MLG’s new NMPED guidelines invoke punitive measures against the unvaccinated

On Monday, the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) unveiled new guidelines for schools, which are set to start again in the next few weeks. According to the NMPED, masking will still be required in most schools.

“Teachers and staff in junior and high school settings will not be required to wear masks if they have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Proof of vaccination will be required,” KVIA reports.

KVIA also adds that “Masks will still be required for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, in elementary schools. Masks will also be required for anyone that is not vaccinated or refuses to show proof of vaccination in those secondary school settings,” according to the updated NMPED rules.

Students who refuse to wear masks will be sent home. “While waiting for pickup, such students will be supervised and quarantined from other students,” the report notes.

“Our priority is to keep children in school, and it’s great news that the CDC guidance shows that secondary students and staff who are vaccinated can safely attend school without masks,” said PED Secretary Ryan Stewart.

The teacher’s unions responded to the punitive school mask mandates with glee. American Federation of Teachers New Mexico president Whitney Holland said, “Today’s release of updated New Mexico Public Education Department guidelines for COVID-19 safety protocols correctly keeps a focus on proven strategies for combating the spread of coronavirus in our places of learning.”

“We appreciate Secretary Dr. Ryan Stewart and the NM PED team including educational stakeholders in this process and the development of today’s updated guidelines. These protocols correctly acknowledge this virus is still present in our communities and will continue to be present until all able New Mexicans have access to an approved vaccine. These guidelines are especially important for our youngest learners as they wait for an age-appropriate vaccine to be widely available,” Holland concluded

Despite the unions being happy with the new guidelines, the NMPED is treating unvaccinated individuals with punitive measures, such as, “Unvaccinated students should sit on only one side of a table and maintain the prescribed social distance.” 

Also, “[s]chools must maintain a voluntary student surveillance testing program with a new weekly goal of testing 25% of unvaccinated students participating in sports and other extra-curricular activities. The previous goal was 1% of the overall student population and 10% of students participating in sports and other extracurricular activities.” 

The testing levels have also increased for teachers, aides, custodians, and other administrators, with a mandatory 25% weekly testing requirement for unvaccinated staff members. Previously, only schools in red counties had to test at such a high level.

New Mexico is one of only seven states (CA, CT, DE, HI, NM, NY, WA) with mask requirements for students. All of New Mexico’s neighboring states are without these stringent reqirements.

New Mexicans will be protesting the Governor’s strict masking mandate Saturday, July 31, 2021, across the state. Find your protest location here.

20 thoughts on “MLG’s new NMPED guidelines invoke punitive measures against the unvaccinated”

  1. Concerned Citizen

    The NMPED toolkit is unethical and should be illegal! In addition to segregating unvaccinated students at lunch they are also required to maintain 6 feet apart while vaccinated students do not. Page 14 of the toolkit states that schools are required to create system to verify vaccination status quickly by assigning ID’s with different colors to the unvaccinated. This is unacceptable and cannot be adopted!

    1. Sandra Creighton

      I can’t believe this is still happening in this state! Does NO ONE in Santa Fe have an ounce of common sense??!! These poor kids and teachers!! The CDC said that the tests don’t work and yet they are going to continually test kids and teachers??? Shame in all those comrades who go along with this garbage.

    2. Bridget Harrington

      This is no different than “separate but equal” – the Colored and White drinking fountains in the 50s or the paying men and women differently for the same job. “They” are using “the emergency” as their justification…but it’s a paper argument and bullsh*t at this point. Every state is open, only a few states require masks….any public emergency that existed is gone.

      You are absolutely correct in that this is wrong…but parents need to stand up and refuse it. No way would I send a child into an environment like that. It’s a perfect set-up for bullying. The only thing MLG understands is money. So…take your kids out of the schools. Teachers, go independent and teach kids in your home, libraries or elsewhere. It’s legal to homeschool, and it’s legal to work as an independent contractor, selling your skills to those who are willing to buy them. When every classroom is empty, then she’ll notice.

  2. That’s it. No more. Enough is enough. This is a violation of our 1st Amendment to freely practice religion and is discriminatory. We can’t tolerate this tyrant any longer.

    1. Time for a unanimous RECALL!
      Wont everyone sign the thing and get this tyrant removed?
      There is no science behind this “logic” – except for FAKE science which Fauci himself is getting grilled for duping the public and destroying lives – NOT saving them!

          1. You have to sue her in her personal capacity she is acting outside her limited authority. I have been telling people for the last 2 years this is how you remove these people from office. REGARDLESS of the courts in NM, we the People, each of us, has to take this responsibility. You cannot depend on the attorneys to do this, nearly 99% work for the Crown; Get your Sheriff’s involved they can arrest her and remove her from office.

          2. Bridget Harrington

            Ana Garner and team, working as NM Stands Up, are going after her and her cronies, to get them to end the “emergency” and make them accountable. The only way we can get her out and stop everything going on is for malfeasance, and the suit is specifically for that. It calls for a class action of sorts, where We The People call upon what is known as a constitutional remedy. Basically, individual citizens “serve” her with the complaint. EVERY SINGLE NEW MEXICAN needs to get off their butts and do this! I mailed my paperwork and know there are many more who are also doing it. It goes to a Federal level, which means she cannot stop it or interfere in any way.


    1. Sandra Creighton

      They won’t read it because they don’t care. Their pockets are lined and that’s all they care about. No-one with a conscience would follow these rules. Bunch of zombies running this state.

  3. If you’ll notice all the other states listed in the article having the same restrictions are all communist states as is NM under this tyrant and her democommies. She has used the so called pandemic as an excuse to exercise powers that are a direct affront to the constitution of the USA . Communists care nothing for the real health and well-being of children or anybody else for that matter. They only care about amassing more power over their subjects.

  4. Health and safety are not the governor’s concern, as can be shown by her apparent wilful ignorance of scientific facts. It’s all about P&C, Power & Control. .

  5. It will be a glorious day when that piglet Loserjan Gruesome is escorted off the property in handcuffs!! Once again she has shown she wants total control, OVERSTEPPING her authorities! You know as well as I do she intimidates any state office or organization.. Not that many people believe or follow her willingly.

  6. Homeschool is the answer, quit playing by their rules. You will find a way to do what is truly important to you. No Excuses, quit playing their game.

  7. We are Putting Governor Lujan Grisham and the New Mexico State Legislature on Notice! WE BEED EVERYONE TO GET ON BOARD WITH THIS CONSTITUTIONAL REMEDY TO GET RID OF ‘HER’ AND COMPLICIT LEGISLATORS.
    Please go to : and join us at NMStandsUp in filing an affidavit immediately. Deadline is Aug. 7.
    If you need help with the instructions please contact: Whatever you do, FOLLOW THROUGH!!

  8. Everyone needs to contact their school boards, THEY can be recalled. This insanity that has spread throughout New Mexico by the Marxists has to be stopped starting at the local level. WuhanLujan seems to slip farther into insanity and her syncopates can’t get their noses far enough up her butt,

  9. One more day of State overreach, gaslighting and socialistic control. Please New Mexicans, STAND UP AND FIGHT.

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