MLG under fire for nixing missing and murdered Native Americans task force

Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s regime has decided to discontinue a state task force that was established to address the crisis of missing and murdered Native American people. The task force had not convened since May, shortly after some of its members publicly opposed the appointment of former San Ildefonso Pueblo Gov. James Mountain as the head of the Indian Affairs Department, which housed the task force.

Task force member Cheryl Yazzie (Diné) expressed disappointment, feeling that they were making significant progress and that their work had only just begun. The fate of the task force remains uncertain, with neither the department nor James Mountain communicating with its members regarding its future.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the task force, the governor’s press secretary, Caroline Sweeney, claimed the group had fulfilled its objectives outlined in an expired executive order. However, the administration continued to fund and convene the group for a year after these objectives were met.

Several state lawmakers have called for additional staff to support the recommendations made by the task force. However, some, including Democrat Sen. Shannon Pinto (Diné), believe that additional staff alone may not be sufficient, as the task force brought together a diverse group of individuals to advocate for more effective action.

The task force was initially established in response to the crisis of missing and murdered Native American people, an issue that has affected Native American communities for generations. New Mexico leads the nation in the number of missing and murdered Native American women and girls. The task force faced challenges due to a lack of data from various law enforcement agencies but managed to make some headway.

The group’s recommendations led to legislative actions, such as creating a new position in the Attorney General’s Office focused on missing Native American people and organizing Missing in New Mexico, an annual event to connect families with law enforcement. In May 2022, the task force delivered a comprehensive plan outlining solutions that could be pursued at all levels of government.

The governor’s executive order expired in June 2022, but the Indian Affairs Department continued to support the task force until earlier this year. The task force’s future now depends on legislative action, as the members were under the impression that Governor Lujan Grisham would extend the executive order.

Advocates emphasize addressing the root causes of the crisis, saying they are concerned about the lack of political will and question whether sufficient funding and resources will be allocated to make meaningful changes.

The state response plan includes recommendations for mandatory law enforcement training on trauma-informed care and cultural sensitivity, funding for liaisons to assist families, financial support for affected families, improved data collection, and expanded access to housing, mental health care, and substance abuse treatment.

The dissolution of the task force has amplified concerns about a lack of political will to confront these critical issues. Advocates stress the urgency of addressing the problem to prevent it from persisting for future generations.


11 thoughts on “MLG under fire for nixing missing and murdered Native Americans task force”

  1. What? No comments from the peanuts yet? Don’t tell me that ya’ll think Red lives don’t matter…
    Does this turn out to be just another waste of taxpayers dollars by the “feel good” Governor?

    I have solutions. Missing is Missing. Murder is Murder. Kidnapping is Kidnapping. When you catch the offender…build better prisons and never let them out again. Until they die, are executed like the abortion for tax dollar tourism standard that MLG set up, or they rot on a cot.

    Incarceration will not save taxpayer dollars.
    Execution however saves taxpayer dollars.

    For the incarcerated…Work or starve and die projects for just the worst of the worse of inmates gives motivation to the worst of the inmates to produce something rather than be a drain upon the system. Be it building license plates, a home for disabled veterans, a new hospital, or any project for victims restitution.

    If you kill a father or mom in a DWI accident, you just contributed a lifetime of financial compensation to the surviving children. .. and not just the lifetime of the victims…for your lifetime as the offender…and of course adjusted for inflation…always upward, never backward. Lets start at 25% of your earnings before taxes.

    Too harsh? IDK…ask any survivor of a DWI accident that killed a parent of a child.

    1. Because she’s doesn’t care about navajo’s, unless it involves navajo’s to get her vote’s, she’s has even paid the navajo’s money to help her win election, that’s shouldn’t be a surprise or shock that she won’t say anything

  2. It is sad that our Governor has more concern about promoting abortions and LGBTQ folks rights than the safety and welfare of our indigenous peoples. Murder and kidnapping of these women and young girls should be placed higher on the priority list.

  3. Why is anyone surprised MLG didn’t keep her word? But then again, why does anyone vote for her in the first place…?

    New Mexicans, regardless of what color of mud our skin reflects, need to protect our own. Depending on Politicos and government is a poor choice to begin with.

    Peace! Rev. Rico

  4. Prediction…special programs like this will be cut in the future because the State Communists need the money to pay for illegals.

  5. All across NM folks are not being punished for crimes, law enforcement has been cut down at the knee. Cities cannot even recruit enough cops to protect New Mexicans. When our mothers, wives, and daughters go missing no matter where they disappear we should be all be demanding justice. Where ever most of them are disappearing there should be more patrols, more street lights, more of what ever makes them safer. Our females should be trained in self protection, they should carry guns to protect themselves as we know the government cannot do the job. NM is 47 worst of the states in properly handling our tax dollars. No wonder we cannot get enough cops/troopers/sheriffs.

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