future of the Republic, The dimmoKKKrap’s have another dirty, election theft up their sleeves, the Santa Fe Ring isn’t dead by a long shot so we must vote like our lives depend on it…

  10. Governor Gruesome

    Well I know one thing, the CBP inteligence report shows a NEW Cartel that only exist along the NM. Mexico border???? Stranger is that it only apeared after MLG took office, then removed the NM National Guard from assisting CBP???? Stranger is county Sheriffs reporting a 260% increase in drug smuggling intradictions while MLG had NMSP swarm ABQ, & SF, to counter increased crime, except to sick the NMSP on civilains assisting CBP???

    All a Coincidence???? No such thing

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