MLG, who promotes socialist policies, claims Republican Ronchetti is a socialist

This week, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham bashed her Republican opponent, GOP nominee Mark Ronchetti as a “socialist” for his plan to give New Mexicans back part of the proceeds of energy produced in New Mexico — a plan adopted by conservative Alaska.

According to a press release from the Ronchetti campaign:

When the oil and gas industry does well in New Mexico, taxes from the industry go into the black hole of the state government budget. This dynamic also creates an unpredictable pattern of budgeting — when oil prices are high, government spending massively increases, creating shortfalls when oil prices fall. This fiscally irresponsible approach leads to either painful budget cuts, or higher taxes when the price of oil inevitably falls.

By rebating a portion of the tax revenues generated by the oil and gas industry back to the people of New Mexico, hardworking taxpayers will benefit directly from a healthy, strong energy industry, while simultaneously making our state budgeting process more fiscally responsible.

Lujan Grisham claimed in a statement on KOAT 7 that the plan was a “fiscally irresponsible socialist scheme.”

This is coming from the same governor who approved robbing the Land Grant Permanent Fund of billions to pay for socialist “free” daycare, approved $75 million annually for socialist “free” college (including for illegal aliens), and has promoted full-blown socialist policies, such as the state’s “Energy Transition Act,” also known as the Green New Deal to implement the socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-style policy.

Ronchetti responded to Lujan Grisham on Twitter, writing, “Michelle Lujan Grisham calls our plan to give oil and gas rebates to New Mexico families ‘socialism.’ She’s more worried about her bloated government budget than she is about your family budget. MLG has already grown state government 40% since taking office and if she gets her… way again, she will nearly DOUBLE state government. My approach is to take surplus oil and gas revenues and give New Mexico families a rebate. It’s your money to begin with.” 

The scandal-ridden Democrat Governor is polling within single digits of Ronchetti and is in a vulnerable position going into the November election. Lujan Grisham has been under heavy scrutiny for wasting taxpayer money, settling a $150,000 groping allegation, and for killing 40% of small businesses with her COVID-19 lockdown. 

The attack on the Republican nominee appears to be in an attempt to crush his credibility despite other Republican states adopting policies to return oil and gas revenues back to the taxpayers. Also running for governor is Libertarian Karen Bedonie, a former Republican.

10 thoughts on “MLG, who promotes socialist policies, claims Republican Ronchetti is a socialist”

    1. If Mark will not co-sign trumps lie about the election I will vote for him. We need new blood and I am sick of trumps hateful and needless drama.

  1. The little tyrant will do anything and say anything to keep her corrupt administration going. She should be in prison not running for Governor.

  2. And Oh By The Way. A vote for Bedonie is a vote for MLG. She has ZERO chance of winning and is just acting as a spoiler.

  3. Democraps are the true evil in America

    Typical democrap bullcrap. They think people believe their lies. MLG is a baby murdering socialist. Only liberal sheeple believe MLGs crap. The rest of us are not stupid.

  4. The first time I agree with MLG! … that ‘Wrongcetti’ is a socialist. He’s just pretending to be Republican. Of course the people of NM should benefit from oil and gas, not the socialist government of MLG and her predecessors!

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