Antifa tries to violently shut down Charlie Kirk event at UNM

On Wednesday, the University of New Mexico’s chapter of the conservative group Turning Point USA hosted the organization’s founder, Charlie Kirk, to talk on campus. 

The event was met with violent protests from far-leftists, including Antifa and members of the extremist Party for Socialism and Liberation. Some demonstrators slung anti-American sentiments, such as one person who said, “Americans, f**k Americans.”

“It’s really interesting when you try to show up on a college campus and do an optional, voluntary event, how angry the other side gets. But it’s a very important moment for people to recognize and understand that the other side — the left, the radical left — they’re acting like the very same domestic violent extremists that the entire federal government is now organized to go after, and we’re told that’s on the American right,” Kirk told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in response to the violent protest.

According to KRQE News 13, “Three people were detained before being given summons and escorted off campus. There has been no word on the charges they’re facing as of 10 p.m. Wednesday.” 

Previously in September, a violent mob formed around conservative activist Tomi Lahren’s event at UNM, shoving police officers down and attempting to bang down the door to Lahren’s talk.

Watch a video of Kirk’s event at UNM here: 


3 thoughts on “Antifa tries to violently shut down Charlie Kirk event at UNM”

  1. The university should have had adequate security in place after that frightening incident when Tommi Lauren spoke there.

  2. Apparently NM supports violence and intimidation when it is against liberty and conservative thought. I remember recently stepping out inside of a perimeter for Kamala, MLG, and Timmy’s appearance at UNM to dumb founded stares/glares from local LEO’s. Secret Service was quite friendly and helpful clearing us from the area.

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