MLG has her latest ‘Wagyu’ moment

On Thursday, The Federalist published an article revealing another “Wagyu” moment with scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, this time regarding her big promise to force through a “Clean Fuel Standard” making all residents drive cars that get at least 52 miles per gallon. 

Through an Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) request done by Larry Behrens of the pro-energy group Power The Future, the group found that the Governor’s own car averages only 13 miles per gallon fuel economy — a blatant act of hypocrisy as she seeks to force New Mexicans to abide by a nonsensical fuel standard.

As previously reported by the Piñon Post, the Governor’s “clean car standard” for everyday citizens would mean forcing New Mexico’s citizens — a state with some of the poorest people in the nation — to buy expensive “fuel-efficient,” “green,” “hybrid,” or fully electric vehicles — crippling New Mexicans’ bank accounts and forcing thousands to either break the law, walk, or not travel at all. It would plunge countless people into financial ruin, resulting in an economic catastrophe for New Mexico. 

The news of the Governor’s clean fuel standard push comes following enviro-Marxist groups pushing for a 500% increase in electric vehicles in New Mexico. 

The Federalist writes, “Refusing to adhere to their own environmental standards has become a routine practice among politicians who aggressively promote a left-wing climate agenda. Earlier this month, the New York Post reported President Joe Biden climate czar John Kerry’s private jet has taken 16 trips this year alone. Private jets emit 5 to 14 times more pollution than commercial planes per passenger, and 50 times more than trains.” 

Behrens commented that “While not as bad as John Kerry’s private jet, Governor Lujan Grisham’s actions surely deserve an Honorable Mention for the most green hypocrisy in the country,” He added, “Make no mistake, her eco-left allies will stay quiet about her gas-guzzling ways because they care more about political power than being honest.”

The report notes other far-left priorities Lujan Grisham has had for New Mexico, including her pandemic lockdowns that forced New Mexicans to stand in freezing hours-long breadlines to get food and basic goods over the holidays.

The Federalist compared the clean fuel standard edict hypocrisy to the Governor’s Wagyu fiasco last year: 

Grisham’s office also landed in hot water in February when a review of six months’ worth of invoices, receipts, and expense reports revealed thousands of dollars in groceries purchased from the governor’s contingency fund. As New Mexicans waited outside capacity-limited grocery stores in lines during the winter, more than $6,500 in groceries were delivered to the governor’s residence, according to the Albuquerque-based KOB 4 Investigates Team.

“According to receipts made public through an Inspection of Public Records Act request, the items include anything from laundry detergent to Wagyu beef, tuna steaks, top sirloin and hundreds of dollars in alcohol purchases,” KOB 4 reported.

The Governor’s mouthpiece, Communications Director Tripp Stelnicki said at the time the lavish spending was for meetings. He said, “They are sporadic, but they last a long time and so there’s food at those meetings often prepared. There are people at the residency who are all masked.”

The New Mexico House Republicans chimed in on Twitter, writing, Never one to lead by example, @govmlg is now forcing an eco agenda on #ThePeople, and her own vehicle does not meet her “standards!” Smells like her Wagyu beef #PartyFund controversy all over again. How progressive!

7 thoughts on “MLG has her latest ‘Wagyu’ moment”

    1. Did it already happen??? Poor guy;)
      Now she is free to go forth with the next step of the economic re-set, total shutdown.

  1. Here in ABQ they cant even get people to tag their car and pass emissions. Yet, shes going to sit in her Santa Fe mansion and pass laws that unrealistically will never be followed.

  2. Sad for our state. We either start fighting back, accept communism, or move. New Mexico liberals are too stupid to vote this witch out.

    1. So true…we’re downsizing our possessions and will be out of NM by next summer–maybe earlier if push comes to shove. Don’t see the Republican Party here in NM having the ability to remove this `Jezebel’ by 2022. The number of For Sale signs are popping up like weeds in my neighborhood. 🙁

  3. She has scheduled another statewide lock down for next month, probably after the State Fair. The CDC informed her a week ago that due to the “emergency” and the “rise” in “cases,” she should lock down the state. She opted not to disrupt her wedding plans so has scheduled the “dire emergency” lock down for September.

  4. Classic lefty. Blurt out absurd prattle as a distraction to your deficiencies. Corruption in New Mexico? No surprise. Look around. It’s really Mexico. Spanish is the sound of America dying…

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