MLG touts her $35M taxpayer-funded ‘free college’ proposal as small businesses struggle to stay afloat

On Saturday, the Democrat Party of New Mexico held a virtual “rally” touting their new initiative, “New Mexico for All,” which is a coordinated campaign across the Party to express support for Democrat candidates.

During the call, Democrat U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) promoted Joe Biden’s campaign, saying that “Joe Biden is a person of strong character, a decent man, a man of compassion, someone that will restore competence and sanity to our government.” In recent months, many people have questioned Biden’s sanity, with a recent Rasmussen poll showing 38% of voters holding the belief that Joe Biden has dementia. 

During the virtual “rally,” members of New Mexico’s congressional delegation patted themselves on the back, including Senate candidate Rep. Ben Ray Luján (D-NM), who claimed the only way to correct “injustices” was to vote for Joe Biden in 2020. However, Luján did not mention Biden’s abysmal record on race, which even far-left NBC News and New York Magazine called it “problematic.” 

Rep. Xochitl Torres Small did not mention Joe Biden, but repeatedly mentioned how “proud” she was to “be a Democrat,” despite her previous ploys to appear “moderate” and not following the party-line. She also spoke about how she looks to plus orphaned oil wells and invest in “environmental energy.” 

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham was not physically on the call, but she did have a pre-recorded message play, in which she touted her expensive social justice programs, her free pre-K plans, and her future “effort well underway to provide universal free college to every New Mexico student.” The plan would cost the New Mexico taxpayers an estimated $35 million annually, but that is a rough estimate. She did not mention how she plans to pay for these costly new initiatives, especially as local businesses, have been forced to close — many for good. 

The Governor recently had the New Mexico Legislature convene to fix her $7.6 billion budget passed during the 2020 Legislative Session, in which millions of dollars in spending had to be cut. However, once the budget reached Lujan Grisham’s desk, she vetoed $23 million meant to go to Tribal communities hurting from the ramifications of COVID-19, and she cut $15 million specifically meant to help other Indigenous communities hurting from the effects of the virus.

According to the New Mexico Restaurant Association, approximately 700, or 20% of New Mexico’s restaurants are estimated to close their doors permanently due to her latest order, and nearly every other industry has been hit hard by the Governor’s strict coronavirus mandates.


10 thoughts on “MLG touts her $35M taxpayer-funded ‘free college’ proposal as small businesses struggle to stay afloat”

  1. Wow! No$$ for our Native people; especially now with their COVID numbers! Our college students are getting indoctrinated; so why not give that $$ to our Native (Pueblo) population??? People of New Mexico, Wake Up! Aren’t you tired of these damn decisions?? God Help Us !!! 🙏

    1. She is abused every child in New Mexico with her draconian tyrannical dictator ship rule for the last six months!

      New Mexico has no way of recalling or impeaching her

      Every restaurant and every New Mexican should defy her orders Overload the courts with cases, take the fines, take it to court, demand a jury trial! Overload The court system because of her Hitler/Stalin style of governing

      1. Absolutely..people need to wake up and go on with life and anyone should stand guilty if they support her in anyway. She has broken so many laws and trampled the rights of people in this state.

  2. Maybe our Native American brothers and sisters will wake up and see that the governor and the Democratic Party don’t give a damn about them by vetoing those items on the upcoming budget. She don’t care about them or the rest of the New Mexico residents !!!!

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